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Title: A mingle for after the Christmas holiday
Post by: zafrin.eng on November 14, 2018, 07:14:33 PM
Teacher sets the context – going to ask each other about your holidays

Teacher elicits examples of the questions they could ask, focusing on the auxiliary verbs in the past (was/were/did), eliciting examples of when they would be used.

Give each student one card and gives them a few minutes to think about how to complete the questions but they don’t write in the missing words.

Students (and teacher) stand up and ask their question to one student, listening and responding appropriately to the answer. After answering their partner’s question they swap cards and go and find someone different to ask.

Continue in this way until most students have asked and answered most questions.

The teacher conducts feedback asking the group, for example, who they found who had a particularly good day and why. Who spent the most money? etc