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Title: We may turn into windows 7
Post by: kazi shahin on November 25, 2011, 11:15:49 PM
Today, country’s one of the leading university is Daffodil International university.  Every day we are in national dailies. We are recognized as an IT based university. Congratulations DIU authority and the students!  I feel lucky and proud to be a student of this university.

We have Computer Lab and digital class room. I think, now it is time to turn into Windows 7. I think maximum students are using windows 7 in their personal Computer. They are using office 2007.  Often, a problem occur when student do their assignment or presentation using office 2007 but our varsity PC support  office 2003 or office XP
Regular checking of computer LAB should be more effectively. If any PC have problem, it should be solved within next working day.  Unfortunately, often it takes muck time.

Our, student should be more careful and responsible to use the Lab and computers. We should keep in mind that, it’s our resource and if any problem occurs, we’ll suffer for it.

Thank you for your time.