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Common Forum / Re: রসুন-দুধ খেলে কী হয়?
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:26:29 AM »
It also work as a anti alarjic

Students Issue / Re: Implementation Forum for "Student" related Issues
« on: December 09, 2015, 03:29:14 PM »
Why the students drop the semester:

1.   Unable to bear educational expenses.
2.   Loss of interest to attend the class
3.   Climax of class schedule
4.   Do not pay the installment properly.
5.   Irregular in class attendance
6.   Do not inform the result to their parents

Some steps may be taken to reduce the dropout of the students:

1.   Only the real needy and brilliant students should provide the financial Aid in consultation with their parents to continue the semester.
2.   It is shown that one class is in morning and another one is afternoon. Students are reluctant to attend the afternoon class. so schedule class should be consecutively.
3.   A fast communication cell may be established to solve the problem no. 4-6. The communication cell will be responsible to send the student’s result, payment status, class attendance to their guardians at the end of the every semester.

BCS Cadre / Road to Bangladesh bank AD 2016
« on: November 29, 2015, 09:35:18 AM »
Road to BB AD 2016: Part 1 Exam + Preparation: English+GK+Computer+Bangla

1.The CEO has ...... the matter with the departmental heads for more than an hour to make a unanimous decision. a.deliberated upon b. delegated upon c.dealt out d.none
2.In october 2013 which countries had announced that it became the first member of euro zone to exit to bail out program a. France b.Portuguese c.Greece d.Ireland 3.Galvanized iron sheets have a coating of a.Tine b. Lead c.Zinc d.None
4.A plan leaf appears greet because it a.absorbs green light b. reflects all but yellow and green light c.reflects green light d. none
 5.Which one is not an open source OS? a.Linux b.unix d.sunsolaris
 6.In ms word which command used to open new window? a.ctrl+n b.ctrl+m c.Shift+n d.Altr+W
7. choose correct one: a.Besides being clever, she is very perceptive b.besides being clever she is very intuitive c.Aside being clever, she is very perceptive.
 9.The picture (hang) one the wall. a.hanged b.was hanged c.was hung d.hung 10.Correct the sentence: a.Rony goes to school everyday, so his sister b.Rony goes to school everyday, so does his sister c.Rony goes to school everyday, so do his sister. d.none
11.There have been short periods in which the firm's market performance has...........readically, although the firm has registered the las ten years. a.Augmentation......steadied b.declined....growth c.expansion....stagnated d.none
12.The primary criterion for......a school is its recent performance ;critics are..... to extend credit for earlier victories a.evaluating..prone b.administering.....persuaded c.judging....reluctant d.none
13.The chairman claimed that the business was.... and his irritability.....that claim. a.sound...belied b.expanding...supported c.booming ....affirmed d.none 14.Tachometer is the speed indicator of.... a.airplanes b.submarine c.train d.none a specialized machinery built to control fire in multi storied buildings. a.skyfire b.skylift c.skylark d.none


Road to BB Ad 2016: Part -2

English+GK+Computer (Answer will be given later)
1.By and large:
a.very large b.mostly c.everywhere d.none
2.Choose correct one:
a.Rahim prevented me on my going b.Rahim prevented me from going there c.Rahim prevented me in going there d.none.
3.What is the plural of hypothesis?
a.hypothesises b.Hypotheses c.Hypothisis d.Hypothesus
4.You should........swimming
a.start up b.get up c.get off d.take up
5.The president assented ...........the bill d.into
6.World's largest nuclear power station
a.japan b.Iran c.Usa d.Russia
7.The hypocrite......feelings which he does not possess but which he feels he should display.
a.conceals b.decries c.betrays d.simulates
9.Surrounded by a retinue of sycophant who invariably....her singing, she wearied of the constant adulation and longed for hones criticism.
a.orchestrated b.extolled c.assailed d.reciprocated.
10.The leaning tower is located in
a.India b.Thailand c.Japan d.Italy
12. C/A: 1.mostly 2.Rahim prevented me from going there. 3.Hypotheses 4.take up 6.USA 7.stimulates 9.extolled 10.Italy 11. 12.

Road to BB AD -2016 Part -3

Exam: English, GK, Bangla, Computer
1.Once the audience began to applaud and laugh at his jokes, the comedian felt more.... and his delivery became less......
a.relaxed...inhibited b.excited....interesting c. none
2.Mrs Rita lives by teaching in a primary school, he serves in a government organization. is her brother b.but her brother does not her brother
3.The boy resembles his father b.of c.none
4.A person who leaves his or her own country to settle in another...
a.immigrant b.migrant c.traveller
5.When chittagong hill tract peace accord signed
a.2nd nov 1997 b.3rd nov 1997 c.2 dec 1997
6.Against which country bangladesh played first test match?
a.India b.Zimbabwe c.Kenya
7.Which option of while shows contrast
a.while my father is a dreamer , my mother is too realistic
b.While the machines are working let's have some coffee
c.I usually takes shower while my mom is preparing food for me
8. Choose correct one:
a.A majority of candidates want to have placement
b.A majority of candidates want to have job
c.A majority of candidates wants to have placement
9.Which phrase does n't mean " I will give him the message?
a.i will pass this on b.i will make sure he gets your message c.I will look into this
10.Least corrupt country according to TI report...
a.Norway b.Finland c.Denmark
11.The Jamuna bridge is the.... th largest bridge in the world
a.10 b.11 c.12
12.What is the name of british parliament?
a.House of commons b.British congress c.Parliament of britain
13.The hotel is .... the sea.
a.besides b.beside c.nearby
14.Wait....i come
a.till b.untill c.before
15.They secured "in" the doors and windows before full force of the hurricane hit
a.all b.after

ANS: C/A: 1.a 2.c 3.c 4.a 5.c 6.a 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.c 11.b 12.a 13.b 14.b 15.a

Road to BB AD 2016 Part - 4

English,GK and Bangla
1.Identify the correct one a.if the air is sufficiently b.unstable enough c.the upward currents will draw in warm modest air and d.cause water vapor to condense into raindrops.
2. a.In addition to oil refining and international banking,b.panama is also known for c.growing bananas d.pineapples and sugar
3.Keep clear.....wicked boys. a.of b.from d.out
4.I have a distaste.....publicity a.for b.about c.against
5.Banks were first introduced in a.italy b.greece d.usa
6.Which pair does not correctly matched?
a.vitamin d- rickets b.vitamin a- night blindness c.vitamin c-beri beri
d.vitamin e-headache
7.The ......of evidence was on the side of plaintiff since all but one witness testified that his story was.....
a.paucity, accurate b.propensity, far fetched c.accuracy, insufficient d.preponderance, correct.
8.The child was her indulgent parents that she pouted and became...when she did not receive all their attention.
a.spoiled,sullen b.protected, insecure c.sheltered, clated d.pampered,tranquil
9. We were amused that a man who had so far been the most.....of public speakers could........the audience and bring them cheering to their feet.
a.enthralling, anger b.accomplished, humor c.pedestrian , electrify d.masterful,bore
10. ? . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . । . ? । . . ।
ANS: C/A: b b a a a c d a c b b b a
Road to BB AD 2016 Part – 5

English,GK and Bangla
1.You can not visit the plant.....
a.except saturday b.all days but saturday c.except on saturday
2.identify the wrong one a.American manufactures depend on b.occean shipping c.for most of with other countries.
3.A child unusual or remarkable talent a.scholar b.diligent c.prodigy d.freak
4.Niagra falls located c. australia d.northamerica
5."Cowards die many times before their death" who wrote this ? a. robindranath tagore b.kazi nazrul islam c.shakespeare d.pb shelly
6.Martina hingis is a ......a.writer b.singer player d. actress
7.Hypatitis-c increases the risk of a.blood cancer b.liver cancer c.stomach cancer d.none
8.Which one is the investment bank in public sector?
a.bsrs b.bsb c.icb d.none
9. The largest planet in the solar system is ? a.mars b.jupiter d.saturn
10. ? . . . . . ? . . . . . ? . . . .

ANS: C/A: a d c d c c b d b a b a
Road to BB AD 2016- Part - 6

English,GK ,Computer and Bangla
1.Which country is not a member of G-20
a.China b. italy c.Turkey d.Malaysia
2.The list of coded instructions is called
a.program b.algorithm c.flowchart d.None
3.Compiler means who compiles program b.same thing as a programmer c.keypunch operator who translates source program in to object.
4.Equivocate means a.slouch b.sigh c.stability truthful
5.Ameliorate means a.strengthen b.lessen c.cause d.replace
6.Which country is the observer of wto a.russia b.senegall c.luxembourg d. sudan
7.Monetary policy effective when? a.interest sensitivity of demand for money is maximum b.interest sensitivity of demand for money zero c.interest sensitivity of investment is zero d.none
8.Fear of being enclosed in a small closed space
a.agoraphobia b.claustrophobia c.xenophobia d.none
9.The accelerated growth of public employment ........the dramatic expansion of budgets and programmes
a.parallels b.contains c.escapes d.none
10. ? . . . . । ? . . . . . Which of the following services does not normally use TCP? a.DNS b.HTTP c.FTP d.None

ANS: C/A: 1.d 2.a 3.d 4.d 5.a 6.d 7.a 8.b 9.b 10.b 11.c 12.a

Road to BB AD 2016- Part :7

1.Duration of 7th fifth year plan
a.2011-15 b.2012-17 c.2016-2020 d.none
2.When cyclone Mahasen attacked the sea coast of Bangladesh?
a.16 may 2013 b.17 may 2013 c.18 may 2013 d.none
3. An electrical pathway within a computer is called...
a.buffer b.sector c.track d.bus
4.Which of the following written by Sufia kamal
a.noorjahan b.ekatturer kotha c.the princess d.ekatturer diary
5.The name of the origin of Meghna
a.Manash b.lushai c. The barak d.Gumti
6.He was injured by a ........kick from an opposing player.
a.strong b.weak c.malicious d.vicious
7.Did you really do it......or did someone help you? your own b.on yourself c.on your own d.none
8.Correct the spelling: a.dumbel b.dumbelll c.dumbbel d.dumbbell
9.Correct the spelling: a. Bizzarre b.bizare c.bizzare d.bizarre
10.Nearly opposite of Quiescent b.weak c.furtive d.unconcerned
11. ? । । । । . ? । । । । . ? । । । । . ? । । । । ." , , , -? । । । । C/A: 1.a 2.a 3.d 4.d 5.b 6.a 7.c 8.d 9.d 10.a 11.a 12.b 13.a 14.c 15.b

Road to BB AD 2016- Part - 8

English,GK , Bangla and computer
1.Port Blayer situated in....a.indian occean b.bay of bengal c.pacific occean d. none
2.Similar of Augment
a.a.shrink b.plastic c.contract d.extend
3.Identify the Correct sentence:
a.she never has and she never will do any work
b.she never has and she will do no work
c.she never has done and she will never do any work
d.none of them
4.I think we can safely say now that we have got our money back, we are "home and dry" invited comma means
a. have not got wet b.have got no water d.have been successful d.none
5.Opposite of Elucidate
a.clarify b.explicate c.extreme d.none
6.Which country is in top position in terms of using internet
a.japan b.india c.china d.south korea
7.Impeccable : Flaw
a.immovable:choice b. intolerable:defect c. irreversible:cure d. none
8.The gurkhas are the original inhabitant of
a.bhutan b.india c.nepal d.none
9.identify the correct spelling : a.arbitariness b.arbitrariness c.arbitraniness d. none
10.opposite of able
a.willful b.inept c.adept d.none
11. ?
12.? ?
Which utility program can improve the speed of disk?
a. fragmentation b. defragmentation c. disk scanning d. none of them 1.a 2.d 3.c 4.d 5.d 6.c 7.c 8.c 9.b 10.b 11.d 12.b 13.a 14.c 15.b

BCS Cadre / Re: আলোচিত পঙতি ও স্রষ্টা
« on: November 26, 2015, 11:25:38 AM »
Great collection.

BCS Cadre / Re: অজানা কিছু মজার তথ্য!
« on: November 26, 2015, 11:21:41 AM »
pleasure to know.

BCS Cadre / Re: Local Government in Bangladesh
« on: November 26, 2015, 10:47:52 AM »
Good collection.

plz find the attachemnt

Informative post

GALLUP has made a survey among 148 countries that publish in Time magazine
** The most emotional country in the world is Bolivia & L Salvador
** The least emotional country in the world is Bangladesh
Really amazing!

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