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Now you can send money internationally through Facebook Messenger

Sending money on Facebook is finally international.

A new bot released on Facebook Messenger on Sunday lets users send money to and from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or Europe.

Powered by Transfer Wise, the bot completes money transfers and guides users through the process.

Transfer Wise customers on the company's own app already send and receive almost $1 billion a month. The app boasts that it allows transfers without the usual fees charged by banks or hidden in exchange rates. Instead, Transfer Wise uses the current exchange rate and charges an upfront fee, usually based on 1 percent or so of the money being transferred.

Transfer Wise's app allows customers to send money in plenty of other currencies outside North America and Europe, but its selection of currencies available on Facebook Messenger will be more limited.

Along with sending money, the Facebook bot will notify users about changing exchange rates and send alerts when it's a particularly good time to exchange a currency.

Facebook has allowed users to send each other money through Messenger for several months, but only domestically. Transfer Wise's bot will be the first to facilitate international money transfers. That's a big deal — even Venmo is limited outside the United States.

“Our mission at Transfer Wise is to bring faster, cheaper, and more convenient international money transfers to everyone in the world. Building the Transfer Wise bot for Messenger is a great step in that direction," Transfer Wise Head of Global Partnerships Scott Miller said in a statement. "It’s also a powerful example of how our API can be used to seamlessly integrate Transfer Wise into almost any messaging, bank or business payment system.”

Facebook and Transfer Wise have been linked before — most notably in rumors that the social network would buy the fin tech startup. No acquisition yet, but a bot is a promising start.

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মোবাইলের সিকিউরিটি বাড়াতে যোগ হচ্ছে নতুন প্রযুক্তি

রোজ কিছু না কিছু অত্যাধুনিক ফোন সিকিউরিটি ব্যবস্থা নিয়ে গবেষণা চালিয়ে যাচ্ছে বিজ্ঞানীরা। অনেক পরীক্ষা নিরীক্ষার পর নতুন এক টেকনোলজিতে সাফল্য পেয়েছে। সবুজ সংকেত মিললেই এই তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি হাতে আসবে। ইজরায়েলের একটি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে চলছে এই অত্যাধুনিক প্রযুক্তির গবেষণা। মূলত ডিপার্টমেন্ট অব সফটওয়্যার অ্যান্ড ইনফর্মেশন সিস্টেম ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং-এর তত্ত্বাবধানে তিন অধ্যাপক মিলে এই গবেষণা চালাচ্ছেন।

তাদের গবেষণায় মোবাইল ফোনের সিকিউরিটিতে ‘টাচ’-কে সবথেকে বেশি গুরুত্ব দেওয়া হয়েছে। একজন স্মার্টফোন ইউজারের আঙুলের ৩৫টি টাচ তার ব্যবহৃত মোবাইলের প্রযুক্তি আগে থেকেই ইনস্টল থাকবে, যার ফলে মোবাইল ফোন চুরি হলেও কোনও ভাবেই সেই মোবাইল থেকে কোনও প্রকার ইনফরমেশন চোর চুরি করতে পারবে না। মোবাইল ইউজারের টাচেই একমাত্র খোলা যাবে মোবাইল। টাচ ম্যাচ না করলে মোবাইল থেকেই ১৪ সেকেন্ডের মধ্যেই ম্যাসেজ যাবে মোবাইলের আসল ইউজারের মেলে।

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Science and Information / Nokia 3310 mobile phone is back
« on: February 27, 2017, 12:01:34 AM »
Nokia's 3310 phone has been relaunched nearly 17 years after its debut

Many consider the original handset iconic because of its popularity and sturdiness. More than 126 million were produced before it was phased out in 2005.
The revamped version will be sold under licence by the Finnish start-up HMD Global, which also unveiled several Nokia-branded Android smartphones.
One expert said it was a "fantastic way" to relaunch Nokia's phone brand.
"The 3310 was the first mass-market mobile and there's a massive amount of nostalgia and affection for it," commented Ben Wood from the technology consultancy CCS Insight.
"If HMD had just announced three Android devices they would have barely got a couple of column inches in the press.
"So, the 3310 is a very clever move and we expect it will sell in significant volumes."

The announcement was made ahead of the start of the Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona. LG, Huawei and Lenovo are among others to have unveiled new devices.
Nokia no longer makes phones itself, but manufactures telecoms equipment, Ozo virtual reality cameras, and health kit under the Withings brand.
Long life
The new 3310 qualifies as a "feature phone" rather than a smartphone as it only provides limited internet facilities.
It relies on 2.5G connectivity - which has slower data speeds than 3G or 4G - and is powered by the S30+ operating system, which allows web browsing but has a much smaller range of apps than Android or iOS. Its single camera is also restricted to two megapixels.

However, its advantage over more powerful handsets is its battery life. HMD says the colour-screened phone has up to a month's standby time and delivers more than 22 hours of talk time.
It also comes with the modern version of the classic game Snake preinstalled.
Its launch price is €49 ($51,75; £41.51).
"It's almost like a digital detox or a holiday phone," HMD's chief executive Arto Nummela told the BBC.
"If you want to switch off to an extent but you still need to have a [mobile] lifeline, it's a brilliant solution.
"Why wouldn't you buy this like candy? If you see this hanging on the shelf at the checkout in a [see-through] package, then you'd just buy it as an accessory."

Source : BBC News
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Latest Technology / Flying Car
« on: February 26, 2017, 12:26:28 PM »
The first commercial 'flying car' is available.


1st Batch / Re: Share Your Experience and Learning
« on: September 23, 2016, 11:45:22 PM »

•   First of all, I want to say that I hadn’t any idea what is apprenticeship. But my dream is to get a multitasking job and by the good fortune Daffodil International University bring me the chance for fulfilling my dream. On the student life I wasn’t so aware of university mails but after the graduation I am so worried about my career. One day one of my friend shared the Apprentice banner on Social media. From there I applied to this program and got successfully selected. That’s the process how I involved with this project.

•   This program motivated me a lot and still motivating me in every step in my career and also personal life for being a leader. The motive of Apprentice program is Creating a leader inside us.

•   From this program I learned the manners of corporate life, uses of google applications, English conversations, team work, how to implement new ideas and finally being a leader. There are so many things which can’t be described in a short form.

•   Each and every thing of this program benefited me. The Chairman Sir and other seniors’ officers personally guided us to reach our goal and they are still trying their best to make us succeed. This is the most important thing to me that I am getting such kind of groomers which every people can’t get so easily.

•   This project is already perfect to me. If we want more improvement, then we can add some foreign groomers for grooming the candidates.

•   As the apprenticeship program is a pioneer project in our country. I personally suggest the next generation to grab this opportunity for shining up their career. Because what they will learn in 3 years, they can learn more than these in 3 months from The Apprentice program.

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