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Title: Questions on the board at the beginning of the lesson
Post by: zafrin.eng on November 14, 2018, 07:19:07 PM
Write one or two questions on the board (if possible using grammar/language from a previous lesson, or anticipating language coming up in the day’s lesson. Use language that is slightly above the level of language they normally produce.) This could be either:
•   a gapped question:  What ______ you  _________ at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon?
•   a jumbled question: you   yesterday at doing  What  3 o’clock  were  afternoon
•   whole sentence hangman   __ __ __ __   ___ ___ ___ ___  etc.

1.   Students in groups try to fill gaps, sort out sentences (or play hangman in whatever way you like for the third option).
2.   Drill the sentences – rubbing out key words if you have written them in.
3.   Students ask each other the question(s) in pairs. Monitor and deal with errors in the target language afterwards.