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Title: caliber vs remuneration
Post by: shibli on July 07, 2010, 10:58:54 AM
Why do some occupations and professions command more money than others ? Is there a case for greater equality in remuneration ?

The question is an obvious one. We find there are professions which command more money than others. That is not the whole truth. Even in the same profession some get much more than others. The disparity in wages is so vast, that it has led to ideological war. This disparity is the main plank of the communist argument. In fact pointing their accusing fingers at societies where this disparity is highly pronounced, the communists are able to win the confidence of workers.

Granting there is such a vast disparity let us look for the causes which are many indeed. The following are the relevant causes. The qualification of the person, both academic and professional, name and prestige of the person, can be recommendations he could command.

No comment is needed on the qualification. The higher the qualification both academic and professional, the greater the chances of earning higher wages. A post graduate may be preferred to a graduate and a Ph.D to a post graduate. Theoretically speaking the higher the degree the greater the chances and hopes that the individual may know better. Hence the high wages. This we see in law, medicine, engineering, consulting, sciences and other professions.

Experience always counts. An experienced person is better any day than the fresh one from the school or institute, however high his academic distinctions may be because the field knowledge or first hand knowledge pays more than bookish knowledge. That is the reason why freshmen are apprenticed to an experienced person. The experienced knows where to look for trouble and knows also how to shoot it. In medicine, experience is to be preferred.

Now that there is so much of specialization and diversification, one who has specialized in a particular field is preferred. Thus we have many specialists. Lawyers specialize in several departments of law; so too doctors. Even among tailors there are specialists. If their services are needed one will have to pay more.

There are again special preferences. All lawyers do not make a grade; so too all doctors do not come up to the expectations. Naturally one chooses to have one who is famous. This is the case with many professions and jobs, so there is a special price to be given to the person chosen. In this sense everyone has his own tailor, cook, barber and washerman. If the choice is for best one has to pay more.

There are reasons when higher wages will have to be paid. Then as mentioned above recommendations decide higher or lower wages. If one is an MD's relative or kith and kin he is paid a better salary than the one who has no such relatives.

Is there a case for greater equality in remuneration ? Ideally yes; but practically very difficult to reach the ideal. For equal work, equal wage may be easy to preach but equality in remuneration is a far cry. Certain types of profession which demand strenuous preparations on the, part of the incumbent will have to be paid. A doctor doing a heart surgery and another opening an abscess cannot expect to receive same remuneration. An ordinary woodcutter and a carpenter though both of them may engage themselves in cutting wood must be paid differently because of the skill and intelligence involved.

The equality of remuneration is not obtained even in socialist countries. But one suggestion may be worthwhile trying. Every worker must receive a basic wage or salary and then an allowance may be paid according to the post one holds. It may not be agreeable. Some such thing is happening today, for what are perks if not special allowances for, merit or responsibility. Anyway the disparity between the highest paid and the lowest must not be high.
disparity         there is no equality or similarity
plank         an important principle on which the activities of a group, especially a political group, are based
kith and kin         people you are connected with, especially by family relationships

Title: an ideal Dean of a Faculty
Post by: shibli on July 12, 2010, 06:29:11 PM
Describe the qualities of a person you think would make an ideal Dean of a Faculty

People who are interested in education speak very often of Dr. Hafiz G. A. Siddiqi, or Professor Dr. Abul L Haque. Both of them were good in every way as academicians and administrators. Those who came under their influence could learn many things. They contributed a lot in the field of education and every student liked to emulate them.

To be an ideal Dean, s/he must be a teacher with all the qualities that go to make a teacher. As such s/he must be able to teach well and know the subject or subjects he teaches thoroughly. s/He must have the breadth and depth of educational knowledge. He must be able to put across the subject he teaches clearly and lucidly. He must make the students understand for what he teaches so he has to adopt various methods. He must be well read and thorough and up-to-date. S/He knows when to mete out punishment and when to approve and appreciate. He must be an artist and must have certain artistic qualities in him. Since students are bound to imitate him in everything he does he must be a role model. He must be able to mingle with the students and at the same time he must keep his respect. He must have wit and humor. He has to be an adviser to the pupils under him.

As a Dean he should be a good administrator. He must know about office routine and be able to command the respect of the office staff and teachers. He must have a sound knowledge of the maintenance of the school and its funds.

As a Dean he should also be like a public relations man to maintain cordiality with the parents as well as the general public. Like a sage of ancient days he must be able to advise the people on many matters. He must be able to occupy positions in public bodies when offered. He may be capable of guiding the deliberations of public bodies. Without taking sides he should be capable of enlightening the public on many matters. Thus he is an important citizen.

He must be a model for others in everything like the teacher described by Oliver Goldsmith, "How such a small head as he could carry all he knew."

Title: Re: caliber vs remuneration
Post by: shibli on November 20, 2010, 12:15:32 PM
I think our Dean Professor Rafiqul Islam, a talented academician has that capacity to lead the Faculty of Business and Economics. 
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Our Dean Professor Rafiqul Islam, is not only an ideal academician but also like our father of the faculties of the Faculty of Business and Economics. We need to follow him.
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Agreed. In fact, by born we are unequal.
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