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DIU Forum Mapping
« on: May 30, 2012, 01:16:50 PM »
DIU Forum Mapping

Help & Support

Read it first
      Child Boards: Use of Forum, Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines, Can't see Bengali Font Clearly
Writeup Your Problem
Child Boards: IT Related
Announcements/News & Event
Common Forum/Request/Suggestions

Faculties and Departments

Faculty Sections

      Child Boards: Faculty Forum
Departments Business and Economics
      Child Boards: Real Estate, Business Administration, Commerce, Toutism and Hospitality
Science and Information
     Child Boards: Software Engineering, Textile Engineering, Environmental Science and Disaster Management , CSE, CIS, CS, MTCA,
      ETE, EEE
Humanities & Social Science
     Child Boards: Journalism & Mass Communication , English , Law
Allied Health Science
     Child Boards: Pharmacy , Nutrition and Food Engineering , Genetic & Biotechnology , Medical Ultrasound , Public Health, Life Science
Postgraduate Diploma
     Child Boards: Medical Laboratory Tech, Physiotherapy

Fair and Events

Fair and Events
       Child Boards: Business Festival, Science Fair as Regular Event , Software Fair as regular event , Textile science, events, trade and
       issues , Telecom Fair , Career Fair, Food Festival, International Fair, Guideline of Exhibition/fair

Career Development Centre (CDC)

A series of Career Development Workshop for DIU Students
Various Resource for Career Development

     Child Boards: Time Management
Guidance for Job Market
     Child Boards: Fresh Graduate , While you are Student , Present yourself
Job market for DIU student
Making a Business Plan
Be a Business man/woman
Get Finance in your Business
Be a Leader
Discussion on Creative Problem Solving

     Child Boards: Critical Thinking
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Articles and Write up
Parents Guidance
Internship for DIU Student
Student's project
Migrant and Visa Facility in Various Country
Study Abroad
Career Tips

       Child Boards: Career 2 day , Career Jokes , A Good CV/Resume , Career Planning and Job Searching , Testimonial , Career Advice,   
       Guidelines for writing CV
Appreciation, Patience, Tolerance & Ethics

DIU Activities

Brand Image of DIU

      Child Boards: Ranking
      Child Boards: Convocation Speech
Permanent Campus of DIU
One Student One Laptop
Foundation Day
Library of DIU
Debate Forum
Alumni Forum

IT Help Desk
      Child Boards: Call Centre
Microsoft IT Academy
CWNA(certified wireless network administrator)
Prometric and VU testing Forum
CISCO Network Academy
Sun Initiative
Oracle Academy
Red Hat Academy
Free Software Link
Programming Language

       Child Boards: Microsoft Platform Developer Forum, Web based Developer Forum , Java Forum , Software Developers Forum , Programming Competition
One in all PC tips
Open Source Forum
Telecom Forum
IT Forum
Use of email
Use of PC
Anti Virus
Create your Own Website

     Child Boards: Get traffic on your web site
Offshore Outsourcing
Online Money Earning
Mobile Commerce (Opportunity Through Mobile)
Use of Blog
Use of ERP

DIU Student Network

DIU Students Network (DIUSN)

     Child Boards: Orientation, Student's Project, Rover Scout Wing, Working Student Forum, Speed up your Efficiency

Entertainment & Discussions

Sports Zone

     Child Boards: Cricket , Football, Hockey, Tennis
Multimedia Section
     Child Boards: Videos, Audios, Photo Gallery
Life Style
Golpo O Kobita
Travel / Visiting
Animals and Pets


Learning English

      Child Boards: English , Grammar , E- Presentation , Learning English, Dictionary
Higher Education
      Child Boards: General Knowledge , BCS & PSC, Higher Education
You need to know
     Online Education
English Language Lab
     Child Boards: English Vocabulary, Common Mistake/Error, Primary(1-10), Secondary (11-12)

Tour & Travel
Study Tour Local
Study Tour Abroad
Education Tours
Industrial Tour
Tour for achieving some goals


Registration of company
Company Profile
Business select

Science & Information Technology

Science Discussion Forum

      Child Boards: Internet Technology, Latest Technology

International Affairs

International Activity

       Child Boards: Publications , Research Project , Fellowship offer , e-bulletin , MOU (International) , Exchange Program , Scholarship ,

Religion & Belief (Alor Pothay)


       Child Boards: Hadith , Allah: My belief , Ramadan and Fasting , Islam & Science , Hajj , Namaj/Salat , Zakat , Various Dua
Other Religions

Health Tips

Health Tips

      Child Boards: Diabetics , Hypertension , Blood Pressure, Block, Reduce Fat /Weight Loss, Pain , Hair Loss / Hair Maintenance, Skin ,
      Cold / Flu , Headache, Food Habit , Prophet's(SW) Guideline, Heart
Protect your Health/ your Doctor
      Child Boards: Men , Women , Children , Beauty Tips , Body Fitness



Child Boards: Famous Speeches, Speech Topics, Famous Speeches Women, Giving & Writing Speeches, Famous Speeches &
     Topics , Presidential Speeches, Motivational Speakers


BD Administration

       Child Boards: Defense, Army, Air Force, Navy, RAB, Police, Civil, Privet
Law of Bangladesh
Liberation of Bangladesh
Positive Bangladesh

       Child Boards: Business of Bangladesh, Business , Income Tax , Economy , Service, Banking, Banking , Industry, Industry ,
        Marketing ,  Agricultural, Social Business, CSR


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      Child Boards: Google.com , Yahoo.com , Keywords
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
       Child Boards: In Bound Marketing, Out Bound Marketing
PPC(Pay per Click)
SMM(social Media Marketing)

       Child Boards: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Link Buildings
       Child Boards: Back Linking
Page Ranking

 Open your minds

Our Parents
Dr. Yousuf Artcile

Registered Member only

Use of Job Tracking
Student Management Systems
Virtual University system
Library Managment Systems
HRM Systems
Financial Accounting System
Counseling Managment System
Learning Feedback System
Virtual University System

General Category

Common Forum
Be Alert
Alert for various Fraud activities

Human Resource Development Institute


HRM ; Human Resource Management

Organizational Behavior
         Child Boards: Motivation, Leadership , Commuincations- Basics & Strategies, Business Communications , Managerial
         Communications , Time Management , Corporate Etiquette , Organization Culture , Organization Management , Change
          Management , Decision Making , Interpersonal Relationship , Team Buildings , Values & Ethics , Conflict Management , Workplace
          Politics , Negotiations , Public Relations , Risk Management , Crisis Management.

People Management
           Child Boards: Personal management, Human Resource Management , Compensation Management , Job Analysis & Design ,
           Performance Management , Competency Based Assessment , Training & Development, Participative Management, Employee
           Relationship Management, Career Development, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Knowledge Management,
           Employee Retention, Social Entrepreneurship , Youth Entrepreneurship

Management Basics
           Child Boards: Management - Introduction , Features of Management , Management and Administration , Management Principles,
            Scientific Management

Management Functions
            Child Boards: Planning Function , Organizing Function , Staffing Function , Directing Function , Controlling Function

            Child Boards: Registered Member only , Marketing Management , Marketing Research , Advertising Management , Strategic
            Management , Corporate Social Responsibility , Competency Management , Brand Management , Strategic Brand Management ,
            Market Segmentation , Product Management , Consumer Behaviour , Sales Management , Retail Management , International
             Retailing , Services Marketing , E-Marketing , Customer Relationship Management , Relationship Marketing

           Child Boards: Supply Chain Management , Inventory Management , Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)- I , Enterprise Resource
            Planning (ERP) - II , Business Process Management , Business Continuity Management , Project Management , Six Sigma -
            Introduction , Six Sigma - Define Phase , Six Sigma - Measure Phase , Six Sigma - Analyze Phase , Import & Export Management

          Child Boards: Financial Management , Portfolio Management


Success Consciousness

Inner Powers
        Child Boards: Willpower , Mind Power , Self Discipline , Pychic Development , Power of Concentration
Self Improvement
Video & Free eBook

         Child Boards: Motivation , Affirmation , Achieving Goals , Positive Thinking , Law of Attraction , Creative Visualization , Abundance
         & Prosperity
         Child Boards: Meditation , Happiness , Nonduality , Peace of Mind , Spirituality , Spiritual Awakening
        Child Boards: Inspiration Stories , Inspiring Quotes

 Concern Members


        Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd, DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin
        Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd, DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin
        Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd, DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin
        Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd, DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin
Marketing & Counseling
       Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd , DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin
       Child Boards: DIU, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, DIC, DIS
       Child Boards: DIU , DCL, DIIT, DIPTI, BSDI, Jobsbd, DIS, DIC, DOL, Dolphin

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Re: DIU Forum Mapping
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 09:49:05 AM »
Please see you can also download this mapping from here.
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