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Sustainability is now one of the most widely used words in scientific communities and its associated education
systems, particularly in the field of Environmental Science (Filho, 2000). Knowledge, either traditional or institutionalised from formal education, is an essential prerequisite to attainment of sustainability in human society
and endeavor. The concern with sustainability itself is partly a product of the integration of ecology into the basic
science curriculum of schools in industrialised countries for the last 30 years. The existing information, education
and mobilisation processes have also an important role in the evolution of environmental management around the
world (Romero, 1995). Universities and other equivalent institutions play a leading role in promoting of
environmental ethics and the principles sustainable development (Delakowitz and Hoffmann, 2000). According to
Filho, “…universities must give future generations education and training that will teach them, and through them,
others to respect the great harmonies of their natural environment and of life itself (Filho et al., 1996)”. At a
practical level, environmental education (EE) can play a key role in creating awareness and motivation that change
people’s skills, values and behavior in society.

In Bangladesh, environmental education is a recent phenomenon particularly in the formal higher education sector
where few universities teach environmental studies. Recently popular environmental movements have heightened
awareness of environmental issues, as well as the need for education and skilled environmental management in
Bangladesh. Popular environmental movements have sprung up involving many sectors of society including
academics, various professional groups, the general public, many foreign Bangladeshis, government departments
and various non-government organisations (for example, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) or Bangladesh
Environment Campaign). Since 1995 they have provided a common platform of pro-environmental forces in Bangladesh. To date, this force has been very successful in drawing national attention to a range of environmental

Current environmental education and environmental management issues of Bangladesh. It also discusses need for environmental education, practices and future possibilities for employment for environmental graduates from Bangladesh. Finally the paper recommends a policy framework for sustainable environmental education and its deployment in sustainable environmental management in Bangladesh.


Real Estate / How you will develop the concept of satellite city
« on: April 06, 2010, 05:43:26 PM »
Dear Student

I do appreciate your conceptual thinking and have huge opportunity to work of BRE student in this area. Satellite city have  different approaches and methodological definitions specially made on the basis of planning, architectural design, land use planning and development, land availability and land procurement management  etc. For to know I just express some relevant point for theoretical concept development and then step by step I will clear your quarry; 

First Step:

What is satellite city  and how you will develop your concept.

In the present era demographic pressure becoming too high especially developing country like us. If you see our present demographic condition is unsteadiness and its influence gone to city residential area showing huge scarcity of proper urbanization.  It is the principle of every man to need at least accommodation facilities to lead their life with minimum congenial surrounding environment. Recently urban planner and Govt. thought this vital issues and given more emphasize how to control valuable urban land and ensure the cluster city with all facilities. Every day we have destroyed our usable land and build our residence without any planning that is really harmful for our country and as well as human being. In the coming days we will face tremendous problem for effective visualization in Dhaka city. Recently we are facing server traffic jam and acquit shortage of accommodation only because we don’t have any proper plane for projected city area. Many countries of the world thinking about this concept specially whose population is too high  in the near future we should be adopt this concept and implement it other wise we don’t have any  vacant land where we will see our vision and prospective development So satellite town is a concept that can ensue the highest facilities through planned way. If you want to know the clear concept of urban satellite town must you should be review the guide line of urban land use, effective measurement and planning.

Satellite towns are smaller municipalities that are adjacent to a major city which is the core of a metropolitan area. They differ from mere suburbs, subdivisions and especially bedroom communities in that they have municipal governments distinct from that of the core metropolis and employment bases sufficient to support their residential populations. Conceptually, satellite cities could be self-sufficient communities outside of their larger metropolitan areas. However, functioning as part of a metropolis, a satellite city experiences cross-commuting (that is, residents commuting out of and employees commuting into the city). It may involve consciously planned cities to act as spiller or dormitory towns. Several of the world's capital cities are planned cities, including Washington, D.C. in the United States, Canberra in Australia, Brasília in Brazil, Abuja in Nigeria and Islamabad in Pakistan, National capital region of Delhi in India etc..

For concept building  I will  add  some important  and satellite city method step by step. I would like to invite all of student of BRE to see the forum on regular basis and share your ideas and views so that we may clear the clarification;


Sports Zone / Inter Departmen Cricket Tournament T-10
« on: February 19, 2010, 11:14:13 AM »
It is really nice and exciting that all departments of DIU is participated in the inter Department Knockout T-10 cricket tournament which will be held on  20th February, 2010 at kalabagan ground. DIU sports club arranged this tournament and I would like to request every body to present the  ground  and encourage our students.

Sports Zone / Day long Football tournament ( Admin, Facutly and stafff)
« on: February 19, 2010, 11:07:52 AM »
Its really nice to be an immeasurable amusement that whole day all admin, faculty and staff members were present in the Kalabagan Ground and enjoying day long Football tournament. Five  team were participated in the tournament and DIU Dreamers won the champion ship by defeated PRINCE of DIU by two goals. Price given ceremony will be held on 24th February, 2010 in Foundation day.

Sports Zone / Great success in the 11th South Asian Games
« on: February 08, 2010, 12:55:46 PM »
Cheers DIU

Our two students won the Gold medals in the 11th South Asian Games in Karata Event . We are really proud of townie brothers who have brought this significant success for Bangladesh as well as DIU.

In this auspicious instant pls let us join and congratulate our National hero(Mr. Sun and Moon, TE student).

See the link:

Sports Zone / Table Tennis Tournament
« on: October 25, 2009, 05:32:14 PM »
It is our pleasure to inform you that DIU is going to participate the Table Tennis tournament which will be held on 26, October 2009 at UIU (United International University) at 10.00 A.M..Your presence will be encourage our players and hope to bring a best achievement for DIU.

Common Forum / Awareness about Haijacker
« on: October 18, 2009, 03:52:27 PM »
It has been observed that recently dramatically increase the hijacking in Dhaka city in day and night. A well-established syndicates who are making this type of incident from one place to another place frequently by targeting/attacking some innocent people.  It may be mentioned that hijacking is an organized business, run according to business principles and based on thorough planning.  Specific man with specific characteristics are selecting  preliminary  for haijacking and have to be made to meet the requirements in any how like senseless, sever injured  or  by death. It is obvious that hijackers are motivated by greed and an insatiable need for more and more comfort, rather than need.  Very recent one of our guy already captured by haijacker and lost his all valuable assets while he was traveling in CNG. For your awareness and would like to request you from now while you will ride in any CNG or Taxi Cab please follow the tips;

1)  See the  vehicle license number before riding any CNG or Taxi Cab.
2) When you ride the Taxi or CNG than call  your friends, colleague or family members that you are riding this XXXX no.Taxi for any  unavoidable circumstance.
3) Ask the driver what is your name and ask him to show his License
4) Must alert when Driver slow down the Taxi or trying to drop you in front of any gang.

Your active awareness may reduce the unpredictable incident and secured the life.

Sports Zone / 10th National summer althletics competition
« on: October 15, 2009, 05:42:47 PM »
You will be happy to know that DIU is going to participate the 10th National Summer Athletics competition which will be held on 16 October, 2009 at Bongobondhu National Stadium. As a day long program you are cordially invited to attend this program at 8. 00 am to 6. 00 pm. Your cordial support and presence will be encourage our players and hope to bring a best achievement for DIU.

Sports Zone / Meeting in DIU Sports Club
« on: July 15, 2009, 01:47:56 PM »

Sports Zone / T-20 inter University cricket final
« on: June 12, 2009, 10:48:21 PM »
we are happy to announce that first inter university T-20 cricket final match will be held on 13 June, 2009 at mohakhali T & T ground in the following schedule;

Status          : Final Match
Participants       : Stamford University vs. DIIT
Venue          : Mohakhali BTCL Ground.
Date                  : 13 June 2009, Saturday
Time                   : 11:00 am

you are cordially invited to enjoy the amusing match and encourage the both team.

Sports Zone / Golf Training
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:24:30 PM »
It is a special offer for all students of DIU who wants to play golf to contact immediately;

Md. Abdul Kafi
Ps to Chairman
Cell: 01713493087

Sports Zone / 34th National Athletics competition
« on: March 29, 2009, 06:32:08 PM »
DIU is going to participate 34th National Athletics Competition which will be held on  3rd-4th April, 2009. Those students who are interested to participate the game to contact immediately;

Contact Person:

Mr. Siddiqur Rahman
Cell: 01711562223

Mr. Md. Mazbahur Rashid Manik

Mr. Md. Abdul kafi

Event Schedule

Date: 03-04-09 & 04-04-09,         Time:8.00 am ( starting time)
Venue: Bongobondhu National Stadium

Sports Zone / BCS cricket Utsab, (Match fixture)
« on: February 25, 2009, 01:23:15 PM »
Time schedule of corporate cricket tournament

First match
venue: Dhanmondi 4 no. ground.
Time: 5.30 pm
Team: Daffodil International University
               RM System Ltd.

2nd match in the same venue and same day
Time: 8.30 pm
Team: Daffodil International University
Multiplan Shop owners association

Date: 06-03-2009
First match
venue: Dhanmondi 4 no. ground.
Time:10.00 am
Team: Daffodil International University
Inpace Communications

2nd match in the same venue and same day
Time:2.00 pm
Daffodil International University
Computer Source Ltd.

Sports Zone / Corporate cricket tournament
« on: February 15, 2009, 10:33:39 AM »
DIU is going to participate corporate  cricket tournament arranged by Bangladesh Computer Somiti ( BCS).

Sports Zone / Inter university cricket tournament T-20
« on: February 02, 2009, 10:25:12 AM »
First time,  DIU arranged Inter university cricket tournament, T-20. 1st and 2nd round match have been finished.   Semifinal match will be held on next month at Mohakhali T & T Ground .

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