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Offshore Outsourcing / Re: Communication skills for freelancers
« on: December 09, 2011, 12:54:57 AM »
আমার জানা মতে নেটে উপার্জনের একমাত্র dependable ঊপায় হল- outsourcing.

 কষ্ট ছারা কেষ্ট মেলে না এ কথাটা outsourcing এর জন্য ৩০০% সঠিক।

Actually 'Outsourcing' means "Obtain (goods or a service) from an outside supplier". Basically earning by doing any foreign work is called outsourcing. But there are so many category of 'Outsourcing'. Data entry, SEO link building, Picture uploading etc..... is not building your career skill but someone somehow earning money. If we do this type of jobs then ranking of our country for Skilled labor will reduce and also we can't show this type of jobs as our skilled and we can't use this in our CV or resume that's why it's just earning money.

But if we think about other field in outsourcing such as web development, software development, Animation designing, Social media marketing strategy developer then we can use this as our skill list and we can ensure our career. Also this types of job has a great amount of money payable. So we are earning money actually but someone earning money by 'Data Entry' or someone earning money by 'Software Development'. Just level of jobs and qualities are different.

Thanks for your reply @Shabab.

Our university authority has made a clear notice that is "All the students of DIU are hereby notified that after Mid-term examination and the vacation of Eid-ul-Adha, classes will resume on 12th November, 2011."

Thanks the authority of Daffodil International University. We love our university very much. InshaAllah we will make our university proud with our merit. All the best.

Now it's time to enjoy with your family, friends and nearest-dearest persons. Plan for trip now......

Offshore Outsourcing / Communication skills for freelancers
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:29:22 AM »
Communication skills for freelancers

‘I am bidding a lot, but didn’t get any job yet!!’ yes, you are also shouting like that? May be. Most of the novice freelancer frustrated for not getting any positive response from buyers. Yes, it’s a big problem to make your starting as a freelancer. But you don’t need to be bored or you don?t make your own frustration ever. Just try your best and teach yourself about ‘How to communicate’. I guess that you are expert. Am i right? It should be because without any expertise knowledge you aren’t applying to get job from the foreign buyers.

So have you ever think that ‘why you are not getting any job from your buyer? You are applying, applying and just applying to get job. Your friend is getting response but you aren’t’. Today I will guide you to take control over your opportunities. The only one fact in this case is ‘Miscommunication’. Most of the buyers aren?t satisfied with your communication style. This can be your major problem. To earn money by doing outsourcing it requires only 4 things I ever discovered. Those ares-
1. Your expertise field to work
2. Internet connectivity
3. Availability and
4. Communication style
Just think that if you can’t take you on the right way with ‘Communication’ then your availability can’t mean anything, your internet connectivity can be valueless, if you can’t focus your expertise through communication then your ‘expertise field’ also will be ignored though you are an expert in any specific field. So communication, communication and communication is one of the vital parts of making you as a freelance IT professional.
Why communication skill is required?
- Suppose you are seeing a job announcement like that:
‘Need to design a landing page which will collect the user’s information through a eye catching graphical form placed on that landing page. Only experienced professionals are requested to apply for this job. ‘
In this case you are going to apply for getting this job though it’s a very simple task for you as a web designer. Isn’t it? Yes, it should be. So when you have applied then I guessed that you wrote a simple cover letter for that job. In this case buyer replied you to contact with buyer in Skype of GTalk or Yahoo Messenger. Now you planned to talk with your buyer. Now the buyer asked you that ‘how you will do this job?’ and ‘how much you are experienced in this kinds of job’. Now you have to write a descriptive reply with your skills and your ways of work. If you can’t impress your buyer you will not get the job. Because 65% of buyers regular post their job on freelancing site and they usually want to find a reliable, well-communicative worker for all of his work. So when you will reply to your buyer then of course first you should completely focus on his existing job. But yes, you have to make the relation of your extra skills with these works. But, how? You can reply to your buyer like that:

‘Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work for your project. Really I am feeling great to get this opportunity. Yes, I am confident to work for designing your landing page with all of your requirements. As a expert of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL it’s a very much simple and easy task for me. When I can start this job?
I am completely dedicated for all my workers and best communication skill is my plus point. And yes of course I know about Opt-in form for landing page to collect visitor’s contact information. I am very much familiar with awebar, mailchip subscription techniques. So definitely I can be your great choice to work with.
I am looking forward to hear from you.’

In this reply you saw I mentioned ‘HTML, CSS, PHP, jquery…’ (all of my skills) but was it boring? No, logically I have mentioned all of skills but the whole letter was related to his existing job. And it?s the magic. To do the landing page you don’t need to mention PHP, MySQL but you did it because you informed your buyer about your knowledge and skill. Also buyer didn’t ask you how you will collect the user information but you mentioned about awebar and mailcmp. Really to catch the user’s info these service are popular and when you will write this then buyer automatically will figure it out that ‘You are obviously a skilled guy and you already suggest some easy solution for that buyer though most of theirs know about awebar and mailchimp. After that you did your job and you showed how much responsible for how much sincere to catch the user’s info from his landing page. Definitely this style of your reply will help? get that job for you and if that buyer needs more work done then the buyer will consult with you to get more extra and reliable solution whether are expert in his future job or not.

So always try to focus on buyer’s existing job posting and requirements and make some relation between your skills and this job and within the focusing on existing job try to inform about your skills without making buyer boring. TELL ALL THE THINGS OF YOURS WITHIN THE DISCUSSION ABOUT EXISTING JOB.
If you feel shy or if you think that you are weak in communication never make your conversation longer. Because sometimes your longer discussion with weak communication skill can make a negative impression to the buyer. But slowly you have to try to expand your discussion to make that buyer only for you. It’s the theory of being a permanent worker of a single buyer.
Some freelancing expert suggest that if you have weak communication skill but your job quality is awesome then it’s OK. But believe me it’s not OK. Your weak communication never keep your buyer with you for longer time. Because when you will do multiple job of a same buyer then automatically your? discussion period among you and your buyer will be longer. Then for your weak communication skill you buyer will be bored of you and a negative impression will arise. So first impress your buyer with you work and understanding capability and communication smoothness then build a professional relationship with you buyer. It’s an undoubtedly true to keep your earning secured for more years of more longer than doing a single job and searching. This theory will reduce your boring ness for getting job. If your communication skill is perfect then one time will come then just check your email and start your job. And every freelancer need to reach that situations.
Next I will make a single page guide for writing cover letter which is the first step of getting job easily. And cover letter works as like as ‘first impression’. And first impression can never be back…. It’s really truth.

To read more about "How to start freelancing in Bangladesh and how to become success" click this link >>

Facebook or any social media can be used as social engineering tools against you

Social Engineering means your social information cracking method for making your online identity vulnerable. Now-a days it is becoming a major tools to break your online status. Sometimes hackers, spammers are stealing your information found on various social community portal like Facebook, MySpace etc.. They are being concern about your information.

According to Internet World Statistics (31 March’2011) there are approximately  922,329,554 internet users in South Asia. And 131,556,800 Facebook users are active in this digital world. But some recent research says that we are not concern about our privacy at all. Just think, when you are going to register yourself on Facebook or other site then have you ever read their terms and conditions about their site. I think the answer is ‘No’. It also happen to me. But which tools or which service you will use for long term period then shouldn’t you read their terms and condition first. Have you ever read their privacy policy because you are giving many more information about yourself that is even your photography, your status, what you are telling to your friends. The authority is taking the information from you. But shouldn’t you check it out that what you are giving them what the authority is doing with your information. Of course you should. But you don’t. That’s why recently many many news are publishing throughout the internet that ‘my Facebook account has been hacked’, ‘my email account has been hacked’, ‘my credit card information has leaked’. But who are stealing your information and who are cracking your online tools slowly one after another they are using and tracking your social information. Basically this is called social engineering. When I was reading the books ‘Hacking for dummies’ by Kevin Beaver then I have first learned about ‘Social Engineering’ from then I am being more conscious about that issue.
“Social engineering takes advantage of the weakest link in any organization’s
information security defenses: people. Social engineering is
“people hacking” and involves maliciously exploiting the trusting nature of
human beings to obtain information that can be used for personal gain.”

According to the ‘Hacking for Dummies’ by Kevin Beaver there has been given some example of social engineering. Those are:
- False support personnel claim that they need to install a patch or newversion of software on a user’s computer, talk the user into downloading the software, and obtain remote control of the system.

- False vendors claim to need to update the organization’s accounting package or phone system, ask for the administrator password, and obtain full access.

- Phishing e-mails sent by external attackers gather user IDs and passwords of unsuspecting recipients. The bad guys then use those passwords to gain access to bank accounts and more. A related attack exploits crosssite scripting on Web forms.

- False employees notify the security desk that they have lost their keys to the computer room, receive a set of keys from security, and obtain unauthorized access to physical and electronic information.
Sometimes, social engineers act as forceful and knowledgeable employees, such as managers or executives. At other times they might play the roles of extremely uninformed or naïve employees. They also might pose as outsiders, such as IT consultants or maintenance people. Social engineers often switch from one mode to the other, depending on the people they speak to.

Now most of the Bangladeshi are using Facebook very much regular user they are going to be. But I think 10% of them are not aware of this kinds of alert. Many of my friends regularly tell me that they are facing problem with their online activity. Somebody are trying to get access to their account.

In this case, I have found some suggestion that is-
- Be aware about what you are going to enter into.
- Read more and more about what you are going to use for long term.
- Always practice to think that in your social network there are real and also fake personnel (can be).
-Think about what you are giving or posting . Those can be used to make your life vulnerable

Offshore Outsourcing / How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:16:44 AM »
How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh

Most of the people in Bangladesh are facing the unemployment problem. But who are aware about their career and who are not aware about their career this post is basically for them. I am now introducing the ‘Freelancing’ profession for Bangladeshi.

I will describe ‘How to start Freelancing from Bangladesh’. Freelancing is a great way to earn and learn with various kinds of practical projects. Freelancing profession is fully an independent profession for them who want to work with flexibility. ‘Freelancing’ profession helps you in various ways such as-
-Own Time Scheduling
-Practice Global Professionalism
-Global network
-Easily Get Paid
-No Huge Investment
-Your Home is Your Office
-Anytime you can do work and get paid
-No Boss and No Pressure
-Multiple Task done easily
-Build a strong professional community
-Gather experience from various kinds of projects
-Get Inspired
-Be recognized

So, freelancing professional is now being a good job or good profession for many people.? Let’s see how you can start freelancing from Bangladesh.
There are many companies are making the community or network for Freelancer and Buyer such as Freelancer (Formerly GetAFreelancer), oDesk, FreelancerZone etc..

You can go to their website and the ‘Find Job’ option you can find the job category and available jobs. First figure out their job category and try to see the job list 3 times in a day and read the job description then you can get a better idea about the job. Because some people love to work and they say that they are able to do any real life project. But working for thyself or working amateur types of work is not same with ‘Work for earning’ or professionalism. You should practice professionalism.

Read the job description, read the freelancing site’s blog or forum and know how to write cover letter, business proposal letter, how to build a strong relationship with your buyers and how to communicate with them. These are all for starting to think you as a freelancer.

I will write a series of article in my website and I suggest you to read this. Also keep visiting my website and I will try to give you some update for starting your freelancing job.

To see "What's the key to become a successful freelancer?".. go to this link>>


Let’s make a place for young entrepreneurs in IT sector in Bangladesh

We live in a world of competition and IT businesses are running inside a competitive market. But who are being the winner and who are being looser? From the place we live now (Bangladesh) can’t understand the global technology crisis and innovation crisis. I will not tell this is exactly with ‘crisis’ word. The world is being more and more thirsty because it is already getting also more and more taste of technology. So generally it’s thirstiness will increase. From Bangladesh we don’t practice to know the rest of the world. Just think that before Facebook (especially I am tagging this name because most of the people only know this name when we talk about sharing) how much content we shared? How many times we sat down in front of the internet.

The world is changing but Bangladesh is not going through that change. We follow things when those are popular in the rest of the world. Just think about digital journalism, digital content sharing, mobile web, digital office, ecommerce. Can you remember when those latest gift of technology has invented by people and can you remember when we got this? Time difference is too long. But they are also learning and implementing, that’s why they are creating and sharing. We can’t. Why? I will not give the answer today. Just try to find the answer yourself.

We have the knowledge and human resource but we don’t have the proper guidance. Agree with me? Yes, you have to. We are so lazy to implement before other’s implementation. Always most of the famous (?) people of Bangladeshi IT market tell that we have the skilled human resource and we need to do it, we should to do it. And when they write down any column in media and when their speech broadcast on TV media then we always hear about their contribution to our country. May be they never learn to praise others. I will not mention any person here but they do and they always do and they always want to become the builder of Bangladesh. I will not talk about this right now. I am here to talk about young entrepreneurship in IT business or project.

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so is called entrepreneurs. Sometimes I see in web and rare in newspapers that one young has made this or one person has invented this or one student have built it. But I don’t know that those famous people did any help to that boy or person or student? This is difference between other country and Bangladesh. We are not habitual to show admiration for others.  There are so many innovation hidden in each corner of Bangladesh that is really essential to make Bangladesh more advance. But we can’t organize all of it.
I have found some obstacles if you want to establish an IT business or IT innovative project. Those are:
•   Financial crisis
•   Proper guidelines to make that more professional
•   Lack of contribution by others

Suppose you are going to develop a news sharing website that will be a open source news sharing platform. Just make a project proposal and go to any IT famous (?) person and tell about it. Will they help to your project without any profit? Or will any financial organization will give you some financial support for that? No, this kinds of situation hasn’t created yet!! But we should create this platform very fast. Because we have the idea to make Google, we have the brain and skill to make facebook, we have the idea and effort for making Youtube. Haven’t we? Yes, of course. But most of the young can take this kinds of initiatives but at a certain stage they lose their encouragement because of the environment of Bangladesh. Who will come forward and who should take care of this?

We always talk about Freelancing but who are freelancers actually? Which person is talking in TV media, is he a freelancer or who is bidding for getting a project by convincing the buyer? Who is? So we should understand these problems for whom and how we should solve. There are so much small projects are getting older in Bangladesh without any help of those famous persons or any financial institutions. Why there is nobody to collect that things and why someone is not giving their hand for them? To encourage the young you should talk from their platform not from yours. Without encouragement no young can be encouraged to become a entrepreneur. But young entrepreneurship can change the Bangladesh. Always it’s not possible to make a great company by taking an office in a corporate space or advertising on TV media by your own money. Sometimes some ideas are the key.

There are none of plans we see to encourage the young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. We should. If we can’t take care of this as soon as possible then this kinds of skills will be old aged and then all of us will miss them. Professional businessman can establish a PC sales and servicing center and can run a broadband internet service providing company but they can’t think more to make Google, Facebook, YouTube in Bangladesh. Am I right or wrong? So bring forward and make young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh that will help Bangladesh to make some new and worthwhile identity of Bangladesh.

Dear Everybody,

According to the official notice on Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 1:33 PM by mail we got the information about the vacation time for "Eid-ul-Azha".

All Academic and Administrative activities of Daffodil International University will remain closed from 6th to 8th November 2011 on the occasion of holy “Eid-ul-Azha”. It is about only 3 days. But it even can destroy the taste of 'Eid-ul-Azha'. Isn't it? It's my personal opinion. But I think most of the students will support me in this case.

Because many of our students are from outside of Dhaka City. So I don't know even how they will manage their trip to home. They really need to see their father, mother, brothers, sisters. And everybody want to share his/her EID feelings with each of his nearest/dearest persons.

But ONLY 3 (three) DAYS vacation is not enough. And I hope our DIU authority will consider this issue. Really I am shocked to get this notice by email.

Please we should get minimum 7 (seven) days vacation for 'EID-ul-Azha'. Because it is 'EID-ul-Azha' not EID-ul-Fitr. So we hope our authority can feel our problem.

I am waiting to get reply regarding this issue.

Shaharia Azam
Dept. of CSE
Cell: 01678114808

Departments / For what this DIU forum is?
« on: June 08, 2011, 01:28:45 AM »
Dear Everybody,
May be I am so junior in this forum. But actually I am very much eager to know that for what this DIU forum is?

Is it for interacting platform for students with University or it is a social network for our university.

Anybody here to make it clear to me?

Departments / Re: Condition of New building where CSE has been moved.
« on: April 20, 2011, 01:43:32 AM »
Dear Sharif,
It's a fantastic post you wrote. Yeah, since when our department shifted from the main building we are facing these kinds of problem.

But I don't know when our authority will take initiatives about this. And you wrote down this topics but it is also a matter of sorrow that none of the authority has replied in your post. So I am disappointed.

Many users of this forum write down their own post but nobody reply this kinds of writings. It can work as discourage for a student.

As a CSE students also I want a solution about this matter.


Please visit CDC with 20 active friend who will join the movement. We will work together to cherish your dream.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply. Actually I am disappointed that none of any other member write reply not even anyone from the authority about this topics. So how much our forum is active? Where all the users are going and writing? I think this is an important topics.

And according to your reply. Anti-Smoking campaign is not only my dream. It should be the dream of DIU also. And I have wrote this writings that doesn't mean that I will work solely. We need to work both. And where I will get 20 active students to run this movement. Why University can't take this initiatives? If this is only my dream, then it is ok. But if this can be a dream of DIU itself. So our authority should take action regarding this issue.

One day I went to my university with one of my elder brothers. And my brother asked me one strange question that is ‘How it is possible to smoke near the university building for a student ?’ I was just stopped with his question. I can’t answer him.

It’s just a story from me but it’s may be a regular story regarding this issue. Some of our university students even some university officials seems to smoke near the university campus. Isn’t it looking so weird? Of course it is. They are doing this kinds of bad things near the university campus where people are walking round the clock every day. It’s a great issue for our university image. We should overcome it and we have many organizations, clubs in our university. So that if we the general students with that kinds of club or organization can make an anti-smoking campaign then it can be reduced.
There are many tea stalls, shops closely located near our university campuses. It’s the main cause. We should talk with them because we have to do it to keep our university image so much positive.

We need some regular campaign with the help of our university authority. I know it’s a personal matter but when students are doing this near the campus location. Then isn’t bad for our university? We, the students have the own responsibility for building our university image. So start from right now.

And as a general students I expect more attention from both university authority and students regarding this issue because we love our university very much. It’s the main point to gather our knowledge so we should keep it clean and safe.

Best of luck and let's start the campaign ourselves.

HRDI / Re-designing of the features of SELF DEVELOPMENT programs
« on: April 17, 2011, 10:24:54 PM »
When I first get admit into DIU then at first I participated in some seminar, workshops provided by HRDI, DIU. But slowly my interest get down. I don't know why. But from my mind and thinking I have figured out some key point to make more useful, effective seminar, workshops.

We are left behind from the practical aspects. We should be more practical and we should think about the student's expectations what they want? How they want? Because if we can't take care of this, then everything works in a students minds as a overload task or event.

As a engineering students I expect some workshops, seminar on our real life, real world basis. There are many many seminars, workshops is running throughout all over the country. Even every day if we follow newspaper, email we are getting so many workshops, seminar invitation but those are mostly real life basis. I think our HRDI institute will design some features that is completely related to a student's practical life. Because when we work with human psychology, human ethics then first we should know that students are matured for this kinds of topics or issue.

In this case some students like to attend in the seminars, workshops (this is just for attending, not for learning). Some students come as an accompanier of his/her friends or classmates. Some students come just for passing time and some students really come for learning.

But when we are talking about the career consciousness, study life awareness, future planning of a student. So I think we should design our extra curricular activities is more practical basis. So that students will be beneficiary.

We also should design some features like 'Learning through Friends' what we are practicing in our practical life.

Thanks everybody for reading my post with patience.

IT Forum / IT Features of Daffodil International University
« on: April 17, 2011, 10:08:37 PM »
Of course Daffodil International University is technology loving university and regularly we are getting some exciting feature related to IT from our university.

But I want to know all the existing IT features of our university. Today one of my friends has just asked me this question and I can't say all the IT facilities which is provided by Daffodil International University.

I expect reply from our university authority.


Online Money Earning / Re: Payoneer MasterCard
« on: December 01, 2010, 02:17:20 AM »
Dear Porosh,
Yeah your feelings is good but I think most of the user prefer DBBL because the total numbers of ATM machine of Dutch Bangla Bank is larger than SCB. And most of the area of Dhaka city or other city has the DBBL ATM Machine or Booth.

But SCB hasn't like them.

Shaharia Azam

IT Forum / Re: what is the POP server for
« on: November 14, 2010, 08:00:28 PM »
Dear Shahin,
You are a student of Computer science and Engineering but to see this post, I think that you are not familiar with reading. You and the students of Daffodil International University use email address format. But the interesting thing is that this service is powered by Google as like as Gmail.

GOOGLE Application provides anyone to use their 'MX record'. An MX (mail exchanger) entry tells a client which server receives mail sent to a domain name. So we are using Google Application's service.

So just go to your email inbox and there exist an settings tab from there you can check your POP/IMAP settings. It is just as like as Gmail. Just use your username in your Email Client Software (outlook.. etc..) as

and The exact answer of Mr. Kazi Shahin is:

Pop:   Port: 995
SMTP:     Port: 465

Just put it and save it for your DIU email server connection with your PC.

Shaharia Azam

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