Some of the best things in life are also the easiest to do

Author Topic: Some of the best things in life are also the easiest to do  (Read 1173 times)

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Some of the best things in life are also the easiest to do

H.S. Dhiman

         All of us do countless things in our day to day life. How many of them stand out in our mind?  How many of them can we relish till the end?

         Hardly any.

         Now try  something out of the daily rut. Climb a mountain. Write a poem.  Stick out your neck for a cause. Have the courage of conviction and live your life the way you always wanted to. 

         Or stand up to defend those who cannot defend  themselves.

         Like the poor, dumb animals.

         If you do that, you will always be proud of yourself. 

         However, ‘the world is too much with us’ to allow us to do the things that are close to our heart.  Our family and work-place responsibilities are sapping our energies. We  are always having more things on hand than we can manage.  And the shortage of money is perennial.  So, if you have no time, no energy and no money to spare, can you still do something to  mitigate the pain and suffering of the poor creatures?

         You can.  Just click  your mouse at the bottom of this article and  make this web-site your Home Page.

What purpose will it serve?

         It is not primarily the lack of money or effort that is responsible for the pain and suffering in the animal world.  It is lack of consciousness. If the ordinary citizens were only aware of the kind of hell a large number  of  animals are doomed  to go through, many of them will come forward to help.  This site is committed to create that awareness.  By making it your Home Page you would be helping us to spread the message further. 

         Therefore, if you cannot contribute time and energy for the sake of animals, contribute a click. It is so easy.

         Do it now. Some animal somewhere needs your help.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University