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Title: Ask yourself - What you know and what you can do?
Post by: kazi shahin on January 11, 2011, 11:58:14 PM
Ask yourself - What you know and what you can do?

What does it mean to know? Let me consider giving an explanation about the above question. In generally, introduced with anything we can define it that we are known. If we have knowledge & information in a particular thing/s, we can say we are known about this.

If I consider this question academically, we can say that this subject or topic is known to me. For example, if your little brother asks you about a topic and if you read this previously you will tell him that you know this.

Now, come to the main point, today I want discuss you. Earlier I have got an example. Consider that, your little brother asks you about, how water is made? You know how water is made. Now ask your self, do you can make the water by your information or by the information you know or by your knowledge. If you don’t make water then what is the value of your knowledge? I think in this case your knowledge is useless.

Student does their course in every semester/term. They learn many lessons. They read many topics. Is they implement their knowledge, is they practice their lesson? If not then, why not they do? What they are looking for?

Please don’t misinterpret me. I know that the primary step is to gather information & practice (Read this article (http://www.kazishahin.com/2011/01/information-knowledge-skilled-or-experienced/)). After get the course completely, take an exam on your knowledge to judge your level of knowledge, to judge yourself.

There is some basic & fundamental topic which might not forget ever. There are also some very important techniques which is very important. For example, presentation skill, impression & expression. You need to practice it continuously. There are some courses which are related with other course. To do your present course, you need to understand your previous course. To do good your next course your need to understand your present course.

It’s true that every course has a unique lesson & application. For your development it is very important. You might need to practice the practical application of the particular course. You must use the potentiality of the course. When you will able to do an application after get the lesson of your course, when you will able to implement your knowledge then we can say that what you know, you really can do it. If you can do it, after a long time, after the end of our graduation! ………… just think. The corporate world will run behind of you. The job market will be egger to get you.  

Dear, reader what do you think? I really appreciate your valuable comments & advise. Let’s discuss & bring a new revelation to the world of learning.

Kazi Shahin