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                                                                                     The Selfish Giant
        There was a selfish giant who has(had) a garden. He had been away for seven years but when he come (came) back he saw children plaing(playing) in his gerden. Then he built a high wall and put up a notice that "Keep Out". After that children had no place to play. Then Spring come (came) but in his garden it was still Winter. The tree did not blossom because they missed the children. The giant did not understand why trees did not blossom. One morning giant saw through a hole in the wall the children had crept in and the trees were blossom except one tree. The giant saw a little boy cring(crying) because he was too small to climb up. Then the giant lifted him and realised how selfish he have been. He also realise (realized) why spring did not come in the garden. Then he broke the wall and open (opened)the garden for the children for ever. Everyday childern play(played) in the gerden but the lottle(little) boy never came back. but the giant loved him and missed him everyday. After many year(years) one Winter morning he saw the tree was blossom (blossomed) and beneath it stood the little boy. The giant cried out: "you have come back my child!" the child smiled and said: "today you shall come with me to my garden, which is paradise".
         Everybody loves children but the gaint not care   (did not) this and he built high wall around his garden so that children can not (could not)play. we saw there is a relationship between the children and the trees. so when gaint built the wall trees did not blossom. As the children came trees begins (began) to blossom. Actually we can say that trees did not blossom because children are so innocent and trees also love them and without them trees also feels(feel) sad. when the giant realise (realizes/realized) that he open (opens/opened) his garden for the children. There is a child who came from Paradise and when the gant's mind change (changes) and he begins to love the children the boy took him in Paradise. May be God send the boy and gave the reward through the boy that is the Paradise or heaven.
          God loves him Who love the children.

Samimara Nipa
Post-Colonial Literature and Theory
Course Code: Eng-514

Dear Nipa,

you gave the gist of the story nicely and explained it very well. BUT
You have severe tense problem. There are some subject verb agreement problems also. You should also take care of your spelling. See the corrections.

Good luck
Uk madam
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