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Title: A profitable online business- “fiverr”
Post by: kazi shahin on August 13, 2011, 01:03:16 AM
                                      A profitable online business- “fiverr”

Internet is the place of self study and earning too. Besides developed country developing country’s also doing excellent. There is 2 world in this century. One is the real world where we live, and second is the virtual world. Today’s real world depends on virtual world. There is everything in the virtual world. I love the available information system in Internet. You can learn anything you want from the Internet.

Today students are doing outsourcing and much other online business. They are genuinely doing well. You can create a joyous small business in Internet. Fiverr is one easiest business students can learn.

What is fiverr :

The main objective of fiverr is ordering or offering gigs (a small job) for each $5. In other word, fiverr is a job to do for $5. Fiverr is a social media micro enterprise. You and your social media friends together can do it.

Some Common questions: You may think that, what kind of job? What to do in this job? What should I know for this job? How I can earn money from this job? How much time it will take? Who can do this job?

Please don’t worry, anyone can do this job. It is an easy way to buy or sell your any kind of products or service. Definitely people will require the services or products under fiverr terms. Buyers and seller works together here, for their own business and value.

Just set up a free fiverr account (http://www.fiversworld.com/) and create your fiverr business. Launch your career and promote your ideas and knowledge. I’m doing fiverr in this site. (http://www.fiversworld.com/)

Thank you
Title: Fiversworld - is the perfect platform for fiverr business.
Post by: kazi shahin on August 13, 2011, 11:37:42 PM
Fiversworld (http://www.fiversworld.com/) is the perfect platform for fiverr business.

Fiversworld is offering a wide range of service and product for buyers and sellers also. All service will be buying or trade only for $5. It is a very easy of earning. Let’s take an example of this fiverr business;

You want to give “200 likes on a facebook fan page for $5.” Today we use facebook as our social network. Now someone creates a fan page and he/she need 200 like. You can do this 200 like and earn $5. You need a platform to do it. Fiversworld gives you this opportunity. You can sell 300 email addresses for $5. You can upload image, video. You can submit article on a different topic. All service will be only for $5. Fiverworld is offering a wide range of this kind of easy business. Let’s see the fiverr categories of fiversworld

I think the below the service is quit easy for all of us. You can create add, writing, Programming, fun page, Business Idea, and lots of more idea. This category is the main and there are lots of subcategories under this main category. Fiversworld also welcome you to sells and buyers to create their own brand and post your own brand in the other category. You are free to create your own business. That means what you know and what you can do, just perform in fiversworld.


> Ads Services

> Business

> E-Books

> Fun Gigs

> Gift Ideas

> Graphics

> Music & Audio

> Other

> Programming


> Social Marketing

> Technology

> Tips & Advice

> Video

> Writing

Fiversworld (http://www.fiversworld.com/) is a leading fiverr business platform, and every day many people visit here for buying your service. You just make plan of your job. You are free to create your job. Fiversworld Terms of Service is exceptionally strong and certainly it is for helping you.