Creative Visualization and Daily Tasks

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Creative Visualization and Daily Tasks
« on: May 14, 2012, 01:05:43 PM »
Creative Visualization and Daily Tasks
By Remez Sasson

I have found out that creative visualization can help us in our daily tasks, by making everything flow more easily, and with less energy expenditure. We constantly shape our daily events of life with our creative visualization power. Sometimes we like what we create and sometimes we don't. A little more attention to our thoughts and imagination can make a great difference.

Some time ago, my wife told me that the next morning we are going to clean the house. I decided to finish and be through with this work, as fast as I can. I did not want to spend all day cleaning, as I had more interesting things to do.

For a few minutes in the morning, I visualized the tasks to be executed in the service of cleaning. I saw myself doing everything very fast and finishing all the work until one o'clock at noon. I intentionally included the time in the visualization, as there are always additional, unforeseen tasks to do, and all kinds of interruptions, which may lengthen the cleaning work too much.

I worked extremely fast without getting tired, accomplishing one task after another. By about one o'clock I accomplished almost twice the tasks that I visualized in the morning. During the time that I was cleaning, I could even think and build in my mind an article I wanted to write, so the time was doubly utilized.

In this case, the visualization gave me more energy, and there were no disturbances or additional unforeseen tasks. In a strange manner, all the work at home that my wife asked me to do was accomplished at the appointed time. This usually doesn't happen this way.

This method is useful in almost every daily situation. When for example, you know you going to have difficult day at work, or you have to meet someone you dread, this technique is very handy. I have used it myself successfully many times. You need to visualize the situation, as you would like it to be. You see the other person treating you in a friendly respectful way, and that's what happens.

Sometimes I visualize the details of how I am going to behave and react under some trying situations. When the situation or the person was confronted, everything just flowed so smoothly. The difficulties just vanished. The other person behaved and talked in a different way from his common behavior. Strange isn't it?

When a situation is visualized with full attention, it has its effect on the subconscious mind. It causes us to see the world differently, relate to people in a more constructive way, and grant us inner power, energy and faith. This influences our behavior and whomever we meet. Our thoughts are transmitted telepathically to our surroundings, influencing subtly the people we meet.

Creative visualization backed by attention and faith works. You can easily influence your daily life events, by using creative visualization. This technique can help you accomplish everything faster, with less strain and energy expenditure, and keep you feeling happy and satisfied.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University