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Title: Impact of Covid 19
Post by: Sharmin Sultana on July 11, 2020, 07:52:33 PM
BANGLADESH, April 13, 2020 – Bangladesh tourism in not publicized much in overseas markets but millions of people are involved in it with about in 10 million domestic tourism and around 35 million in turnover a year. Hundreds of travel and tour companies will close; a significant number of small hotels, motels, resorts and restaurants will shut down and thousands of people will be jobless due to the impact of COVID-19. As part of its efforts to create awareness amongst public and private sectors on the implications of COVID-19 on the tourism industry in Bangladesh, the PATA  Bangladesh Chapter prepared a video outlining statistics and the tourism situation in Bangladesh. -
See more at: https://www.pata.org/pata-bangladesh-chapter-covid-19-impact-on-the-tourism-industry-in-bangladesh/#sthash.svkNR5jq.dpuf