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Ask yourself - What you know and what you can do?

What does it mean to know? Let me consider giving an explanation about the above question. In generally, introduced with anything we can define it that we are known. If we have knowledge & information in a particular thing/s, we can say we are known about this.

If I consider this question academically, we can say that this subject or topic is known to me. For example, if your little brother asks you about a topic and if you read this previously you will tell him that you know this.

Now, come to the main point, today I want discuss you. Earlier I have got an example. Consider that, your little brother asks you about, how water is made? You know how water is made. Now ask your self, do you can make the water by your information or by the information you know or by your knowledge. If you don’t make water then what is the value of your knowledge? I think in this case your knowledge is useless.

Student does their course in every semester/term. They learn many lessons. They read many topics. Is they implement their knowledge, is they practice their lesson? If not then, why not they do? What they are looking for?

Please don’t misinterpret me. I know that the primary step is to gather information & practice (Read this article). After get the course completely, take an exam on your knowledge to judge your level of knowledge, to judge yourself.

There is some basic & fundamental topic which might not forget ever. There are also some very important techniques which is very important. For example, presentation skill, impression & expression. You need to practice it continuously. There are some courses which are related with other course. To do your present course, you need to understand your previous course. To do good your next course your need to understand your present course.

It’s true that every course has a unique lesson & application. For your development it is very important. You might need to practice the practical application of the particular course. You must use the potentiality of the course. When you will able to do an application after get the lesson of your course, when you will able to implement your knowledge then we can say that what you know, you really can do it. If you can do it, after a long time, after the end of our graduation! ………… just think. The corporate world will run behind of you. The job market will be egger to get you.  

Dear, reader what do you think? I really appreciate your valuable comments & advise. Let’s discuss & bring a new revelation to the world of learning.

Kazi Shahin

Endgadget reports that Invetech has developed a full-blown 3D printer for Organovo, the leader in the field of regenerative and organ replication technology. This technology can literally “print” tissues, building human organs cell-by-cell which can be used to replace organs in the human body in the near future.

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Positive Bangladesh / Take care about this fact
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:22:12 PM »
Every single student is the representative of our University. The image of our university depends on our norms. The student should take care about it.

Our university stands on the heart of the Dhaka city. Many student visit Dhanmondi Lake for recreation everyday. Other people also visit there. We know about it. I think we should be careful about this.  If we do any kind of wrong behavior, especially with hanging our ID card, it will be shame for the student. People do not know you but your university. We don’t want to listen that people will get a misunderstood about us. Please take care about this.

Kazi Shahin

Discussion on Creative Problem Solving / We need to do more DIALOG
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:10:15 PM »
To live in the society, often we need to maintain some rules. We can’t live alone. You need help of others.

It seems same in your academic life. We can’t do anything what we want. We must follow the rules & obey the law.

When I was in  the first year;first semester students my mentality was not same like today. Today I’m not the first semester student. I’m now in sixth semester & my mentality is shifted. I don’t judge & think before like that. I think now I have got an established mentality & it’s very important for the career & for the future life. I think you will do agree with me. So, if my friends arises a question that why not I behave like before then what would be the answer?  But it is true that every single person become changing in every sec.

Here we need to do dialog. Only dialog among the class mates & friends can stop to arise this kind of stupid question. We love our friend, we are like a family & we feel proud to help each other. There is nothing to loss if I share my knowledge with my friends. Nobody can become success without help other. If anybody thinks that s/he will be successful without getting help from other or with out doing help others, I must tell that he/s living in the world of fool.

Common Forum / Maintenance
« on: December 07, 2010, 10:29:11 PM »
Our university is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh. We have lots of things for maintenance & we have enough stuff to serve for it. The administration is very careful for every single issue. 

We know that if there is any lack of maintenance it’s of course not a willing mistaken. The student should more helpful & careful about the facilities they got from the university. For example, computer lab, class room furniture.   If the authority got help from the student our university environment will be more beautiful than ever. Please don’t misunderstand me; I know that our student is very obedient. We are a family, DIU family. We should help each other.   

We have complex & suggestion box, the student can drop their opinion their. They can also notice it directly.

The maintenance should be more fast.   

Common Forum / What is the 1% rule?
« on: December 06, 2010, 12:23:25 AM »
It's an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will "interact" with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.

It's a meme that emerges strongly in statistics from YouTube, which in just 18 months has gone from zero to 60% of all online video viewing.

The numbers are revealing: each day there are 100 million downloads and 65,000 uploads - which as Antony Mayfield

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Java Forum / The scope of Java
« on: November 25, 2010, 10:42:32 PM »
Those who interested about Java, Visit & read the page below.
A list of all content pages in the The JavaTM Tutorial

Web based Developer Forum / Inside URL
« on: November 25, 2010, 09:07:37 PM »
Some characters have special meanings inside a URL.  The basic encoding rules are simple.

 A space is replaced with a plus (+) sign.

 A forward slash (/) is used to separate directories and subdirectories.

 A question mark (?) separates the URL from the query.

 A percentage sign (%) is used to specify special characters.

 A pound sign (#) is used to specify a bookmark.

 The ampersand (&) is used to separate parameters.  


Positive Bangladesh / Lets Set up a New Trend
« on: November 22, 2010, 08:51:04 PM »
Our university is a renowned university. It’s situated in the heart of the Dhaka city. Every day   many students come with different way. We all know that our university situated in “Sukkrabad”. I will request all of our stuff to cal the place daffodil varsity. Let’s try & do it. Just make a trend. Think Dhaka does not named in a day; we know the history of Dhaka & other place. Any place gets the named or address by the maximum intention/ activity or by the majority or by famousness. University is of course a big point to deal it.

When a student come in the university by bus or rickshaw tell them you will go daffodil Varsity.  When your university will close remind the bus that you will go the daffodil varsity.  Make a habit. Once you will notice that the bus asking that “they are now in daffodil varsity”. People will start to know that this place is known as daffodil varsity.


You need to know / Dhaka Post Code
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:00:32 PM »
1000 Dhaka GPO
1100 Dhaka Head Office
1203 Wari
1204 Gendaria
1205 New Market
1206 Dhaka Cantonement
1207 Mohammadpur HS
1208 Dhaka Polytechnic
1209 Jigatala
1210 BD Sharif
1211 Posta
1207 Mirpur Housing State
1212 Gulshan Model Town
1213 Banani
1214 Basabo
1215 Tejgaon
1216 Mirpur Sector 1
1217 Shantinagar
1218 Mirpur Bazar
1219 Khilgaon
1221 Mirpur Sector 12
1222 Banga Bhaban
1225 Sangsad Bhaban

IT Forum / what is the POP server for
« on: November 13, 2010, 01:37:46 AM »
I have tried to import my email from my university email account (Domain to gmail using gamil mail importer. But there were a problem that is pop3 server port.  If the POP server is  - then what would be the port number. I think this is not the POP server name. So, for the domain - what is the POP server?

I looking forward to get the solution.

HRDI / Course VS project
« on: November 12, 2010, 12:02:19 AM »
What is the source of power? Knowledge is power. How we can get knowledge? There are various source of knowledge. Naturally we know from our school, college & university called academic study. We have several topic, we read it & then make sure that we don’t forget it. That means we are memorizing. What is the benefit of memorizing? I don’t know but of course there are benefits.

In the university if there are several topics not lots topic there are a chance of repetition. Yaa, a question can arise what kind of repetition, its question repetition.  What I’m reading now, it has been read by the immediate previous batch. There are 70 to 80 % chances to be the same question. It’s pretty easy to get the good mark if I follow the previous question. If the course teachers notice it, there is nothing to do, because there are no other questions.  I think it wouldn't be the right judgment of a student merit. Yes, the question can be get return with the answer script but still the problem does not solved. Actually through this system what can we learn, it’s a big question. Why we don’t do real project each & every term? We can divide the course duration. The half of duration we will study about the course & the second half duration we will do a project. I’m sure when a student going to do a project he/she need to study a lot, because it not like memorizing. When a student will do his/her project he/she never become abele to forget it. Now compare it with the memorizing, after few days, few weeks, and few moths or few years you will forget your memorizing   study. But when a student do project he/she never forget it, even if try to forget it but he/she can’t it. It’s the amazing part of your memory.



Common Forum / Our club
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:49:37 AM »
There are many useful clubs in our university. They are doing very well. The students are really enjoying their activity. Recently debate club got another achievement. Our cultural club is a beautiful part of our university.

Every club has lots of potentiality & their activity is a part of education of course. Every student should take this advantage. It’s a duty of the club to introduce with the new comer. Every semester many new students are admitting.  Our club should introduce them & offering membership to their club. The new comer & exiting student feel good & interest about the club more. Often we see some poster. We get email.

Every club should have a room to continue their activity. We will be the smartest graduate insallah.   


Discussion on Creative Problem Solving / Syntax convert
« on: November 02, 2010, 08:10:38 PM »
There are many programming language in computer programming world. There C, C++, Java, PHP, Ajax, perl etc.  The expert programmers often suggest the beginner to learn a programming language because they know that syntax doesn’t a big problem at all. If you know a programming language very well it doesn’t matter to learn another language. It’s just varying the syntax & some other properties.

Software makes our life easy, comfort & dynamic. There are lots of sector we can develop. We can make it easy to learn the different syntax of programming by developing software. Yes I have got an Idea about it.

For example, I know C++ coding & I want to convert it into Java. It’s just like a converter, where a programming syntax will be converted to another programming syntax.

I think the beginner will be benefited very much & syntax will be easier to understand. The anxiety will be removed from us.

I’ll request all to think about this software.



Discussion on Creative Problem Solving / Mobile balance use
« on: November 02, 2010, 08:10:00 PM »
The number of mobile user in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. It’s of course a development for us. The mobile company offering many offers also. The living style is becoming more dynamic.

We have low call rate, pay call request, bonus talk time, bonus SMS and so on.

I want to suggest them to develop a new offer like pay call. Let consider that, I have to make an emergency call but I don’t have any balance in my phone. I want to use my father mobile balance.  The procedure can be like, I will send a request to my father to use his mobile balance & if I get permission then I will make a call.

To make a request my balance must be under tk 1. I can’t request balance use 2 times in a day. I can’t talk more than 2 minutes. Your request will be proceed to your father or other if he/she has more then 10 tk.   

I know we have lots of talent & we can develop it for our own development.



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