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Title: How to gain favorable attention from others
Post by: shibli on October 19, 2011, 01:59:59 PM
How To Gain Favorable Attention For Our ideas And Our Abilities!

First: the ability to communicate effectively

We will always be judged by what comes out of our mouth……our choice of words, the level and diversity of our vocabulary, and how well organized the thoughts we express are.

People do judge our intelligence and ability based on the words we use.

Second: our personal image

We never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

People make judgments about our status and importance, our seriousness about our job,even our ability based on our appearance, how we dress, what we say or how we present something.

Third: be well-informed.

In whatever work “specialty” we find ourselves in as well as the one in which we want to develop our career, we should be an up-to-date, well-read, well-informed expert. This means having or getting all the related formal education and current information and knowledge we can.  

Fourth: Personality and Attitude
People judged by others to have a good personality and attitude seem to be patient, active listeners….encouraging and complimentary to others…..generally cheerful and optimistic… and curious, interested in learning and knowing about new things and doing them in better ways.

When should we put our best foot forward?

When should we present ourselves in a way most likely to gain favorable attention?

Every time. All the time.

We just never know when we are going to bump right into opportunity.

So we have to be ready for any opportunity and prepare ourselves as such.
Title: Re: How to become entepreneurs
Post by: shibli on November 27, 2011, 06:25:03 PM

1. Attitude

How entrepreneurs think and behave – and how that helps them to deal with the many challenges they face. We examine how you can develop those attitudes, and handle the contradictions they seem to present.

2. Opportunity

How entrepreneurs find or create opportunities – and how they maximise them to create great businesses.

3. Focus

Once they have an opportunity, entrepreneurs are masters at marshalling people and resources and focussing their time and energy on the opportunity. We look at how you can gain superb personal focus, and then focus your company and your team

4. Talent

The best entrepreneurial companies manage to attract the best talent before they’re even out of the starting gate – then they seem to be able to bring out the very best in these people. At the same time these entrepreneurs manage the difficult balancing act of keeping this creating melting pot under control without stifling ideas. How is this achieved?

5. Planning

The popular image may be of entrepreneurs working ‘on the hoof’ but it’s simply not true. They have firm, clear plans – but they also ensure they have a good enough Radar system and contingency plans to be able to spot trouble and change course, in a planned way, when necessary.

6. Communication

Entrepreneurs are masters at communicating with their team, their customers and the media. They have a clear, uncomplicated style of communication that wins hearts and minds.