Success Consciousness - Manifesting Success with Consciousness

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Success Consciousness - Manifesting Success with Consciousness
By Remez Sasson

For a long time you have longed to own a big, shiny, beautiful red car. Now it is parked in front of your house. It has a lot of space inside, it is comfortable, and it has many gadgets. You immensely enjoy and love driving it. Do you notice the special smell that is inside it, which is unique to new cars? Do you feel the joy that rises in you, while watching the admiring faces of your friends and neighbors?

How do you feel now, after reading the above description? Pay attention to this feeling. For a few seconds, you probably felt great, then your mind started to react, and you said, "Yes, I like the thought, but these things never happen in real life. It is just a daydream". Now all the magic is gone. Your mind spoiled the magic feeling and the dream.

Why not let your daydreams and fantasies go on without destroying them? You don't have to make negative comments about them or throw them away as useless and groundless. When you end a daydream, move away to other thoughts, without criticism or comments. Must you say some negative words about your daydreams, and show your disbelief in their being realized? When you daydream or fantasize, do not destroy the dream by denying it the possibility of materializing, even if there is a wide gap between it and your actual life.

Do not worry that believing in your dreams will turn you into an unpractical, dreamy sort of person. Let them motivate and inspire you, and you will become a more practical and successful person.

How did you feel when you received the key to your new apartment or the key to your new car? How did you feel when you were at the airport, going on your long coveted vacation? What kind of feeling did you experience when you got a promotion at your job or when you succeeded in a project? How did you feel when you recuperated from an illness? Try to recapture the feelings and relive the happy moments, because there is great power in them.

The feelings that accompany success are very important. Remember and relive the feelings that accompanied your past successes, because they are the magic of the future. If evoked intentionally and consciously, they can cause the materialization of your dreams.

Rehearsing in your mind the feelings and emotions that accompany success, move invisible forces to create visible success in your life. These happy and success feelings generate pressure on the mental and astral worlds, causing them to bring the feelings into manifestation. Any thought associated with these feelings is moved into materialization.

Whenever we experience success, we enjoy a great exhilarating feeling. By capturing and reliving this feeling you can turn it into the seed of a new success. If you think about something that you really want to realize, and at the same time you consciously generate this feeling of success in your consciousness, and stay with it, you can achieve wonders. This is the magic wand with which you can do magic and wonders.

The Right Attitude Toward Success

If you examine your ambitions, desires and goals in a very sincere way, you may discover to your amazement that you have some fears of realizing them. You want something, but yet you are afraid to have it. You may wish for a different kind of life, but in your subconscious mind you fear the change. You may desire to get married, but you are afraid of marriage. You want to change your job, but you are afraid to make the change. This is because the familiar gives security. You can find many examples like these.

When you have a goal, and at the same time you experience doubts and fears, you are actually driving away the materialization of your dreams. It is like sailing against the wind and the currents; you are pushed back all the time. These fears hide at the back of the mind, and you may not be conscious of them. Analyzing any desire you have, and trying to find out if there is any resistance to bringing it about, will bring the fears into the open, and enable you to throw away your fears and inner brakes.

If I ask you, what will happen if you turn on the tap in your sink, what will you say? Do you just believe that water will flow out of it, or are you absolutely certain that water will flow out? Beliefs are not always based on facts, but on ideas and thoughts or on what we were taught to believe.

Now you may ask, what has belief to do with the flow of water from the tap? I am sure you are certain, with no doubts whatsoever that water is going to flow out from the tap in your kitchen when you open it. It is a sure thing. You take it for granted, and never even think about it. You are absolutely sure that water is going to flow out.

The same should happen with respect to your ambitions and desires. You must regard them as feasible. More than that, you should consider them as real. When you daydream, you have to see and treat the dream as real, without any doubt.

Most people look at the world around them as something real and solid. Their minds are chained to what they see around; their thoughts reflect their life, circumstances and events. Rarely will someone disregard his surroundings and circumstances and create in his mind a different situation. Surroundings and environment influence people's life, and they regard them as something they can do nothing about. When you become able to see in your mind a different kind of life, you stop being enslaved by circumstances and start creating your own life.

Nobody becomes impractical, indifferent or weak, if he holds in his mind thoughts and images that are different and unrelated to his present life situation. It is possible to handle the affairs of life in the best way, and at the same time visualize and expect a different kind of reality. Use your imagination to see and feel in your mind a different situation or environment, and watch what happens.

If you go on thinking the same thought it will materialize, if your mind is not opposing and resisting it with negative thoughts, fears, worries and doubts.

Sometimes the materialization of your thought or desire may be delayed due to the fact that you are not yet ready for it. Maybe you need some more knowledge, training, or a new skill before you get what you want. Sometimes things happen suddenly in an unusual way, but most often they come in a natural, gradual manner.

Consciousness and Success

Your mind and consciousness are the creators of your life. The more conscious you are of yourself, the stronger you become. I do not mean being conscious of your body, ego or who you are as a person. I mean conscious of being conscious, of the feeling of existence, the feeling of being alive, not from the point of view of the physical body. It is the inner feeling and sensation that you exist as a spiritual entity. It is the awareness of your inner essence, as something beyond the body and the ego.

Consciousness is your essence. Without it you are non-existent. It gives your personality and your body the power to function. Because of it, you can walk, eat, work, study, talk and understand. It is this something that makes you feel alive. It is intangible, yet very real. It is your awareness of life, of being alive and existing.

When you focus your consciousness on success, and fill it with the feeling of success, things start happening.

When the certainty of success is saturated into the consciousness, you have a great power in your hands. Success consciousness means that you are certain of your success without doubts. Like the story about the faucet, you should have no doubts that you are going to get what you are thinking about.

Do you want a new job? Evoke feelings of certainty without doubts that you have already got it. Do you desire a wife, a husband, a vacation, promotion, a new car, or money? Do not entertain any doubts. Your consciousness should be focused and assured of success.

How can you attain success if your consciousness is focused on failure and doubts? Become aware of your consciousness, of the feeling that you are existing and alive, focus on it, and at the same time think of success, and you have a mighty power at your disposal.

An Example of Visualization

You have to watch carefully your thoughts and feelings, otherwise they might materialize, even if you didn't really meant that. We had at our home a twenty-one inch TV, with which we were satisfied. We had seen some large screen television sets at some of our friends', and we liked the idea of owning one. We did not plan to buy one in the near future, but we enjoyed thinking and visualizing such a TV standing in our living room.

Some time later, while on an excursion with our children, we entered a shopping mall in a different town. In one of the shops we saw a large screen TV at a bargain price. We had no intention of buying a new TV, but the opportunity presented itself.

We did not buy the TV at that moment, because I decided to check first if the same kind of TV set was being sold in my town. The next day I went to an electrical appliances' store, and to my amazement I found there the same TV, selling for a cheaper price from the store we visited the day before. Well, this TV is now standing in our living room.

Instructions on the Use of Feelings and Consciousness for Success

Whatever it is that you desire to bring about, try to feel as if it has already happened. Re-live the happiness you experienced when you realized ambitions in the past, and transfer this happiness and the feeling of achievement into the present moment, and your success is assured. Feelings are very important for success. They are the current of power that brings success. They have to be living, strong, real and sincere feelings, in order to bring results. Feelings add fire and energy to a thought and make it strong. They are like the electric current, which makes instruments work.

Success consciousness is a state of inner certainty, even if your current reality is far from what you want it to be. It does not cost you money to experience it. Do not let doubts and contrary thoughts and feelings enter your mind, and you are on the way to success in what you do.

Evoke the certain feeling of success. Pour fuel into this feeling, and always keep it alive. Only by trying you will understand what I really mean. It is a state of consciousness, intentionally invoked, even though the outer circumstances are to the contrary. Consciousness has the power to create. What is in the consciousness comes out in the end. There is nothing supernatural here, this is the way nature works.

It may take some time until Consciousness manifests your ambition and desire in the outer world. It should be saturated with the utter certainty of success, not with just a faint belief. There should be complete lack of doubts, and only great certainty. Under these circumstances magic is released into the air.

You may look at this process as if it is a game. Put aside your doubts for a while. Treat these inner actions in a spirit of a game, fun and challenge. This is a serious subject, but by having fun with it, you reduce your tension, and are enabled to put forth more energy in a positive manner. Enjoy this process, and you will be surprised at the outcome.

It is quite possible to put the focus on feelings and not only on thoughts. Feelings, if strong enough, cause things to happen, even if the related thought is only in the background. If the feelings and emotions are strong, and connected to an event or an object, this event or object becomes a fact. Those who have difficulty in visualizing pictures will certainly appreciate this approach.

Think about your life, and you will find out that there were times that you had a certainty about something, without really trying intentionally to bring it about, and that thing happened. It might have been something positive and good or something else that was to your detriment. If you accept and follow what you have read here, you will be able to use this ability consciously.

What you have read so far is actually about the power of creative visualization and thinking, but focusing more on feelings and consciousness, rather than on images and thoughts. Think about what you have read, and try to put it into practice. Let abundance and success enter your life.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University