Peace Begins in the Mind

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Peace Begins in the Mind
« on: May 14, 2012, 03:43:29 PM »
Peace Begins in the Mind
By Remez Sasson

Peace begins in the mind. Anyone who wants to live peacefully has to start working on calming down the mind, thoughts and worries. There are various techniques to do so; one of them is of course meditation.

People subconsciously long for peace, so why do they fight each other? Why are there always groups of people who fight other groups? This kind of situation has been going on from the beginning of the human race. Deep thinking on the subject will bring one to see the absurdity of this situation.

Please set aside a few minutes thinking on the following ideas. What is a human being? There is a machine, the body, which is alive, because of the spirit that animates it. I won't get now into why and how it was created. The bodies of all human beings on the planet Earth are built in the same way, and are made from the same stuff. There are no bodies made from some more precious metal than others.

Then, there is the Spirit. There aren't many spirits, but just one indivisible Spirit filling the whole Cosmos. It is the same Spirit filling and activating all the bodies in the Cosmos. There is no one spirit better than another, because it is the same Spirit manifesting through all the bodies.

True, every body looks different from another, but yet they are made of the same stuff. There is a difference in way the brain and nervous system function, which means there is a difference in the way that the Spirit can manifest through each body. Some brains and nervous systems convey through them more easily and smoothly the energy of the Spirit, and others do not convey it so easily. It is the same as electricity. The electric current flows faster and with less hindrance through certain metals than others.

Between the body and the Spirit, there is the personality, the ego. It comes into existence between of the Spirit and the body, when these two unite. I won't enter into explanations what it is and how it comes into being, except saying that the pure Spirit manifests and sees the world through this personality. It is like looking at the world through some sort of eyeglasses, and here starts all the trouble in the world.

The personality, which is the ego, is composed of thoughts, ideas, habits and memories. A person living in a certain society grows with this society's ideas and beliefs, no matter whether these ideas are positive or negative, true or false.

People alwaya feel being a part of a certain society, tribe, country, nation or religion, and seldom change their ideas and beliefs. Later, as they grow up, they join certain groups or fraternities, support certain sports teams and join certain societies, political parties or other groups. People with same ideas and beliefs often join and unite with people having the same ideas and beliefs. If their beliefs are positive or harmless, it is all right. The trouble begins when they focus too much on the differences between them, which sometimes lead to problems, clashes and violence. They forget their true indentity as part of the One Spirit, and focus on the personal or group identity

Suppose two babies were born to a certain family, and one of them was taken for adoption by a family in another country or of a different religion. Each baby grows in a different society, with different beliefs, goals and behavior, yet both of them are brothers. They grow to see the world in completely different ways, and might even fight each other one day, as citizens of two countries or members of different religions. Doesn't it seem absurd? This is all due to the way they were brought up, and to the way their minds, thoughts and beliefs were shaped.

The aim of a human being should be to rise above the ego, above thoughts and beliefs. One has to look at the world through the eyes of the Spirit and not through the eyes of the ego. From the point of view of the Spirit, the ego is only an illusion and is temporary. Why should one be enslaved by thoughts that come and go? Why should one harm others because of certain of thought that rule his or her life? Why should one accept certain thoughts and beliefs and reject others? Thoughts ate like clouds that pass through the sky. You are the sky, not the thoughts. You are one with everyone else in the world, an inseparable part of the One Spirit.

Peace and real freedom come from within, when one is able to rise above the mind, above the ego, and to able to live in the Spirit and look at everything from the eyes of this Spirit. You can do that. You can start today. How? By changing the way you think, by making inner changes, by inner work and through meditation. I hope the many articles at www.Success can help in this direction, even if just a little.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University