What is Self-Discipline - Definitions

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What is Self-Discipline - Definitions
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What is Self-Discipline - Definitions
By Remez Sasson

Self-discipline appears in various forms, such as perseverance, restraint, endurance, thinking before acting, finishing what you start doing, and as the ability to carry out one's decisions and plans, in spite of inconvenience, hardships or obstacles.

Self-discipline also means self-control, the ability to avoid unhealthy excess of anything that could lead to negative consequences.

One of the main characteristics of self-discipline is the ability to forgo instant and immediate gratification and pleasure, in favor of some greater gain or more satisfying results, even if this requires effort and time.

The term self-discipline often causes some discomfort and resistance, due to the erroneous notion that it is something unpleasant, difficult to attain, and which requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. Actually, exercising and attaining self discipline can be fun, does not require strenuous efforts, and the benefits are great.

True self-discipline is not a punitive or restrictive lifestyle as some people think, and it has nothing to do with being narrow minded or living like a fakir. It is the expression of inner strength and staying power, vital for dealing with the affairs of daily life and for the achieving of goals.

Self discipline, together with willpower, can help you overcome laziness, procrastination and indecisiveness. Both enable you to take action and persevere with it, even if the action is unpleasant and requires effort.

With Self-discipline you can exercise moderation in what you do, become more patient, tolerant, understanding and considerate. In addition, it helps you withstand external pressure and influence.
A self disciplined person is more punctual, and invests more time and effort in what he or she does. A self disciplined person is more likely to take control of his or her life, set goals, and taking concrete steps to achieve them. Self discipline is well portrayed in the story about the rabbit and the turtle, who conducted a race. The rabbit was so sure he was faster, and so he went to sleep, while the turtle plodded along, with self discipline and willpower, and eventually, arrived first to the finish mark. With self sidcipline you finish what you start.

Read the book Willpower and Self Discipline. A book with guidance and exercises for strengthening your willpower and self discipline, the characteristics required for achieving any kind of success.

Source: http://www.successconsciousness.com/what-is-self-discipline.html
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