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Software Engineering / What is Linked Data?
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:26:28 AM »
The Semantic Web is a Web of Data — of dates and titles and part numbers and chemical properties and any other data one might conceive of. The collection of Semantic Web technologies (RDF, OWL, SKOS, SPARQL, etc.) provides an environment where application can query that data, draw inferences using vocabularies, etc.
However, to make the Web of Data a reality, it is important to have the huge amount of data on the Web available in a standard format, reachable and manageable by Semantic Web tools. Furthermore, not only does the Semantic Web need access to data, but relationships among data should be made available, too, to create a Web of Data (as opposed to a sheer collection of datasets). This collection of interrelated datasets on the Web can also be referred to as Linked Data.
To achieve and create Linked Data, technologies should be available for a common format (RDF), to make either conversion or on-the-fly access to existing databases (relational, XML, HTML, etc). It is also important to be able to setup query endpoints to access that data more conveniently. W3C provides a palette of technologies (RDF, GRDDL, POWDER, RDFa, the upcoming R2RML, RIF, SPARQL) to get access to the data.

Many people don't have a clear idea of what the Semantic Web is. The best informal definition is maybe found in the May 2001 Scientific American article "The Semantic Web" (Berners-Lee et al.), that says "The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation." People who work on the Semantic Web have a more detailed idea of what this broad statement means, and base their work on the famous "semantic web tower", a product of Tim Berners-Lee's inspiring drawing on whiteboards. Even if you are not a geek, you might have read some article on the semantic web, or followed some presentation, and then you will surely have met the tower, which is a drawing like this

The article or presentation might have then continued by explaining what the "layers" of this tower are, starting from the basic bricks (Unicode and URIs), up to XML, and then up to more and more sophisticated layers like RDF, Ontology and so on.

Now, you might have understood how things work, and have been eagerly awaiting for the realization of this plan. Or, you might not have understood this quite, and have been waiting for someone to show you better what they meant. In fact, the plan as shown in the picture is rapidly taking place: many of the slots are filling up (RDF, RDF Schema, Ontology, Digital Signature). So, the picture as shown is getting completed. Still, most of the people are awaiting, and the Semantic Web has not yet taken off. What's the matter here

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