DIU Project Competition Grand Final on 23 June 2012

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DIU Project Competition Grand Final on 23 June 2012
« on: June 10, 2012, 10:47:42 PM »
DIU Project Competition Grand Final on 23 June 2012

Inspired by Honorable Chairman, Board of Trustees, DIU is going to organize a project competition on 23 June 2012 at DIU auditorium. Project competition will start at 10:30 AM and will remain open for teachers and students up to 3:30 PM.
This is a platform for the DIU students to demonstrate their innovative ideas and activities. Through this program the students of DIU will get the opportunity to interact among themselves, exchange ideas, knowledge and views for enhancing understanding and mutual cooperation. This will provide the students opportunity to find the scopes to choose their future projects and research activities. One of the objectives of the project competition program is to encourage and create enthusiasm among the students to enhance educational excellence, working capability and professionalism.
Through the project competition DIU will select the innovative ideas and projects for applications in industries and also search for funds for research and implementation from different sources in home and abroad.
The project competition is open to all students of the University. It is expected that innovative ideas of the students and their implemented projects would be demonstrated in the maiden project competition organized by DIU. The project competition will also focus the research and development activities of the students especially on the state of the art technology.
Preliminary project competitions have been held during 28-30th May 2012 at DIU Auditorium in Prince Plaza with great enthusiasm. In preliminary phase 29 projects from Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department were demonstrated. Among them 8 projects were MSc Engg projects, 5 were course based projects and the rest were BSc Engg final year projects. 4 projects from ETE, 6 projects from TE and 14 projects from NFE department were demonstrated in the preliminary competition. The participants demonstrated their innovative ideas and activities with great enthusiasm.
 Honorable Vice Chancellor of DIU, Honorable Dean, FSIT visited the competitions and encouraged the participants. A good number of teachers and students of DIU visited the competition. The initiative of the project competition program has already earned a lot of appreciation.
The organizing committee of the Project Competition Program has decided to include all the projects demonstrated in the preliminary competition to compete in the final competition. It is expected that some more projects from TE and ETE will participate in the final competition. It is to be noted that the departments of SWE, Pharmacy and EEE will participate directly in the final competition with their projects. The faculties of Business and Economics and Humanities and Social Sciences will also participate in the final competition.
Interested students are advised to contact coordination officer of the respective department for registration to demonstrate their innovative ideas and project activities.
Last date for registration is 18 June 2012. No registration fee is required to participate in the competition.
 Certificates will be given to all the participants and some selected projects would be awarded, which will be useful for continued professional training (CPT) in engineering education and training.
Project registration format is attached with it.

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Re: DIU Project Competition Grand Final on 23 June 2012
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Yes this is great day we can pass a wonderful which is very important for every student and also i feel something miss and i expect more stall from BBA department.We didn't know when give us price and certificate.