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Shamim Ansary:
Session 1: By Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC

In this session we learn how to speak politely in front of the people and think positively. we also learn to tell SORRY to anyone is not a shame to us Because it is a great quality. To learn that matter Our beloved Raju sir read a line of the poetry of “Nirmollendo gun” that is “Sometimes I love to lose but it does not mean that I have no capability to win”

Raju sir also told that we must have to take our own decision. The learning was “Do the work how it is instructed rather than not to see any thing”. It seems like a silly mistakes but it may cause a big loss.

We also do some group performance in some vital issues, such as “eve teasing, problems in garments sector, try to be a good person etc.]

Session 2: By Mr. Md, Sabur Khan,Honorable Chairman  & BOT-DIU

Our Chairman sir is really a outstanding person in every sector of his life. We all should be inspired from him. He told us how to upgrade our self in all sector such as in technical sector. He suggest us to buy a in ternate enable mobile set for using the latest version of mobile apps. He also told us how we can utilize traffic jam. Truly I am word less by his speech.
He told us success comes by handwork, honesty & self confidence, he told us how to sell us either it is in job field or in the business field.

Session 3: By Prof. Dr. Yousuf  M. Islam, Executive Director-HRDI

Mind Mapping
This session was so much helpful for Building leadership manner in our mind. Yousuf sir told us to make a mind mapping, at first I like to tell you what ‘Mind Mapping’ is. Mapping means Planning, so mind mapping means make a plan in your mind that how we can achieve our any kind goal. Yousuf told us to make a group and draw a mind map that “How can we achieve success”. We were draw these steps which are given bellow—
1.   Set a Target: - Such as my target is to do a JOB.
2.   What kind of job wants to do: - such as “Banker”.
3.   How you achieve that goal:- By Honesty, Dignity, Handwork, Proficiency.
4.   Skills:- Good academic result, Motivation, Excellent Communication skills(In English)
5.   Obstacles: - Lack of Financial Support, Lack of Experience, poor motivation.
6.   Gratitude: - To all through of my Career path.

Palash Chandra Das

Badshah Mamun:

Learning from DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt
Session By Syed Mizanur Rahman (Coordinator-CDC):

I have got a basic idea about attitude, morality, ethics, professional behavior which will provide me a guideline for the success in job and professional life.

Session By Mr. Md. Sabur Khan- Honorable Chairman, BoT-DIU:

From this session I have learnt a lot of tools for Success in personal, Professional and Social life. Some of these are given below:

   To be honest.
   To be more confident and conscious for utilization of time.
    To learn and gather skill, knowledge and adapting with updated technological era.
   To have an efficient presentation skills so that you can show yourself that you are different from others and you have unique knowledge and skills which is required for a specific job. In this way, you will become successful in your life.
   You must think out of the Box which is pushed by our society. For example: Traditionally we think that after our graduation, we want a job not work. This is a negative thinking. We need to want work. When any graduate face an interview for job, if he/she present himself/herself that he/she want to work for the company and also want add values for the company, I think the company will recruit him/her.
   To have self motivation, competency, self driven towards the task provided by the top management.
   To be optimistic, enthusiastic and patience.
   We have also learnt a lot of tools how well we can face a successful job interview so that we can get job easily.

Session By Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director-HRDI, DIU:

From this session, we have learnt about Mind Mapping. The details of Mind Mapping are given below:

Mind mapping is the thinking tools of human being. If the human being practice mind mapping on a regular basis, they will become happy and successful in their life.

For example:  if anyone wants to happy in his the mind mapping should be following:


1.   He should set up a target.
2.   Prepare a plan how to achieve the target.
3.   Gather knowledge and skills required for achieving the target.
4.   Find out the obstacles and also find out the way to overcome the obstacles.
5.   Should have the gratitude towards the parents, teachers and other respectable persons.


From the whole day session provided by our Honorable Chairman, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, BoT-DIU, Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director-HRDI, DIU and Syed Mizanur Rahman (Coordinator-CDC) provide us a lot of knowledge and skill by which we will become successful and happy in our every spares of life such as personal, professional and social life.
This is really an effective training program for us.   

A.K.M. Fakhruddin Ahsan
Workshop registration ID: 016

Badshah Mamun:

It was one of the memorable day in my varsity life with some enthusiastic, inseparable faculty members and along with chairman sir to spend the whole day in the program of ‘DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt.’ I learned a lot from this workshop. Now I can say confidently that I have that capability to face any kind of interview board with my boost power of confidence level. Yes, I know myself that I am not overconfident but after this workshop, my fearfulness is gone away. Now I know that how to talk in the job interview board and know how to convince people who are in the interview board.

At the beginning of the workshop Raju sir taught us some basic manners that we should follow every times in my life not only in the interview board but also in my daily life activities. Now I know how to take seat in the bus, classroom, auditorium and any other public places. He groomed up that what kind of my body language in the interview, how to start talking from the bringing in the interview board.

After end of the session of Raju sir, our honorable chairman sir came and started to groom up ourselves in the workshop. He took 2nd and the 5th session, which is the last session of the workshop. In addition, it was a great day in my life to get this chance to spend most of the time with chairman sir. Moreover, I am impressed with his motivation way, way of inspiration, way of his business logic. I learned so many things from his session but one thing  which I never learned before that, is ‘we should want WORK not job.’ From his speech I learned how to utilized the time, how to segmented the time slot in my life. Always be up to date with the latest technology, use the full facilities of the mobile phone, computer, internet. Setup my perfect career path, should have to work hard to know about the company before going to the interview. How to be polite, how to say sorry, how to criticizes myself, what should I say if do not know the question which will be ask in the interview board.

3rd session was taken Yousuf sir. Who Is really great with his unique style of teaching with powerful mind map. Being a student of CSE I am so lucky that I to be a student twice times of Yousuf sir class. I still can remember that when I started my CSE in this university at the first day Yousuf sir taught us mind map. From the first day of my cse life I always use mind map. To discover myself , try to draw my thinking in through my mind map. From session of Yousuf sir I learned about my skill, know about my obstacles, where I want to go in the future, how to go in that position which I want. And this things I learned from the mind map. Already I made a mind map of myself. Which give me direction that what to do in the next.

From the 4th session Shible sir showed up the steps how  to go to top of the ladder of my career. He taught us how to visualize, how to be passion, how to grateful to my creator what are the steps I should follow. What type of dream I should see and the most important things that is I have to work to achieve the top position of the ladder. I have that confident but without my real life implementation I can’t go there. Therefore, I should start.
Overall, it was unforgettable day in my life. And I promised myself that inshallah I will be one of the successful man from that workshop that the dream see by faculty members and the chairman sir have. And YES I CAN DO IT.
Name: Ashiqrer Rahman Kagozi
Student ID: 091-15-726
Registration ID: 102
Diu Email:
Contact Number:  +8801912585022

Badshah Mamun:

The program ‘Student Grooming and Talent Hunt’ is a milestone in the history of Daffodil International University which has never been undertaken by the authority I feel very proud to be a selected participant of the program. In my point of view the program is not only a grooming session or talent hunt but also it warms up the students and leads them to fit their confidence level. Anyway the session by Sayed Mizanur Rahman sir, our honorable co-coordinator (CDC) who is an excellent presenter also a very good performer taught various important thing which are very essential in the way of our daily life. As per real view all of the students like us are so many aspirants to have a suitable job for themselves but most of the cases they are failed to find such job which suits them most. And the beginning question is that what’s the problem with us? Is there insufficient job market or we are inefficient for the job market? We found all the answer from the briefing of our co-coordinator sir. We learn how a student can find celestial happiness in the earth,how he make himself suits for the job market,what should be the attitude,what is the strength and weakness of a human being,what’s the difference form other species,how to be a conqueror,how to consecrated our soul,how to be evergreen all of the things are covered by his consecutive briefing. And I find that the problem lies on our vital roots. We always used to see everything with the bird eye view and gather some vague idea from them but if we always used to take a few thing very deeply then it would rather effective in our practical life.

The second session covered by our honorable chairman of  the trustee Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. How a cherished dream can make a man successful he explained,he also said that always to be loyal and positive to your deeds.We should built our mentality such a way that we expect work or task rather than a job.

And rest of the part are covered by Dr. Yousuf M Islam and Shibly Shahriar sir. A mind map can help us in a lot of way to fix our final destination and we learnt it from Yousuf sir, not only we learn but also we achieve the skill how to present it. A lot of obstacles may arise when we walk up,and we can overcome all the problems through the mind mapping. And Shibly sir taught us not to copy someone and how to be confident.

Finally the powers  of a human being is conscience by which we distinguish right from the wrong.A conscientious person can only be the leader of any society or nation by having the faculty of consciousness he or she can achieve everything he or she deserves.So we have keep such power lies In our soul, human life is eventful and if we take all the event positively the life become more easier day by day.

Name: Ayrin Nahar
Student ID: 091-19-103
Registration ID: 004
DIU Email:

Badshah Mamun:

At the name of almighty Allah, now I want to explain what I learnt from the event. The event is very significant for me because i attend such kind of unique event organized by our University for the first time. Before attend the event I thought that this event is going to be an ordinary event but after the end of the day it became clear to me that how important it was. The event is divided into several sessions and conducted by different personality. As sessions are conducted by different persons so they all are try to give us their own experience, method and way of success.
Session by Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC
This is the very first session of the event try to give importance some very special things which is very much needed for make a good career. Things I learn from this session
•        What’s my behavior will be ?
•        Manners have a great importance.
•        Everything should be in a disciplined way.
•        Have to think in a creative way.
•        Have to be polite.
•        Careful about what one say rather than what he do.
•        Planning in a very specific way.
•        Faster movement.
Session by Mr.Md.SaburKahn, Honorable Chairman
This session is full of excitement because the person who takes the session is our honorable chairman, learning from the session
•        First have to determine the target.
•        Alternate target also have to fix up.
•        Be confident.
•        Be pious.
•        Politeness.
•        Try to say sorry.
•        Try to manage difficulties.
•        Control ego and tolerance.
•        No alternate way without use technology.
•        Use of mobile technology.
•        Proper use of time, don’t waste not a single second.
•        Make a good use of traffic jam.
•        How to be a good entrepreneur.
•        Tactics of start a new business.
•        Try to avoid the illegal way of establishment.
•        Fast and smooth when accomplish a task.
•        Try to make establish in a slow way, step by step.
•        Make a strong network.
•        Reference make by the person who actually know you.
Session by Dr.Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director
This session is totally based on mind mapping, set the target, to fulfill the target what types of skills needed and what obstacles are in the way of success.
•        Target has to fix at the very first stage.
•        Go for work hard at the right way for success.
•        Skills need for success.
•        You may face obstacles.
•        Gratitude.
Session by Mr.Md.Sabur Kahn, Honorable Chairman
This session is the last session of the event. Interview makes the much importance in this session. Way of interview, tactics and suggestions for a good interview.
•        Confidence is the main thing needed in an interview.
•        Know about interviewer and the company.
•        Internet can be the way of gather knowledge.
•        Forum can help one in many ways.
•        Google labeling and dusting.
•        Have to sell myself.
•        Efficiency is must.
•        No pretend, because it’s destructive.

This is a very significant and unique event I have ever participated. I  hope if anyone can follow the method and suggestions he must make success in his career. I am determined to apply those things in my life. I need success, I have no way to escape without success.

Ismail Hossain Chowdury
ID: 092-11-1095
Cell: 01815281710


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