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Title: How do chatbots work?
Post by: Kamrul Hasan Bhuiyan on May 30, 2019, 03:54:11 PM
How do chatbots work?
Chatbots communicate through speech or text. Both rely on artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and natural language processing.

Natural language processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that teaches machines to read, analyze and interpret human language. This technology gives chatbots a baseline for understanding language structure and meaning. NLP, in essence, allows the computer to understand what you are asking and how to appropriately respond.

“Chatbots are programmed to simulate human conversation and exhibit intelligent behavior that is equivalent to that of a human,” says Moore. “With developments in deep learning and reinforcement learning, chatbots can interpret more complexities in language and improve the dynamic nature of conversation between human and machine.”

Essentially, a chatbot tries to match what you’ve asked to an intent that it understands. The more a chatbot communicates with you, the more it understands and the more it learns to communicate like you and others with similar questions. Your positive responses reinforce its answers, and then it uses those answers again.
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