Attracting birds to your backyard

Author Topic: Attracting birds to your backyard  (Read 1802 times)

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Attracting birds to your backyard
« on: May 23, 2012, 10:51:53 AM »
Attracting birds to your backyard

H.S. Dhiman

Some of our fondest childhood memories relate to the discoveries of the birds nesting in the backyard.  Most of us are always captivated by the beauty of the birds and can never outgrow our fascination for them

If you love nature and want to have a very rewarding and satisfying experience for the rest of your life, create a habitat for the wild birds. Any backyard or a piece of land, however small, can be converted into a haven for birds.  It is easy and great fun.   All that you have to ensure is that four basic needs of the birds are fulfilled: (1) food, (2) water, (3) cover for protection and (4) a place to raise their young.

Many kinds of birds will visit your place and some of them may actually stay back permanently to entertain you and your family.  Do not wait for the “right” time to welcome the birds.  Start now.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University