Traveling the Path to Inner Peace

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Traveling the Path to Inner Peace
« on: May 14, 2012, 03:29:28 PM »

Traveling the Path to Inner Peace
By Rose Windale

Many people like to be in the company of other people. Whether it be their partner, their friends, colleagues or even strangers. There are people who would just want to hear the noise of daily living - the hustle and bustle, the hurrying and harrying. Are you one of these people? Perhaps you have been so busy listening to what the news say, or what your boss' orders are, or what your partner says that you have eventually failed to listen to yourself.

The noise of the outside world has made you lose touch with what you truly want or need. Your life may have become routine and mechanical. Until you have forgotten the needs of your true essence. You are more than your physical self. More than what you can see and touch about you, there is a humanity deep inside you.

Are you doing something to cultivate your humanity, or at least your awareness? Perhaps you have been looking outside to things which you think will fulfill you. But then again, you might be looking in the wrong direction. Because to find what it is that will truly make you happy, you have to look within.

Once you have come to terms with who you are and what you really want, only then can you find inner peace. Inner peace. These words are so sweet, and for many people, it is merely an ideal. These people think that inner peace is something which only spiritual gurus and adepts can attain.

But they have to know that these masters had to start somewhere until they found the bliss of inner peace. A common, average person that you think you are, you may think that you will be confined to a humdrum everyday existence. But human as you are, you have a spirit.

Heed the call of your spirit, and you will find what will truly make you happy. Because your spirit is your essence and it is that which can only make you truly live. The more in touch you are with your spirit, the nearer you are to achieving peace of mind.

By setting out into the journey into yourself and your spirit, you will find inner peace. But such an inward journey is an arduous one. Just as you would fight against adversaries in your mundane undertakings, the journey towards finding yourself means battling with your own inner demons. It is a painstaking process until you find peace with yourself and your spirit.

It is a matter of will and choice. Of choosing to love and forgive rather than to hate. Of choosing to be thankful rather than being resentful. Of choosing to understand rather than judge. And ultimately just choosing to be at peace and be peace. Practice love and compassion, but start with yourself.

Love and forgive yourself, and choose to be compassionate to you. Only then will you know what these words truly mean and you can render them to others. Find harmony within you, and it will begin to reflect into your outer world. To find what it is that you truly want, look nowhere else but within you.

The peace and happiness that you harbor within you will manifest on the outside, and you will begin to see the world in a different light. In the light of eyes that see.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University