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BBA Discussion Forum / Types of various economic system
« on: September 16, 2014, 02:06:19 PM »
Hello All,

Its great to be back after a long time.......

This post from me is for my young friends who are new in DIU forum and in the university level education as well.......... 

Here is I have to share with you all..
There are several basic questions that must be answered in order for an economy to run satisfactorily. The scarcity problem, for example, requires answers to basic questions, such as: what to produce, how to produce it, and who gets what is produced. An economic system is a way of answering these basic questions, and different economic systems answer them differently. Many different objectives may be seen as desirable for an economy, like efficiency, growth, liberty, and equality.
In a capitalist economic system (capitalism) production is carried out to maximize private profit, decisions regarding investment and the use of the means of production are determined by competing business owners in the marketplace; production takes place within the process of capital accumulation. The means of production are owned primarily by private enterprises and decisions regarding production and investment determined by private owners in capital markets. Capitalist systems range from laissez-faire, with minimal government regulation and state enterprise, to regulated and social market systems, with the stated aim of ensuring social justice and a more equitable distribution of wealth (see welfare state) or ameliorating market failures (see economic intervention).
In socialist economic system (socialism), production is carried out to directly satisfy economic demand by producing goods and services for use; decisions regarding the use of the means of production are adjusted to satisfy economic demand, investment (control over the surplus value) is carried out through a mechanism of inclusive collective decision-making. The means of production are either publicly owned, or are owned by the workers cooperatively. A socialist economic system that is based on the process of capital accumulation, but seeks to control or direct that process through state ownership or cooperative control to ensure stability, equality or expand decision-making power, are market socialist systems.
The basic and general economic systems are:
•   Market economy ("hands off" systems, such as Laissez-faire capitalism)
•   Mixed economy (a hybrid that blends some aspects of both market and planned economies)
•   Planned economy ("hands on" systems, such as state socialism or communism, also known as "command economy")
•   Traditional economy (a generic term for older economic systems)
•   Participatory economics (a system where the production and distribution of goods is guided by public participation)
•   Gift economy (where an exchange is made without any explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards)
•   Barter economy (where goods and services are directly exchanged for other goods or services)

BBA Discussion Forum / Business Networking as a course
« on: September 29, 2012, 08:30:39 PM »
When I was in my 6th semester I had the opportunity to take the organizational behavior course under our honorable Masum Iqbal sir. And sincerely speaking I loved it. If I have to name only one course that I enjoyed, I'd definately say OB. Now lets come to the point, in the course I learnt that effective managers do a lot of communication where successful managers do networking. Networking is an activity done among a 'syndicated' managers which pave opportunities for themselves (individuals and for the hailing business entity). For example, a marketing manager may take help from a sales manager for transportational facilities. Or when our teachers bring different resource persons for different seminars without compensation it's also networking. On the other hand these resource persons are also networking as their arrival is much more powerful integrated marketing communication than PR or advertising now a days, proved in several studies. But as a student of marketing, you've to know that everything is about internation with the other person, which could be either organizational or that person could be the consumer. But I see internal networking is much more complex than external ones. First you have to be a 'citizen' of the organization. Then you got to conjunct yourself with a 'group', increase your membership. And then make a somewhat 'clique' among themselves so that you may be part of a huge section of influentials.
So to call a spade a bloody shovel, I think business networking is a very crucial matter which is very much related with the current business interactions. And I think that it should be introduced as a core course in the syllabus since even in our varsity most of the students are naive and fail to understand complexity and fell to different 'traps' set by some cunning people. Thus we will be able to relate with true corporate world still away from that. Again I am asking apology if my words have hurt any and I know that I should have researched a lot before posting but I felt like letting people have a glimpse of what it should be like in very easy terms. And I cordially ask the authority to render some attention in this regard.     

BBA Discussion Forum / writing CDs in large scale
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:45:24 PM »
Its urgent so Pls can anyone tell me how large scale producers of educative CDs (math guru, english guru) write (burn) CDs? I wanna know what types of machines they use for writing those and if possible what type of software could be used in putting visual graphicals at those. And if you know anything more than that PLEASE feel free to let me know that. PLEASE........ 

We have come to know that Bangladesh has found oil in the northeastern shylet region from two fields which is about 153 million barrels. It certainly is a big achievement for us. But i think it brings some bads too.
Firstly, we are a developing country. To call a spade a shovel, BD has been dependened in economic affairs to different organizations and other countries, thus making it accountable towards them. So for this dependency reason they want & 'take' advantage of the resources we have. E.g- one of the agendas of Hillary Clinton visiting bangladesh, is to have an access to our ports and stuffs so that bangladesh'd be a 'military barrack' for US.
So as this is a tempting field of interest, the production of this new found mineral resource'll be greatly influenced by US and our other 'friends'. Other than that, I think political movements and strategies will also be influenced by this discovery, some would be to inspire the people (and hopefully be implemented) for the development of the nation, and some'd be for 'taking blessing' from our 'friends'.
Secondly, if we see this from an economic point of view, if any external or internal hinderance doesnt appear, we might see a somewhat strange scenario called "Dutch decease". It's an economic problem caused by sudden boom in the oil industry which results in decreasing backward linkage or less productivity in  other industries since it'd be cheap to import stuffs rather than producing them. Again this may cause even higher inflation at subsequent times.
Finally, again the political and governmental consequences arise. If the external and internal 'problems' dont arise, BD gets more oil resources and the goverments become oil funded; less accountability and much more corruption is about to rise its head. More than that problems may arise if the industry is headed by privatized corps. (could be also direct ownership corps. too), which may be unjust. Ironically, if it's nationalized then again the same problem will arise which made the country 'achieve' a hattrick. Other than that, civil wars for revenues have been seen ignited by oil.
Lastly, the majority of the working class people of the country depends on RMG industry for livelihood, specially women. So if oil industry grows then as said earlier, a lack of backward linkage may appear which will cause a lack of emphasis on the sector thus retrenchment'd be knocking the door.             

As inflation is the root cause of hinderance in this regard, we can implement import substitution policy. By this we dont have to import inputs from abroad thus we'll be safe from the currency fluctuations issue so that the lesser price of taka in purchasing imports might not be 'imposed' on general public. But ironically, economic movements (specially in a third earth country like ours) are pressurized, directly or indirectly by international 'heads' or even by the nativemen. E.g- augusto pinoche (spelling might be wrong) tried some of this policy but was conspired and hindered by america. So........   

Yesterday Facebook went 'public'. The estimated 104 billion company priced its shares $38 a piece and was expected yesterday that due to the boom the company could be priced 140 billion at the end of the day, which was quite attained.
But I dont want to reflect the light on the present stats. and market trends about FB. When i first saw this 'FB going public' news on BBC, i thought (like a stupid) why people would be wanting to invest on FB? Or if i modify my question, how does FB generate revenue? Within a minute i remembered the advertises i use to see in the site. And recognized the fact that people would be wanting to invest on FB as FB ensures its shareholders thru its increasing account holders that, the advertisers will be attracted by their huge followings and FB will gain even more advertisements thus they'll get advertisement revenue at SPV (see per view) basis and hereby they (shareholders) will get their return (dividend). And as we know, FB is very intelligent in segmenting. E.g- if you have and write at the interest link that you take interest on psychology, they will advertise you books on this regard. But this advertising isn't the only source FB generates revenue. FB also has applications which helps in generating revenue. The most famous example could be 'farmville', Zynga's game which uses FB as its platform generate revenues from 'traffics' from FB players. Thus facebook gets a 'fee' for letting them use the platform.
But now although mark zukenburg has majority amount of equity of the company, he has to answer the shareholders, who'd constantly pressure for more revenues. So under this circumstances we might be able to see some advertising or other revenue oriented stuff for mobile users of FB, since more than 15% of the FB users use FB on mobile. Other than that FB may now more be developing 'intellectual properties' rather than socializing & fun stuff. For this FB may follow tweeter since tweeter generates revenue by selling the trending topics & tweets to goggle & other search engines. Other than that by this way, they also 'nest up' new tweeters, who were not previously signed in.
But my concern is still with shareholders attainment. Zuckenburg or FB counts their revenue by their advertisement (which is quite unusual from other listed companies) and shareholders count by EPS (earning per share). So as FB brag about their subsequent increase of advertisement over 3 years, it'd be interesting to see how this revenue generating source may increase revenue in one single year.
So yet i'm still confused how an 'advertising firm' can satisfy all its stakeholders?                     

I agree with the posts but i just wanna say that be what you are. That means don't compromise with the wrong, happening around you. You just got to SPEAK UP!
DON'T BE A MEDIOCRE PERSON. CALL A SPADE A BLODDY SHOVEL. You might be regarded as a rude person but what you are doing is, you're mending things for the betterment. If you are unhappy about any varsity based stuff then again SPEAK UP! This will help you in eliminating the grudge against the varsity administration and if you have a point then the authority will make good of the wrong. And believe me, the authority will definately pay heed to your questions & confusions. But whatever you do, do it in a productive way. When arising question DON'T EVER misbehave with anyone in any scope of raising question.         

Common Forum / Re: It can happen...
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:34:38 PM »
sethy, very good point. But one should not forget that there is a 'quota' for every love. Anyone's step mom could be good and so, that child should respect her kindness and he/she should not think that "she's noting like my mom, she used to be so good......". That child should find her mom in her instead of expecting exactly like her or something much better. See, this is a situation which can't be changed.  But i said that the person has given another shot at the relationship but nothing came fruitful. And now as he/she is a free soul that person can seek love from a 'better' person because we all love to love... 

Common Forum / Re: It can happen...
« on: October 05, 2011, 10:44:37 PM »
Shajib, mainly it's not about getting refused or second chances. It's about 'seeking ease' when the one has derived his destination from one way to another.

Common Forum / It can happen...
« on: October 05, 2011, 05:16:00 PM »
It's my first post in the forum after nearly 6 months. I just wanna share a thing with you guys.
I think we all are not juvenille and quite open minded, more than that as its common forum it's quite okay to speak about these stuff since common forum is a forum to speak about common aspects of human environment...
Many days ago I was thinking about a line of the film kuch kuch hota hai and that line was, 'Hum pyar ekbar...', but I think that's quite lame. Now people may say that it's quite pervertedness, but I see this as a human attitude.
Just think guys, you don't have any commitment towards your ex. You have given it more than one shot to improve it but it didn't change. Now, if you find a person who just fits much with your mindset and you could find a 'peace' within that person, then why can't you fall in love again? For better relevance, think of your parents, e.g.- your mother is more dearer to you than your father. Why? Because your mother doesn't say any rude words with you, hides your mistake etc. Actually the thing is, she eases you more than your father. Now this is completely natural and if you show 'favorism' in your parents then why can't this happen here? Now dont say that it's another type of love. Because, to me love is the defination of feeling the uneasy of absense. Think, if your mother goes for shopping, forgets to take cell phone with her and takes much time than usual to come back; then you would definately feel tensed because you love her. The same thing, I think, should be applied to each and every lovable persons.
Now coming back to 'love only happens once', assume you like a girl of your school. She understands you, helps you in your chores and have quite similar mindset. And you fall in love with that girl and express your feelings to her. But ironically she refuses. But is this the end of the 'love' road for him? and won't he get anyone better than her? Absolutely he can have. He may never forget about her since it was his first 'matured' (not crush) love but he may have the beautiful existence of love again...                       

Dear Teachers,
I am really very confused...   
I just cannot set my aim...
Firstly, I don't know why but I don't see myself doing typical 9-5 chores (communicating with the clients and doing routine activities) at a bank since I don't feel that is the sector what I'm destined...
Secondly, my live long dream is to read accounting. I just don't wanna get a degree on it but I wanna imbibe the true knowledge of it. Once my dream was to hold any professional degree in accounting (it could be C.A etc.) but it could not happen since I don't have A+ in the board exams, because one needs to have A+ in both the exam formats to qualify for the ICMA offered degrees, I suppose. But yet I wanna fulfill my grandpa's unfulfilled dream INSHALLAH, what he could not accomplish due to maintain family duties.       
Thirdly, I love to do creative and marketing related things. Like when I see any ad, I just thing how this would make an impact to the minds of the viewers? What strategies one firm can make to outlast it's competitors etc. I mean, I would love to do strategy and communicational works of marketing INSHALLAH.
Now aren't these contradictary?
Please give your feedback. It would help a lot. 

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: Friendship Carnival '11
« on: June 01, 2011, 01:31:27 PM »
It's a great regret for me to post this. But I dont need anyone to expect more about the event what we had proposed.
We will not be able to organize friendship carnival the way we had proposed to the varsity authority and had planned for the sponsors. Yesterday I realized that I should let everyone know about the 'progress' it has achieved when a junior batchmate came to me and asked me about the event.
We were organized to do the hard works that would be needed and unofficially started to negotiate with the sponsors thru our personal links but we could not get the approval from the varsity. But we also realize the prudence of the varsity authority since it was a very big project and needed a lot of commitments to fulfill. So, no hard feelings to the authority...
But we will never give up (Like always) and surely want to celebrate the day in of course lesser resources but we haven't degenerated from our main purpose of the program and that is to highlight the varsity... So, wait for another big event on the auditorium. And INSHALLAH I promise this will be much bigger than 1st year celebration of 25th batch.     

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: Friendship Carnival '11
« on: May 22, 2011, 06:18:03 PM »
Sir, we can assure you and the entire varsity authority that we'll not let any indecorous thing happen in the event day. And as far as our capability goes, we have the confidence and the just resources (intelligent and industries work force) to get the job done. We just need support of you people to make our dream come true. And we are getting positive response regarding the carnival.
One of the main reasons of organizing the event is to promote DIU at the biggest level and cement our varsity's place at top 5 private varsities of the country...
So please do support us in this noble cause...

BBA Discussion Forum / Re: Friendship Carnival '11
« on: May 22, 2011, 05:15:25 PM »
PLEASE... It would be great of you guys if you give your precious comments and views regarding this event... We are working very hard for it. And we want your help in all respects...

BBA Discussion Forum / Friendship Carnival '11
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:40:45 PM »
I don't know whether it's right to post this topic on BBA discussion forum, since it has an appeal to every DIU students, but yet I'm gonna start with this forum page.
We have decided to celebrate our respective dept. students great friendship on the eve of friendship day'11. We'll organize different refreshing and eccentric programs in the event. E.g- we will hold different friendship day related competitions, we'll award the best friendship related shortfilm, the most friendly group. The best qualified finalists would appear to participate in finale competitions at the event. We'll also award the best friendly teacher of DIU, selected by popular votes.
We will also publish a magazine that will tell us about ourselves and our friends.
So, we're cordially asking to the students to give their articles (poems, short stories, practical life experience etc.) regarding the day. And we ask plots from you people about this day. The short film will be more like a 5 minute drama.
And as a MAIN EVENT, to make the day more joyous, WE WILL INVITE ARTCELL AND FnF, 2 of the leading pop and rock bands of Bangladesh today! 
So, just go for it!
You can also give your opinion regarding this aspect by notifying me in the forum or by calling me at 01675829556. Or you could contact- Rajib- 01675535882. Or Turjo- 01676552673.
We will INSHALLAH discuss more about this on later posts...   

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