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Title: Law Careers
Post by: Koushik Sarkar on September 08, 2018, 09:48:42 PM
With so many law jobs on offer, choosing the right career for you can seem overwhelming. To make things easier here's a breakdown of available jobs in the legal sector.

You'll be a confidential adviser that has direct contact with clients, combining expertise and people skills to provide legal guidance and assistance. Once qualified, you can work in private practice, in-house for a commercial or industrial organisation, in local or central government or in the court service. Discover the skills you'll need and what you can earn as a solicitor. 
Passion, dedication and hard work are just three of the qualities needed for a career at the Bar.From providing specialist legal advice to representing clients in court, your tasks will vary depending on your area of expertise. Generally, you'll advise clients on the law and the strength of their case, hold conferences with clients to discuss their situation and provide legal advice, represent clients in court by presenting the case, examining witnesses and giving reasons why the court should support the case, and negotiate settlements with the other side.

Tax adviser
You'll use your knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory and consultancy services to clients, ensuring that they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions.You'll need to keep up to date with changing tax laws and be able to explain complicated legislation and its implications to your clients in simple terms. Although open to graduates from any discipline, a degree in accountancy and finance, business, economics, law, management, mathematics or statistics may increase your chances.

Legal secretary
It's your job to ensure the office runs smoothly by providing administrative support to solicitors and legal executives. You could be producing wills and contracts, accompanying solicitors to court or police stations or dealing with clients.The ability to type accurately and quickly, a good eye for detail and discretion are all skills you'll need to succeed.
Company secretary
You'll be responsible for ensuring that an organisation complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance The capability to work with numerical information, good analytical and problem-solving skills, a diplomatic approach and the confidence to provide support to high-profile staff and board members are all necessary skills for a successful company secretary.

It's up to you to control trials and hearings in your courtroom. You need to look at the evidence, interpret the law and make an impartial decision in favour of one of the parties. In criminal cases you'll also decide what sentence to give a defendant if they're convicted.You can't become a judge straight after graduation as you need significant experience as a solicitor or barrister first. This is followed by some part-time work supervised by an experienced judge.

Mediation Specialist
As a mediation specialist it'll be your job to establish and maintain civil relationships between conflicting parties, solving any disputes with efficiency, tact and patience.Mediation specialists are impartial third parties who work with a range of people, such as divorcing couples, separated parents, and landlords and tenants. Your day-to-day tasks will include meeting clients, finding ways to work through their conflicts and involving legal authorities in cases where mediation isn't working.You won't need any qualifications to become a mediation specialist, although previous experience in a law, social care or counselling environment might help you get ahead.

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The title " Lae Careers" needs correction.
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Thank you sir. I have fixed it.
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Furthermore, we can look forward to have our career beyond our national jurisdiction while earning capacities to have our opportunity in various international jurisdictions as we are emerging as a developing state very soon.