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Teaching & Research Forum / Counseling Philosophy and DIU
« on: July 08, 2017, 03:41:43 PM »
Counseling is not just about giving some random advice or being judgmental, it is about providing mental and psychological support to the person who is facing difficulties with mental stress and depression. More or less many of us may have experienced like motivating someone or giving inspiration or hope without having any professional training or experience as a counselor. But when we are talking about counseling and motivation in tertiary level education it needs to be more defined and structured. As a teacher, motivating and inspiring the students is a responsibility and a professional ethics in fact. Some students may need special monitoring and regular counseling. For further improvement of students we may start a support center where professional counseling specialists or psychiatrists will be available for special students and teachers or employees as well. In our country seeing a person going to a psychiatrist is not considered in a well manner. But I think it is one of the most necessary steps to be taken to ensure the availability of psychiatrists in educational institute for students, teachers and everyone. Because, at some point we all need support when we are in situations and it’s a very common fact. Also we can arrange seminar and training session for teachers about motivation and counseling. Apart from this I’d like to mention that counseling does not actually indicate the job of one or a group of people to do all the required staffs to help students get rid of stress. This must be happened from each and everyone from his/her respective position, because anyone may need counseling, no matter who s/he is: a student, a teacher, an employee or else. If your colleague is in stress and get benefit out of your counseling, so why would you wait for a teacher, a boss, a psychiatrist or whatsoever to do so.
One thing I do believe and want to mention that, I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students. I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students also have duties to their teachers. Therefore, because of the reciprocal nature of the duties between teachers and students, I believe that it is a fundamental mistake to see students as customers or as clients because such a view incorrectly implies that the primary duties in the relationship are of the teachers duties to the students and virtually ignores the duties of students to their teachers, fellow students, and themselves.

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