Passion, Ambition, and Desire

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Passion, Ambition, and Desire
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:55:35 PM »
Passion, Ambition, and Desire
By Dorina Sasson

Passion, ambition and desire are the driving forces that lead to success, without them, your goal cannot be accomplished. Passion, ambition and desire energize your thoughts, in the same way that the electric current energizes and operates machines and appliances.

If you focus the energy of ambition and desire into your goal, you'll make your goal possible and within reach.

Look at people who have achieved success. They did not attain their success just by thinking about it in a lukewarm way, they were moved by passion, ambition and desire. Though their road was bumpy from time to time, passion, ambition and desire pushed them forward, until they achieved the success they pursued.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, how can you produce enough passion and ambition to slim, in spite of past failure, inner resistance and maybe also some laziness?

Here are three practical ideas on how to strengthen your motivation to slim.

1) Feed your mind several times a day, with thoughts about the benefits you'll gain from slimming. Such thoughts will increase your desire to slim.

Here are a few benefits you can think about:

    Slimming will lead me to better health.
    Losing weight will improve my respiration, my blood pressure and the sugar level in the blood.
    Losing weight will make me more vigorous and energetic.
    Losing weight will prolong my life.
    Losing weight will enable me to wear attractive and sexy clothes.
    Losing weight will enable me to shop for clothes at any store I want.
    A slimmer figure will make me more appealing to the opposite sex.

2) Visualize your desired slim figure several times a day.

Slimming starts in the mind, so when you visualize your desired slim figure often, your mind will gradually get used to the new image, and push you toward actualizing this image in real life.

3) Increase passion, ambition and desire through affirmations.

You can increase your desire to slim by affirming your desire, as often as you can. Gradually, your subconscious mind will accept what you are feeding it, and will awaken within you the passion and the ambition to realize your intention to slim.

Here are a few affirmations:

    I have a strong desire to slim.
    My passion to slim is growing day by day.
    I am strongly motivated to lose weight.
    I stick to my resolve to slim.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University