Success and Creative Visualization

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Success and Creative Visualization
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Success and Creative Visualization
By Remez Sasson

You can harness the power of creative visualization to help you improve every area of your life. It is a power you use everyday, whether you are conscious of it or not. With the knowledge of the laws and rules governing creative visualization, and a conscious and effective use of them, you can fill your life with success.

Health, success, money, promotion and possessions can be gained through creative visualization. It does not mean that everything will change overnight. Mental work is necessary. A change of attitude towards life is a necessity. You need an open mind, concentration, the ability to visualize, and a lot of enthusiasm and persistence.

Suppose you need five thousand dollars. Build in your imagination a mental image of a check for this amount, made out in your name. See it clearly as if it is really there, but do not visualize the name of the bank, or who signed it.

Imagine yourself holding the check. Pass your fingers over it to feel its texture. A clear cut mental image, involving all the five senses, and soaked with desire and faith is a power that influences your actions and imprints itself on the creative power of the universe.

Arouse in yourself feelings of happiness and satisfaction that you have received this check. Do not think who gave it to you, or why it was drawn in your name.

Imagining that you have already received the check is very important. This way the subconscious mind accepts it as a fact and does not arouse hindrances. It is also important to feel convinced that it came in a harmonious way, and that all people involved were and are benefited by it.

The next step is to see yourself depositing the check in your account at the bank. You may also visualize the entry for five thousand dollars in your bank's statement.

What will happen? The money will appear in your life. It may come through various channels. It may come as a present, winning at the lottery, a promotion at work, a new job, a good investment in shares or stocks, or through other channels. Results may be immediate or delayed.

Daydreams are the first stage, but daydreams alone are not sufficient. Do not make the mistake of mixing up creative visualization and daydreaming. They are two different things. The former may give some pleasure, but employing the latter correctly is utilizing a real power.

What you visualize can materialize through various ways and channels. Sometimes it may manifest in a fast, sudden and unusual manner, but mostly it manifests in a most natural and gradual manner, one thing leading to another.

Suppose you are trying to get a car by visualizing it. After a while, you might win some money in a lottery or find a new job with a higher pay, and so be able to buy it. You might receive a car as a present or you might get one, as part of your job's benefits. You might also decide to buy a car because you can afford to do so, or because you earned money from investments in stocks and shares. The possibilities and channels are endless.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University