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Change management is the only feasible solution to overcome all the difficulties and problems created in ever changing environment for the overall development and progress. Change management has remained with the corporate world for a long time; it will remain so for so much longer. It is obvious that change management conceived and conducted outside of the employee is bound to fail. Leadership during change management period also has to be persuasive just as much as it should be focused.

It must be driven by a clear definition of employees’ commitment to new goals in terms that everyone could understand and act on. Without such leadership, employees will remain skeptical of the vision for change and distrustful of management, and management will likewise be frustrated and stymied by employees’ resistance.

Difference changes in the following:
1. Change in Marketing
2. Change in Technology
3. Change in Quality
4. Change in Cost
5. Change in Strategies
6. Change in Structural
7. Change in HRM
8. Change in Leadership