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Dear Faiyaz,

Creative mind can create more synergic actions in life. Good to see you at CDC sometime to talk in person too.

For now I would say, You are on track


Faculty Forum / Re: 6 Traits of Successful Teachers!
« on: June 10, 2011, 11:15:32 PM »
My special thanks to Ms Farzana and then Ms Shamsi madam to show the right track and strong feelings of behalf of teachers community.
At the same time I am not agreed with Shibli Bhai and Ms. Faizun Nesa to set financial matters as the key motivational factor in this regard.

Thank you dear Limon for your posting. Expecting other people as well.

Dear Students and Faculty Members:

I would like to welcome you all to join a discussion on “Structural Unemployment and Technology”.

May be it’s true that around 50% of our young people are dreaming to get a job in banking sector! Being the coordinator of CDC have seen most of ( about 80%) BBA and MBA students are seeking internship or job for the same.

To me it’s really alarming when the sector is going to be automated entirely very soon!

Please join the discussion for creating sustainable hope and activism.



Dear Setu,

It will be good if you can visit Sumon at CDC sometime next week to know more about your career.




What a great feelings you have shared!

Dear Shaharia,

Please visit CDC with 20 active friend who will join the movement. We will work together to cherish your dream.



One day I went to my university with one of my elder brothers. And my brother asked me one strange question that is ‘How it is possible to smoke near the university building for a student ?’ I was just stopped with his question. I can’t answer him.

It’s just a story from me but it’s may be a regular story regarding this issue. Some of our university students even some university officials seems to smoke near the university campus. Isn’t it looking so weird? Of course it is. They are doing this kinds of bad things near the university campus where people are walking round the clock every day. It’s a great issue for our university image. We should overcome it and we have many organizations, clubs in our university. So that if we the general students with that kinds of club or organization can make an anti-smoking campaign then it can be reduced.
There are many tea stalls, shops closely located near our university campuses. It’s the main cause. We should talk with them because we have to do it to keep our university image so much positive.

We need some regular campaign with the help of our university authority. I know it’s a personal matter but when students are doing this near the campus location. Then isn’t bad for our university? We, the students have the own responsibility for building our university image. So start from right now.

And as a general students I expect more attention from both university authority and students regarding this issue because we love our university very much. It’s the main point to gather our knowledge so we should keep it clean and safe.

Best of luck and let's start the campaign ourselves.

You need to know / Ms Monique Coleman and All Stars Daffodil together!
« on: March 17, 2011, 01:59:43 PM »
Dear All,

As a part of world tour, the UN Youth Champion for the International Year of the Youth Ms Monique Coleman will be arriving in Bangladesh to meet the young people of this country and know about their challenging issues here. In this connection, among other programs, the Dhaka University will arrange an open discussion and a commemorative function in observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination against Racism, for Ms Monique, with the presence of the VC of their varsity. A 20-minute performance of the drama “We Sing of Equality “will be performed by ALL ATARS DAFFODIL.

The events will take place at 10:00am on 22 March 2011 at the Faculty of Business Study Auditorium, University of Dhaka.

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: Branding
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:48:23 PM »
you are welcome to CDC sometime!

Nice to feel all of your stand. But I never felt bad or uncomfortable using the lift together. Moreover, enjoying the community feelings with our beloved students.

Dont leave me alone!

Dear All,

Please note that after completion of any event it is important to evaluate involving people around. Your time and response in this regard will help us to plan more effective events near future.



Job market for DIU student / Re: Jobs at DIU
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:21:31 PM »
Dear Ashiq,

Thanks for your intervention. Please bring her on track!



Dear sir,

 If I want, I can manage the internship program myself or help of my uncle, but I would not do it. I want, our beloved university will give us the internship opportunity. If I get this opportunity from my university, I will influence to all of my friends/students to take this opportunity.

From the beginning of the Fall-2010 semester, one of the senior student said in the class room in front of new class lecturer that our CDC is not active, If we want the internship, they don't help us. I don't know why I felt very insulting. I challenged her and said CDC is active now. If you want the internship from the university, university will help you.

Thank you Habibur for learning and sharing.

Faculty Forum / Re: Need a separate Forum for faculties
« on: December 28, 2010, 02:31:17 PM »
Yes, I do agree too.



Faculty Forum / Re: Regarding Semester Break
« on: December 28, 2010, 02:27:13 PM »
Dear Ms Tanzina,

Thank you very much for raising the issue. Yes, I agree that sound break and holidays can improve work quality specially teaching where temperament of teachers matter a lot.
1. Actually, we can calculate/minimize cost from many perspectives other than traditional economical loss and profit balance sheet.
 2. Our physical presence and more involvement with the students out side the class room (where Saturday plays a vital role) can be regarded as apparently increased operational cost but this Saturday activities have a long lasting profit that cements the very goodwill and branding of our university.
3. Considering me as one of the “most of the teacher” I would like to say most of the teachers are not wasting their time browsing unnecessary sites and increasing cost, rather we can make a positive and fruitful use of that time.
4. And if we can complete our 6 days work on 5 days we can definitely claim two-days weekend.
5. We should not demean other teachers potentiality (who does quality work on Saturdays also) considering only one perspective of cost minimize.



Faculty Forum / Re: Regarding Semester Break
« on: December 27, 2010, 09:39:43 PM »
I do believe the same and let me request the authority to consider the issue positively.


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