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Title: Networking with MikroTik Router
Post by: rizon1599 on October 18, 2018, 05:44:57 PM
Welcome to the networking word.

>Can you tell me as a human which network connect you?
-You can say human network.

>If ask you as a pious man which network connect you?
-Here you also can say Islam network or your religious network.

Think purpose of network is communication. Best network can give you best/smooth communication.
But can you tell me which is the purpose of communication.
 **although its depend on you
- Sometimes to solve problem.
- Sometimes to inquiry your phone balance.
- Sometimes conveyance your girlfriend.
- Sometimes to get something from your creator.
- Sometimes you may don't about your purpose of communication just carry on your gossip.

               ...............Will be continue in another post.

Here i am just post about networking: