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Graphic design is very demanding work. There are many jobs available for graphic designers out there. On top of that, graphic designers can earn a lot from freelancing. The great news is, one does not have to learn everything about graphic design to start earning big money. Knowing a few of the essential tools and works is enough to start earning from freelancing. Therefore, it is good to have an idea on how to get started as a graphic designer in popular freelancing platforms.

Works like, image to vector conversion, image tracing, background removal, coloring photographs, logo design, poster or flyer design, etc. are some of the most demanding graphic design works in freelancing platforms and these works usually take comparatively fewer efforts to deliver the works/orders.

Good news is that has launched a course on Graphic Design which aims to teach the learners on the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and the works above in complete Bengali lectures so that they can easily learn and get started as a graphic designer in freelancing platforms and start earning. The course even provides guidelines on how to set up the freelancing platform profiles.

The course is available in the following link:

The most important trend in education was already initiated in Wharton, Philadelphia campus, where leaders from different business schools like Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, Michigan and Stanford along with the online education providers such as Coursera, edX and FutureLearn were present. Big things are happening across the leading tertiary educational institutions around the world, and they are happening at the velocity of warp.

Our colleagues, who are changing jobs or want to keep up with their present job or want to advance their careers, all need to focus on getting acquainted to the ever-changing advancements in technology and focus in the fields of study that delve into these subjects. This implies programmes that are brief, and concentrated. Longer study courses only make you learn things you won’t be using for years.

These short and focused courses will be providing the intellectual architecture that helps you make sense of everything around you and helps you develop skills needed for broader purposes like critical thinking, communication and leadership. Everyone who wants to succeed today needs both the foundation of the best degree(s) and the constant updating of best continuous professional development. With online learning platforms, going “back to school” is easier than ever before. These learning platforms also provide a chance at education for those who don’t have any institutional degrees.

The question now is, are the educational institutions properly equipped to initiate cutting-edge systems that could transform the academic environment from land-based to offshore and virtual learning environment? Will such educational transformations empower, augment and expand our learning? These questions have become a thing of the past as approximately 110 million registered institutions are using online platforms to offer short courses, degree courses and even diploma courses all over the world.

According to a report published in 2018 by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), there are over 147 million subscribers of mobile phone users. The data is illustrated as under:

This implies that out of 160 million population, 147 million are official subscribers of the mobile phone service providers. This amounts to 92 percent of the population being tied to the national mobile phone networks that leaves them open to use the internet from anywhere to access online educational service providers.

However, the report published by BTRC on its website back on September 20, 2018 shows that 154.179 million subscribers are using smart phones since August 2018.

Here the subscribers depict the biometric verified subscribers/subscriptions who have any activity (voice, data, SMS, etc.) at least once in the preceding 90 days.

This amounts to 96 percent of the population being directly or indirectly tied to the internet. BTRC’s report is based on the calculation of the registration since august 2018. The number of the internet users is around 90.5 million; wherein, more than 84.6 million users access the internet on mobile phones.

The readiness of Bangladeshi education and educational service providers is a cliché. Tremendous amount of progress has been made in digitising Bangladesh, wherein; telecommunication and relevant accessories have been introduced to Bangladesh quite superfluously that transformed the life style of the users in a positive way. People communicate with each other over the phone and the internet rather than on age-old methods that involved using paper-based drafting. Be it for searching things on Google or watching tutorials on YouTube, people are using the internet to gain access to information far differently than how they used to even a decade ago. Thus, the readiness of Bangladesh in entirety is a vague topic. We are quite equipped for adaptation to the newer learning opportunities.

The benefits of the online migration in education will be dramatic, spontaneous and pervasive across all educational service providers. For instance, individuals, professionals, graduates and corporations who want access to online materials to help develop the skills on their own at their own pace and convenience can do so. A school (primary or secondary), college, or university can choose to count online courses from somewhere for credit towards their certifications or degrees – potentially by creating their own leading academic communities around the online content and providing their own facilitators to improve learning.

In addition, online-based learning (or e-learning) reaches a wider audience by engaging learners with difficulties in attending standard classrooms, training, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. because they are geographically dispersed with restricted time and resources to travel, busy with job or family obligations that do not allow them to attend classes on particular dates with a set timetable, situated in conflict or post-conflict regions and limited mobility for safety reasons, limited participation in classroom attendance due to cultural or religious convictions, and difficulty in real-time interaction (e.g. foreign language learner or shy learners).

Online-based learning can provide efficient techniques of learning, such as exercising with related feedback, combining collaboration operations with self-paced study, personalising teaching routes oriented on learner requirements and using simulation and games. So far as the readiness of Bangladesh is concerned to adapt to the current trend in education, the above statistics of the mobile users, internet users and subscribers provide ample reasons to believe that we are ready. The only need is to initiate the process from somewhere or motivate, collaborate and affiliate with companies, corporations or institutions that have already taken the stride in to the online era.


Author: Prof. Dr. S.M. Golam Samdani Fakir and A.S.M. Shamim Miah
Prof. Dr. S.M. Golam Samdani Fakir is Vice Chancellor, Green University of Bangladesh. A.S.M. Shamim Miah is an Associate Professor at the University of Buraimi, Oman.

Original Article Link:

IT / Re: Coursera is inaccessible
« on: March 25, 2019, 06:21:52 PM »
Thanks for reaching again. We have checked and resolved the issue. Kindly recheck.
In case you still have a problem accessing the forum from university WiFi, let us know Your exact location from where you are trying to access the site so that we can identify the real problem.


IT / Re: Coursera is inaccessible
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:49:57 PM »
Dear Mr. Zawhar Dudayev,
You will be happy to know that Coursera is now whitelisted in our network. Please check and let us know if you still face any difficulty accessing the site. Additionally, we will also double check to make sure similar platforms are whitelisted.

Thank you!

IT / Re: Coursera is inaccessible
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:22:50 PM »
Thank you very much for reporting the issue. Our team will look into and resolve. Once resolved, we will update by replying to this post.

All the issues mentioned in this article are the product of ignorance caused by the improper education system we currently have. It is not right to blame the students rather the existing system and policymakers are to be blamed. I have tried to elaborate my viewpoint on the matter in an article I have written years back. Linking it here for those who may be interested:

Thanks for this valuable post. What I would like to know is about the sharing options. I can't find the option for sharing the post in LinkedIn or in Facebook. The share tab on the left side in the screen is showing only twitter and G+ that I don't like to use. In the presentation you shared I could see both but don't find the option in my screen. Can you please help me up in this. Thanks again.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your query! Sadly the share options are changed in the updated version. However, If you would like to share any post from the forum in any of the social media sites, you can simply copy the link of that post and paste it in the social media sites.

The following presentation on HR Trends and Practices in the 21st Century was presented by Honorable Chairman, BoT, DIU and Daffodil Family on April 30, 2018, in Auditorium 71, Daffodil International University. Sharing it for the benefit of the teachers and especially the students of DIU teaching and learning about Human Resources Management.

A Good CV/Resume / How to make an effective video CV
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:06:32 PM »
Video CV/Resume is becoming more popular these days. It is because it shows more than what you can write on a paper. It shows your expression, emotion, gesture, posture, and attitude to your future employer. It becomes a pre-interview for your employer and provides them with the first impression that can give you an edge over other candidates even before the actual interview. Thus, it is important to know what to cover in a video resume and how so that you can prepare your video CV/Resume and make an impact on your future job interviews. Now the question remains, how to make an effective video CV. Well, the answer is simple, make it simple and short yet cover the important elements that your employer might care.

A video on how to make an effective Video CV/Resume is shared here:

Also, view the video below which is a sample video resume, developed by Ms. Rahnuma Islam, a student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Daffodil International University:

So without any more delay, prepare your video CV. If you lack the skills to edit a video, consult with DIU Media Lab. There are also many videos available on YouTube that teaches how to edit videos using different software. Simply do a YouTube search.

Also, a great news that and HRDI are jointly organizing a professional video editing course titled "Professional Video Production Course" which can help you to make a very effective video CV/Resume. You can register for the course here: It will be a worthy investment for your career for sure.

Hope it helps!

One more thing is useful for those who are suffering from gastric is to eat lightly but regularly keeping little gaps between the time you eat in a day.
This is very useful technique and even doctors suggest it. It will reduce your necessity for medicine intakes.

Hello, everyone!
Here are the welcome notes to newly recruited teachers of Daffodil International University from Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustee, delivered on September 6, 2017.

There are natural remedies for Gastric Problems. One can easily search for them in the internet. Sharing one such link here:

Be a Leader / Re: 7 Effective Leadership Skills to Manage Your Time
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:38:40 PM »
Also Please add source link while sharing other's post. This time I am adding.


Be a Leader / Re: 7 Effective Leadership Skills to Manage Your Time
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:35:43 PM »
I have found the following course on Time Management to be very useful and insightful. It is offered by Linkedin Learning and once you complete it, you can add it to your Linkedin Profile.

Course Link:

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