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Golam Kibria:
Library is very useful for every student. Our Daffodil International University have a well resourced library. Our respective authority also provides us the online library for using books digitally. All books are available in our online library. Every registered members of DIU library can get  all the facilities of our university online library.

For that, every student should get registration for the membership of our online library which is totally free.

I prepare the process of getting the registration process and using process and downloading system of  the useful books of us from our online library with a short time. I believe this process helps us to our success.
If any mistake seen please forgive me. I try my best to present a good presentation for using our online library.

Thanks to all members of DIU.

By Golam Kibria.

Golam Kibria:

If anybody face problem to see Pres ctrl and + or -  to see the images.

By Golam Kibria.

Sultan Mahmud Sujon:
Dear Brother,
Well done but i am face some problem arrange your image.Please check again.

Golam Kibria:
Thanks you sujon for your appreciation.
I try by best to do a  work for assisting all members of our beloved university. Sujon if you have any kind of arrangement, please send me email. I add this for the post.
If anybody face problem please send me a email or call me to 01843674226.

Sultan Mahmud Sujon:
ভাই আপনি যদি মডিফাই করতে না পারেন। তাহলে মডারেটর এ রিপোট করুন। এবং পুনরায় আপনি পোষ্ট করুন।


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