Tareq the Gladiator !

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Tareq the Gladiator !
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:51:04 PM »
At once time the Arabian Muslim reigned half of the total world. There were some famous gladiators. Their contribution was outstanding to win the war. Tareq is one of them. But He is popular for his extreme intelligence in leading the group of soldier  in the war field. That is why he is one of the best warriors among Muslim.

The Muslim had won all the war very easily throughout the world except Spain War. By the way, Spain war was very vital for Muslim because they were able to win all other country. Spain was the last among them. At that time Spain was very enriched country regarding strong warriors with huge amount of war weapon.

So, The Muslim decided to attack Spain. On the other hand Spain was aware for the war. The Leader of Muslim group was Tareq. When they reached at the bordar of Spain, they looked that there were huge amount of soldier than them with gigantic weapon. Meanwhile, The Muslim soldiers became scared. After a few moment, The Muslim soldier saw that there were fire behind them. Moreover, Tareq appeared before them and said " Look, You can not go back rather you can go forward.This is our last war so Do not be scared,We must win"

Then one soldier raised his hand and said that he was ready for the war. Gradually, All the soldier agreed to fight. Then the war was begun. At last the Muslim won the battle with their strong determination.

Actually, Tareq understood that his soldier were scared, with his instant intelligence he made fire.
After winning the battle he revealed this truth to his soldier. That is why Tareq is one of the popular gladiator of Muslim.

It is clearly said that Tareq was the main base for winning the battle.   
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Re: Tareq the Gladiator !
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nice sharing......i am really proud to be a Muslim......
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