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Its my pleasure to share with you that  Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees Daffodil International University will appear at the popular talk show “Trityo Mtra” on Channel i  tonight at 1.00am ( July 10,2012) and the program will repeat at 9.45 am tomorrow morning (July 10,2012).

This is a IT related Talk show, where our Honorable Chairman has shared his dynamic & directional ideas in the Education & IT arena in perspective of Bangladesh.

You are invited to tune the channel accordingly to enjoy the discussion.
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Re: Md. Sabur Khan Sir in Talk Show " Trityo Matra" on Channel - i
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The program was excellent. Chairman sir has cleared many points as far as ICT based education or e-education is concerned. But i also agree with the other guest of planing commission that we have to make human resources habituated to ICT, only expensive technological infrastructure or concept or ideas cannot make the people skilled. My findings are....   

1. Awareness

Generally there is still a lack of awareness amongst the population, especially parents, of the effectiveness of e-learning. Many parents feel the traditional learning mode is better. Students are to be pressurized to be habituated to ICT based learning, as they don't enjoy e-learning.  We all know that pressure has negative impact on learning,

2. Bandwidth Issue And Connectivity

Due to bandwidth and connectivity limitations, downloading of engaging content to the learners will be slow. This creates frustration and boredom among learners and affects the ease of learning.

3 Computer Literacy And Digital Divide

In Bangladesh, there is a large segment of the population that is computer illiterate or half-literate.. This hinders the introduction and implementation of e-education.

 4 Lack of Self-driven learners

Many of the students are NOT self-driven learners in Bangladesh. Students of developed countries leave their parents after the age of 18. So, they are self-driven learners when it comes to acquiring degrees.  In Bangladesh, most of the students study in order to earn degree or to get good grade, not to be skilled…Students want short-cut passing road map. The pleasure of learning is hardly seen in the students...

Recommendation is creating awareness, motivate the human power to enjoy learning on their own. Bottom line is, we have to create knowledge based economy on which China and India are progressing very fast. Our country is not a poor county, it is a poorly managed country... E-education has huge prospect when we can develop our power sector and the speed/bandwidth of Internet.
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