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Title: Freelancing can change lifestyle of a developing country
Post by: maruf2703 on June 08, 2014, 09:39:01 AM
Developing countries are characterized by poor living standards for its  citizens, unemployment's, retrenchments due to poor economic conditions, low level of wage remuneration and continuous use of casual or contracted  workers other than permanent workers just but to name a few. These characteristics are in relation to employment and earning of income which freelancing comes in to rectify and assist individuals to obtain and get another source of income.

Freelancing, on the other hand, is a form of employment in which an individual becomes self employed. This form of working is very flexible as one can work on a part-time basis and at any premise that they feel they are comfortable as long as they have access to internet connection. The only tacky thing about freelancing is getting tasks to work on, to convince and get a client and doing what is required of you by the task at hand. Many individuals, due to the flexible nature and income generated, many have opted to do it on a full-time manner so as to reap more income and work on many issues or tasks.

Bangladesh is considered to be one of the developing countries in the world that, in its category as a developing country, is faced by some, if not all of the characteristics indicated above. Freelancing creates a platform where many youths will be employed and get income other than expecting and relying on getting employed in white collar jobs. Unemployment rate in Bangladesh stands at approximately 5% while approximately 40% of the entire population are said to be underemployed such that they work for less hours at small rates of pay per hour hence receive low wages, as per the statistics conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Freelancing offers individuals a chance of be self employed and earn income at the comfort of their premises planning one's time appropriately to fit in the task obtained from a client. This could be the break through that would reduce the number of individuals searching for white collar jobs and, therefore, reduce the rate of unemployment in the country. This will enable the government of Bangladesh channel its strategies and policies as well as funds obtained to other development projects other than creation of employment.

When a country is able to increase the number of people obtaining income, the purchasing power is expected to increase as well as the citizen's living standards. This will reduce reserve of funds placed aside for relief projects and resolving poverty issues. The uplift of peoples' standard of living will be reflected on the developments that would be observed in the regions as people would be able to obtain better health care services, shelter and investments will also be impacted positively.

A country gains and experiences increased per capita income when there is an increase in the people's income level. The households which live above the poverty line will decrease and most of the controllable diseases will be avoided hence reducing number of deaths caused by such diseases.

Slums are usually brought about by poverty hence people live in shanty houses which are not well constructed just to have shelter. Since Bangladesh does not have adequate companies that can be able to provide all the people with employment, freelancing will have a part and role to play in equipping the people who have no employment with an income source. It is expected that ones individuals start having income, they would shift from the shanty houses to better living places hence reduce the number of people living in slums and houses present.

Freelancing involves tackling tasks that are not basically based locally so there is a tendency of the individual to gain a lot of information and knowledge that can impact positively in their country. If well matured, the knowledge obtained by a frequent freelancer could impact positively in one sector or another in the domestic front. This makes freelancing an educational platform which equips the citizen with knowledge. These skills would be able to assist the individual even after he or she stops doing freelance in one way or another.

There is freedom in freelancing as one plans their own time which they are okay with as long as the agreed time frame is met and tasks are handed over before deadline expires. This free time can be used by individuals to do other constructive projects in their regions or country in general who would be productive. This assists a developing country in having labor for projects such as voluntary jobs that many people avoid due to the fact that it does not earn anyone any cash.

A country is made up of political, economic and social platforms. Each of these plays a big role in a country. Freelancing enables an individual to have work-life balance hence enabling some of the social problems to be rectified and resolved. These problems include long and late working hours; lack of enough money yet a lot of work has been done. All these would be resolved if many of the unemployed or under paid individuals would get the chance of elevating their living standards.

As explained earlier, most of the clients who offer work via internet are usually form a different region or country all together. This acts a beneficial for the individuals who are in freelancing due to connections. New contacts could increase the level of people taken to work in other regions in the world. This creates a channel in which some individuals may obtain work opportunities in other countries hence reduce level of unemployment in the country. It is also beneficial when many individuals obtain work in other regions of the world due to transfer of funds into the country and uplift of the living standards of their family members in the country.

All these factors rank freelancing as one of the channels that can be able to impact positively on a developing country especially n those who are able to utilize it effectively and efficiently.

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Title: Re: Freelancing can change lifestyle of a developing country
Post by: fatema nusrat chowdhury on August 14, 2014, 01:35:31 PM
Very informative post. Thank you for sharing
Title: Re: Freelancing can change lifestyle of a developing country
Post by: maruf2703 on January 15, 2015, 10:27:12 PM
Thanks Fatema Ma'am. If all are with me then I hope I can share more valuable news with all.