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Title: "Message", a wall-magazine
Post by: cmkhasan on August 10, 2009, 03:06:23 AM
Dear All

In the 3rd August, the Department of English inaugurated the “Message”, a wall-magazine. The Dean of the faculty of Humanities and Social science, Prof. Dr. Shusil Kumar Das opened it. Numerous students, most of the faculty members and the Head of the department of English were present on the occasion. The magazine contains some lyrical poetry and articles of the students, as well as messages from the Dean Sir and Head Sir are there. In the opening ceremony Dean Sir said that it is a beautiful place (wall-magazine) where student can have opportunity to show their talent. This issue is the third consecutive issue of the wall magazine which hanged on the Department.

Shamsi Ara Huda is an enthusiastic faculty member who acted as a coordinator of the magazine all the three times. An energetic team played a vital role behind the “Message”, especially Hasan Shahrear (student of MA) and Momo (student of BA) worked hard, other students also involved in this edition; I have to mention at least two names here, they are Shamim Ansary ( student of MA) and Shamim (student of BA). Md. Kumrul Hasan (student of BA) was the editor of this magazine.

It is really a beautiful and colourful work of the young, energetic and talented students of the Department of English, everyone is invited to enjoy it (it is hanged on the wall of the passage to the auditorium).