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Title: Manual training in Physiotherapy
Post by: Asif.Hossain on November 09, 2014, 02:31:01 PM
This is a Training for individuals who have difficulty in walking (For eg. training a person affected with stroke to walk independently)

1.   Training the person to walk with crutches
2.   Training to use the wheel chairs
3.   Training is given to those who use Artificial Legs

Where useful?
1.   Amputees( person who has lost a leg)
2.   Stroke
3.   Paralysis

Balance Training
Balance training is a training given to those who have difficulty in balance while sitting , standing.

Where useful?

1.   Ataxia( Balance disorder due to damage in a part of brain)
2.   Loss of joint position sense
3.   Parkinsonism(Disorder in part of brain)

Therapeutic Exercises

This is a kind of exercise, taught to improve the overall physical activity of the body to strengthens the Muscles, bones, joints and Ligament


Stretching is a manual way of lengthening the shortened structures like muscles, tendons, ligaments . and thereby increasing the movement of the joint

Where useful?

1.   Stiff neck
2.   During warm-up sessions of physical activity, eg. before sports
Title: Re: Manual training in Physiotherapy
Post by: Ferdousi Begum on January 12, 2015, 03:27:45 PM
notable things.