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Faculty Sections / Following rules or showing humanity????
« on: April 08, 2019, 06:38:08 PM »
Humanity is a great virtue and is always encouraged. We always expect a person will always show humanity not only to other human being but also to all living being. But what happens when showing humanity will violate a certain rule? Should we still show humanity or we should refrain us? For example let us consider a patient who is admitted in a hospital due to some critical health issue. It is very common in out country that a group of people due to their extreme level of humanity and compassion will pay a visit to him. Sound normal and very appraising right? But don't you think it is actually going to be very bad for the patient to attend this much people in his current critical condition? He actually should take rest and be under the care of the hospital staff. Surely his information can be collected form the patient attendant rather than physically going to the hospital. It is really sad to see a large number of people making a hospital place crowded at every time. There are certain rules that people can visit at a particular time only (visiting hour) and can bring some selected staff to hospital but humanity is a the curse (in my opinion) that hinder us from following the rule. Another example could be sitting service bus. They have limited seat capacity. But everyday what we see is carrying more passenger than seat capacity. Here we also show humanity saying at office time they should carry more passenger, in rainy day they should carry more passengers. Very few people are seen arguing with the bus helper for this but most of them do it so that they can pay less for the ride. Almost nobody mention it wrong and violation of law. We have to understand if we continue to violate law to show humanity we will never be able to lead a civilized life. People will always have problems and there are specific ways to solve those. violating law to solve a problem will always linger the problem and eventually render it unsolvable. We have to build up the habit of following rules and for that many times we have to leave humanity behind. There are signs in Zoo "Don't feed the animal". It may look very kind to feed them, violating the rule, but who knows the food you are giving are harmful for them. The habit you are building in the animal will collapse them as they are becoming dependent on people. So may be we have to start thinking that what should we choose between humanity and rules.       

Teaching & Research Forum / Re: Innovation...... think different
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:28:42 PM »
He is the Zipper

Teaching & Research Forum / Innovation...... think different
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:21:24 PM »
What is innovation? From Wikipedia we find the following definition “ Innovation is a "new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method. However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.” So in the definition we don’t see the need for multimillion dollar lab or equipment for innovation. It is inevitable that for advanced modern research we need these but to be innovative what we need is a creative mind that can think out of box. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Yarn Expo in ICB where I found such an innovation. It was nothing but a zipper that the manufacturing company manufactured in inverted way. So now the fingers on which the zipper moves will be inside and the fabric will be at outside. A picture will be uploaded in comment so you can see them. As a result when you now zip it you will only see a smooth colorful fabric part. The aesthetic appeal is tremendous. This is what I would like to consider as an innovation. Thinking in an atypical fashion.

Faculty Forum / Use of emergency siren in private vehicle..... A mess
« on: February 03, 2019, 01:01:51 PM »
Emergency siren used on emergency service vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks. These are quite loud and harsh. The use is quite understandable as they need to be heard form long distance so that other vehicle can make way for them. This is a world wide practice. In our country we have a terrible tendency of not allowing these vehicles to move easily by giving them side. One can argue that we don't have sufficient road of facilities to leave space for these vehicles. However this is not why I am writing this up. For long we are also seeing some private vehicles like car and motorbike also use these siren to create a panic among others so that they can achieve some privilege. As using siren here and there without any common sense is very common in our roads, these private vehicles fitted with emergency siren crate a havoc in the road. Unfortunately our law enforcement people are quite silent in this. They should understand these siren are only for emergency vehicles that also include law enforcement agencies. It is definitely illegal to use these siren in private vehicles and the owner must be punished for doing this. We can not show sympathy for ambulance/ fire truck because of lack of resources and civic sense. Wider spread use of emergency siren in private vehicle will make our mind set like this "surely this is a private vehicle and I am not giving him side"- while may be someone is fighting with death in the ambulance or a fire truck is desperately trying to reach somewhere to save someone.   

Faculty Sections / A tale of a student
« on: January 21, 2019, 08:09:02 PM »
Being faculty member we everyday deal with out students. But being an adviser we get the unique opportunity to become more than a teacher; a friend, mentor. Students come to us with a happy face while secured a good result and also with a pale face to request to give him various permissions. Today I was talking to a student during his registration process. He was quite conserved. His result in previous semesters are not good but last semester showed a sign of improvement. He started to mention his family problems that was hindering him to concentrate in his study.

He has four sisters and all of them are married. His father is a farmer and usually sell their land to support him. But currently his sisters are creating issues while his father is trying to sell some of their land property. Their intention is to keep as much as possible property for their future profit. Neighbors also discourage his father saying he will waste all the money in Dhaka.

I don't know if the student is 100% truthful but I like to believe my students. I tried to motivate him and also found him motivated to do good in future. Many of our students have similar tale. A struggling tale. This is when they actually become my teacher showing various crude aspects of life. I start learning from them.........   

Thanks for sharing.

May Allah permit us to follow the straight path.

Informative one.

Social media is really becoming a scary problem day by day. Not only addiction, but also fake news, lack of empathy, liquefying the strength of relationship and many more types of problem are becoming visible. But unfortunately no remedy is available currently. Though the author said a good environment, sports opportunity can be a solution, but all of these are very available in advanced countries. And they are also suffering form the problem.   

Faculty Sections / How to improve human life..... A scattered thought
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:07:41 PM »
I was coming back from Sobhanbag mosque after the Zummah Prayer. My head was quite empty with some errant thought of the beggars sitting near the mosque door while I saw another beggar sitting on the footpath and eating some kind of junk food. Suddenly a question stroke me "how can we improve the quality of life of these people? Is there any way? How one person can contribute? Automatically some more thoughts came in. It seems to me that may be we need three things to improve the life of such a person, 1. Education, 2. Positive thought, and 3. Little some of money. I was analyzing in my mind how this three can change the quality of life of these people. First they need education. Not a bachelor degree in any discipline but a basic one, just enough to do the daily dealings. Then they need to lot of positive thoughts. Truly this is the hard part. Most of the below poverty line people has the basic education they need but they are lack of positive thought. They need to be provided with the thought that they can lead a more honorable, healthy and hygienic life if they take control of their life and start doing hard work to achieve at lest sufficient to rent a very small home and make them happy. They need to be provided with positive thought about all the possible ways they can earn sufficient money to take them from street to home. Then they need some money so that they can start something, may be selling chocolate in buses or tea in street. Again positive thought about their way of earning should be fed into them so that they don't just leave their work by seeing the hardship they have go through during day. Surely spreading your hand to people and sitting in the street is easier.

So what a person can do?? May be just pick a person and see if these three things work....     

Faculty Forum / LED light- We should be more careful from now
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:52:32 PM »
LED lights are replacing traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs for their lower energy consumption and  miniature size. We see a wide variety of LED use in our day to day life like  bulb, rechargeable light, automobile lamp, electronic display, LED TV display, electronic banner, toys etc. We are using them a common household object ignoring their bad sides. The material that are used to produce LED are gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium phosphide (GaP), or gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP). It also contains Lead, Arsenic, zinc or nitrogen, silicon, germanium, and tellurium. Many of these elements have severe health hazard issue. So we should be careful about using them specially in children toys. A study on the impact of LED lights are published here ( for further reading.

Laboratories are part and parcel for current applied science education system. Engineering is an applied science where the students learns the laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics and apply them in real world. To know how those laws are employed a practical demonstration is mandatory. Showing a process in a practical set up is several times effective than verbal demonstration of that process. Laboratory is a place where this can be done. Thank you sir for sharing this.

The article is quite interesting but not quite true. A good student, a good researcher and a good teacher are three different entities. To be anyone among these three, one needs to have a sound knowledge in respective field. It is obvious that a good student doesn't mean a good teacher as for being a teacher the most essential quality is how efficiently he or she can deliver his lecture and encourage the audience to receive and implement those in their life. From that point of view, a good researcher also may not be a good teacher if his delivery skill is not good. Talking about USA universities, usually they have two types of faculty members, 1. Teaching faculty and 2. Research faculty. Definitely all of them have PhD in their respective field but usually the teaching faculties are usually not involved in research activities. However, a university is a place where new knowledge are born and brought up. This definitely needs researchers but we also have to understand we create future graduates for our country who need to be taught perfectly by a teacher not by a researcher only.   

Who is a Teacher? To answer this question one can mention: anyone who is intentionally or unintentionally educating someone about something. This something can range from very basic behavioral approach like a baby cries when in discomfort to very complex activities like designing space shuttle. In this context everything we see around us can be considered as a teacher. We all know the famous story of Robert Bruce who learned perseverance from a spider in a cave. However, this vague definition of "Teacher" is not going to be very helpful to discuss teaching methodology so let us consider a formal definition. According to wikipedia "A teacher (also called a school teacher or, in some contexts, an educator) is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values." Though not mentioned here, a specific institution is necessary where the teacher will be employed and will teach a group of people called student to call him a teacher. So a teacher will teach a group of students various discipline of knowledge, values and make him a better person. How the teacher will teach these things? This is where the term teaching methodology comes into formation. Though around the world numerous researches are conducted regarding teaching methodology, this is still a new and less used concept in out country. We are still convinced that traditional teaching methodology is brought to us from heaven and it is unchangeable. We are still not ready to accept various newly developed concept or teaching model. What is this traditional teaching method? We don't need to look for this answer in books or internet. We just need to retrospect. How we were taught in our schools, colleges and even university? A common answer will be: we woke up in the morning, took the bag full of books and notebooks, went to the institution where our respected teachers came and recited some lectures with some chalk board work and then left. We were judged by a written exam where we were awarded for memorizing, understanding and for being capable of answering the questions in the exam paper. But definitely have the right to ask questions when we had difficulty in understanding but was the environment very helpful for asking questions? This is traditional style where the teaching is teacher centered. The teacher will decide how we will be taught and what will be taught. I am not blaming the system as it has showed its excellence for many years. But that doesn't mean it can not be modified for student betterment.   

That's a very good news. Surprised to see china and Denmark in the winner list.

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