Forest Resources of the United States, 2007

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Forest Resources of the United States, 2007
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Title: Forest Resources of the United States, 2007

Author: Smith, W. Brad, tech. coord.; Miles, Patrick D., data coord.; Perry, Charles H., map coord.; Pugh, Scott A., Data CD coord.

Year: 2009

Publication: Gen. Tech. Rep. WO-78. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Washington Office. 336 p.

Key Words: RPA, assessment, inventory, forest statistics, area, volume, productivity, health, maps

Abstract: Forest resource statistics from the 2000 Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment were updated to provide current information on the Nation's forests. Resource tables present estimates of forest area, volume, mortality, growth, removals, and timber products output in various ways, such as by ownership, region, or State. Current resource data and trends are analyzed and placed within the context of changes since 1953. Additional analyses look at the resource from an ecological, health, and productivity perspective. A mini-atlas of map plates includes national displays of forest type, ownership, biomass, fragmentation, and other key spatial elements. An interactive RPA Data Wiz CD is also included to provide user access to the resource data.

This publication is available only online. So please follow the link for the details.