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Title: Factors affecting the organizational change
Post by: Shah Alam Kabir Pramanik on March 29, 2017, 01:48:07 PM

   No company today is in a particularly stable environment. Even traditionally stable industries such as energy and utilities have witnessed- and will continue to experience- turbulent change. There are some factors affecting the organization change which are discussed bellow-
1.   Nature of the workforce: Almost every organization is having to adjust to a multicultural environment. Demographic change immigration and outsourcing also have transformed the nature of the workforce.

2.   Technology: Technology is changing jobs and organizations. Just about the time an organization adapts to one technological change, other technological challenges and opportunities come to the forefront.
3.   Economic shocks: Economic shocks have continued to impose changes on organizations. In recent years, new dot-com business have been created, turned thousands of investors into overnight millionaires, and then crashed and others rise in their wake. Record low interest rates and 2000-2002 stock market collapse are economic shocks. 
4.   Competition: Competition is changing. The global economy means that competitors are as likely to come from across the ocean as from across town. Successful Organizations will change in response to the competition. Competition also affects the organizational change.
5.   Social trends: Social trends do not remain static. By taking proper education & training the behavior, personality skills of people are changed. People come from village to town or city. In this way organizational change are affected by social trends.
6.   World Politics: World politics would change in recent years. We have seen the breakup of the Soviet Union; the opening up of china and Southeast Asia; political instability in many parts of the world. Iraq- U.S war, Opening of markets in china, war on terrorism following 9/11/01 are included in world politics.
Finally we can say that from the above stated factors the organizational change may be occurred.