Meditation, Realization and Everyday Life

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Meditation, Realization and Everyday Life
« on: May 14, 2012, 01:27:54 PM »
Meditation, Realization and Everyday Life
By Remez Sasson

Meditation can awaken the realization that you, the real you, are not the body and mind, and that in reality you are consciousness, which is part of the Indivisible Supreme Consciousness.

Now you probably would ask, "So what? How is this realization going to help me in coping with stress, anxiety and the problems of day-to-day life?"

This kind of realization is not just mental understanding, but something much deeper, which can affect your whole life. This realization brings of sense of inner peace and happiness, which you carry with you always, wherever you are. This inner peace will help you cope with every situation you encounter, at work, at home and in relationships.

This realization brings a major change in the way one perceives the world and in the way one acts and reacts. It brings a positive change in our perspective, more patience, tolerance and discipline. Obstacles, problems, circumstances and events do not impinge on our moods anymore, and we become able to manifest calmness and balance in our lives. We might listen and learn from criticism and what people think or say about us, but our minds and moods will not be negatively affected.

The realization that one is beyond the body and mind usually comes after the mind learns to stay calm, following the practice of regular meditation. This realization also brings a great sense of freedom, which is independent of external conditions.

We are constantly subjected to endless sensory impressions, and our minds are constantly engaged in constant of thinking. We read the newspapers, watch TV, read books, engage in conversation, hear other people talking, make plans, comment and analyze, etc. These activities result in a constant mental chatter inside us, which hardly stops for a moment. It is rare that the mind gets some rest, except maybe while sleeping.

Now, just imagine how it would be, to able to go through life, performing your work and tasks, at home and everywhere else, while maintaining a peaceful state of mind, without worries, anxieties or fears. Just imagine how much time and mental energy you can save, and how you can keep relationships harmonious.

Instead of constantly being engaged in futile mental chatter, negative thinking, and rolling in your mind mental cassettes loaded with worries, anxieties and problems that lead you nowhere, you will be able to easily focus on every task without distracting thoughts, performing everything better and achieving better results.

The realization that you are neither the body nor the mind, can take away your fears and anxieties, because you realize that they cannot touch your Inner Core - The Real You. This statement might seem hard to accept, but regular meditation will ultimately make you able to understand and accept it.

Try to remember past incidents, when you experienced freedom from thoughts. I am sure you had some such moments, for example, while looking at a beautiful sunset or while reading something that touched your heart. At these moments you have probably experienced a sense of inspiration and happiness, with almost no thoughts, similar to the experience of meditation. In such moments you become aware of your Real Self, and feel the bliss, peace and freedom of the Self. Regular meditation, and a true understanding and realization that the real you is beyond the mind and the body, can in time make this inner experience as the constant and regular state of consciousness.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University