Inner Peace While Driving a Car

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Inner Peace While Driving a Car
« on: May 14, 2012, 03:44:47 PM »
Inner Peace While Driving a Car
By Remez Sasson

Possessing inner peace while driving a car protects you from rush reactions, conserve your emotional, mental and physical energies, and saves you from anger, stress and anxiety. Even a small amount of inner peace will help you arrive to your destination happier, calmer and more refreshed, than a nervous, stressed driver who lacks inner peace.

Let's see how it works in a real life situation.

Jim is a stressed and easy to get angry sort of person. He drives to work each day, but arrives tired, angry and exhausted. Everything on the road exasperates him, people who drive faster than him, a slow car in front of him, red traffic lights, traffic jams and everything else that happens on the road.

Tom is a different person. He is more peaceful and can detach his mind from exasperating or unpleasant situations. He drives on the same road as Jim, and encounters the same kind of drivers and road conditions. The difference between these two people is that Tom is not affected by what happens on the road. He keeps patient and peaceful, even when the road conditions are difficult. He knows that anger and impatience will not solve anything. With this attitude, unlike Jim, he arrives to work refreshed and calm.

Some people are more like Jim, some are like Tom, and many are somewhere in between. What kind of person are you?

I don't think I have to tell you how important it is to stay calm while driving, and I don't mean just driving on remote roads, where there are hardly any cars, but especially on busy and congested roads.

Anger, impatience or anxiety do not help you to arrive faster to your destination, and are not going to change the road conditions. It would be an excellent idea to regard everything that happens on the way, as an opportunity for developing calmness, patience and detachment. Actually, you can regard driving as an exercise in self-improvement.

What can you do to keep calm while driving your car? The best way is of course an overall inner peace training, which will help you remain peaceful and in control of yourself and your moods under all kinds of situations, but in this short article it is only possible to suggest a few tips to help you:

# Before entering your car repeat several times:
"I am going to stay calm while driving. No matter what happens the road, I am going to keep calm and relaxed."

# Before starting to drive, tell yourself that driving is a great opportunity to develop patience and tolerance.

# Write a small note saying: "I always remember to stay calm and peaceful. There is inner peace within me." Stick or glue this note somewhere in front of you.

# Realize that the road was made for everyone, not just for you. There are all kinds of drivers, with different personalities and temperaments, all desiring to arrive to their destination. This means that you have to be tolerant, considerate and patient.

# When you feel you are losing your self-control, take 3 deep breaths before reacting.

# If there is a slow car in front of you, imagine that you are VIP, and the car in front of you is guarding you and paving the way for you.

# Always start driving early enough, so that you have enough time to arrive without hurrying.
# Focus on driving. Put your full attention on the driving. Don't let worries or thoughts occupy your mind at this time.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University