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Self Discipline / Not a gift
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:51:23 AM »
Not a gift

Here are attributes many of us value in co-workers, bosses, employees, friends and vendors:
1. Honest
2. Punctual
3. Curious
4. Proactive
5. Flexible
6. Thoughtful
7. Generous
8. Fun
9. Committed
10. Respectful
11. Organized
12. Interested
13. Creative
14. Likable
15. Positive

you get the idea. These are things that turn someone from ordinary into a star. They are even attributes we now assign to our favorite brands, treating them like trusted or respected friends.

Someone who is likable, honest, curious and thoughtful is easy to think of as gifted. This natural charisma and care is worth seeking out in the people we choose to work with.

The thing is, it's a copout to call these things gifts. You might be born with a headstart in one area or another, you might be raised in a culture or with parents that reinforce some of these things, but these are attitudes, and attitudes can be taught, and they can be learned.

The question, then, is do you care enough to take them on? It's not fair to say, "I'm not respectful" or "I'm not creative." It is honest and clear to say, "I choose not to be honest," or "I don't want to do the work to be organized."

We can own these things. What a privilege.

Source: Marketing Blog

« on: October 27, 2013, 09:32:01 AM »

You're out in the real world, or will be soon. But, it's a tough time trying to decide the job you really want to do. You're not alone. Whilst some people seem to be born with an innate knowledge of their life's journey in the next millennium, others plod through an extremely stressful time coming to this decision.

This crucial first step on the career-ladder rung can be difficult. But, despair not, for there are ways to come to a conclusion and make the right choice. If you use your Degree wisely and understand your personal inclinations, you can make an informed choice you won't regret.

Look at your Degree:
Take time to examine your Degree and think about the subjects that interest or motivate you. Your performance in some will shine above others. These are the subjects you're usually good at.

Look at your Degree closely to define aspects that you particularly liked or excelled in.

Turning the Passion into a Reality:

Whatever the aspect of your Degree you enjoy, turning the interest into a career can be daunting. The reality is that most of us never find the perfect job. But many find jobs with some aspects that do interest them. Try and take a few aspects of your degree and start to investigate into the jobs that are related to the areas you are interested in.

Look around You!
It is important for you to look at your time at University as a whole. Are you involved in activities that may lead to a future career path? Your experience at University is a learning experience, where you discover your likes and dislikes. An activity that you took up in University might help you.

Adapt and Combine!

What happens when you realize that you made the wrong Degree decision and you don't want to be that engineer or doctor? Don't panic. Just look at your Degree and see how you can adapt it to the job you do want.

No work experience? Get it!

Now that you have an idea on where you might be headed, it's the perfect time to get as much knowledge and experience whilst at University. Internships or volunteer work indicates to prospective employers that you are proactive and serious.

Use Job Searches To Get Real Career Info!

Finally, Job sites have a wealth of information on various careers, so use them! It is an ideal way to get realistic information on degree requirements, job descriptions or typical compensation packages for a career. For example, run a search for say, "Web Developer" and check out these details in the job advertisements for that position. That will help you discover what that career is like and if your degree naturally translates into employer's requirements for that career. Check out Career Profiles as well for a real life look at different jobs.

Take into consideration these six points, and take the time to seriously look at your own motivations and opportunities out there. Once you have achieved this, there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

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