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Title: Board games for controlled and freer practice
Post by: zafrin.eng on November 14, 2018, 07:16:15 PM
This is excellent practice for the listening and speaking exam and can be done on and off throughout the course. The example provided is intended for use after looking at the past tense. You can make sets which fit in with other language areas and build up a bank of tell us about question cards.

Students sit in pairs or 3s. One person takes a card and asks another. After the initial answer the other students join in the conversation. The teacher can encourage the use of conversation gambits to aid conversation, for example, ‘Really’, ‘How interesting!’, ‘How terrible!’ ‘What about you?’, etc.

The teacher listens in to conversations and makes notes of examples of interesting storied, good language to share with the group and errors which she/he could use to focus usefully with the group. In this case, possibly the pronunciation of the regular past tenses, or use of the verb in the present to talk about the past could be picked up on and further practised.