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Real Estate / Re: Excursion
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:55:56 PM »
 I try  my level best to enjoy the excursion .....

best of luck  DIUREC

Law / Re: Following the Regulations Created by Law
« on: December 01, 2011, 08:25:46 PM »
All we know ,law is equal but practically law is not equal. .......

Real Estate / Understanding The Real Estate Market
« on: November 27, 2011, 12:53:48 PM »
A lot of people have taken to the investments on real estate these days. Opting for real estate business is one of those successful business ideas that you can come up with. It takes some bit of business acumen to be able to sell property. But primarily we may deal with mere investment on land disregarding the gestation period after which we make profit. But you can also make a prediction on when things will go fine and work the price of your property up above.

The real estate business is always one that can keep its value intact. People never believe that real estate is a traditional business though this business has been there for some time. Real estate and the name that it has got make it feel very young. But one thing is for sure that the business never feels older and it is an evergreen business that earns you copious amount of money. This business renews itself constantly and never gets outdated at any time.

Even if you land in a loss, you do not lose huge amount of money. That is one of the very special features of the Real Estate business. All these statements do not mean to say that anyone can get involved in the Real Estate business and make as much money as possible. Real Estate business involves a lot of prerequisites for one to become a successful real estate owner. Some of us might fulfill them whereas others may not be able to.

Real Estate business is an affable business for the ones who have a lot of money as savings and if they can invest the same amount of money into their businesses. You also need to have a certain business acumen with which you can sell your property to a buyer. Buyers do not immediately buy a property. They take a lot of research and analysis before buying a property. You must be equipped towards answering their questions and clearing their doubts beforehand.

However, a real estate guide can help you start your own business with the least investment possible. The real estate market is evergreen and produces better results in profit making and investments may have to run huge at times. But a real estate guide can let you start a real estate business with less investment. Possess some business, sales and marketing acumen and if you have the right aptitude, real estate is your quick, money making business.

Real Estate / Selling Your Home
« on: November 27, 2011, 12:52:30 PM »
Home sellers should be very smart in such a way they can sell their home in the very first deal. The other half is figuring out if you have too much furniture, the wrong type or a bad arrangement, and whether it is worth making repairs or staging your home to transform that house. Here are some top reasons for selling your home:

Some first time homes buyer often tend to sell their homes due to their family size. That is, they feel their home is either too small or their family size is becoming large.

Without analyzing many important factors like Educational facilities, Hospital facilities and other mandatory environments, sometimes it also happens that home owners very rapidly decide to sell their home within two to five years.

One of the frequent happenings nowadays is Job Transfers. So our valuable buyers are sometimes forced to change their vicinity. So they may feel the need to sell their homes rather than to rent it out.

Another fashion in today’s world is breaking up in personal relationships. So our buyers feel that the home may not be affordable to sustain on one person's income or the home holds bad memories, making a fresh start desirable.

There are some reasons behind selling a home. Retired persons who are residing in cities want to go back to their home towns and also want to be with their close relatives for the rest of their ages.
Health problem also leads one to sell a home. Some physical ailments like knee pain, bone disorder, etc. where our customers find it difficult to climb the stairs. So they may search for different homes to relax for their difficulties.
Sometimes great mistakes may occur while we start processing of selling our home. Even weeks go by without any intimation, calls from buyers or there will be no response from buyer’s agent. So to get rid of those mistakes, it is better to be aware of knowing some basic mistakes happening in market:
Sellers can price their homes not very high neither very low. Because if they price their homes very high, buyers may ignore. Most of the buyers are very intelligent that they will research about the current market rates and then only they decide for purchasing a home. If sellers price their home very low also, they think that the property has some issues.
Keeping home in bad condition while buyers’ agents or buyers come to see.
Selling a home goes in vain most times, when the seller does not have experience or at least knowledgeable agent to deal their property.

Real Estate / Real Estate Marketing
« on: November 27, 2011, 12:44:26 PM »
What is marketing? It is a method where a product or service that is offered and used by customers via sales, communication or using business development strategies. It is also identifying customer need and to satisfy them. Real Estate Marketing is to bridge the gap between the process of buying and selling the properties. There are some procedures that involves in the process of Real Estate Marketing

Sometimes it is better to create opportunity for customers to share their necessity to companies/developer and at that point a marketing executive can give many ideas and options to users that are beneficial by giving confidence to them. To do this so a real estate developer can organize an about the real estate market scenario so that the consumer can feel free to clear their doubts.

How to do effective Real Estate Marketing?

Here are some tips and suggestions to do effective Real Estate Marketing:

We can advertise about the services given by us through different media like newspapers, online listing, in blogs, Television etc.

Business cards or visiting cards are one of the oldest methods to spread information about our services and give a personal touch to consumers.

E-business is one of the easiest ways to do communication where we have to create website and make customer to navigate the website.

Marketing research is essential before starting to market like identifying clients and finding the real estate market value in our locality.
Finding competitors in our area and planning to give better services than the competitor and deriving marketing strategies accordingly.
Doing rate analysis of real estate market and having clear database on that would be very useful for future references.
How to analyze the real estate market?

Analyzing the real estate market is done to know the present trends in the market and it is essential before setting up a marketing atmosphere.

It is mandatory to have entire database of historical happenings of market related to real estate.
The future and demand helps to predict the need of the consumer.
It is also important to know whether the demand is increasing, decreasing or remaining constant.
One should know profits, losses, and threats in real estate marketing so that they can analyze the market accordingly.
Real Estate Marketing is just like any other marketing but it has its nuances which are to be learned while doing real estate marketing.

Real Estate / Tips to buy your Dream Home
« on: November 26, 2011, 08:25:41 PM »
Before buying a house, most of you will start a search on the internet. You might browse through thousands of online listings, collecting lots of photographs and perspective shots of few homes. You could have planned earlier about your dreams and will have specific ideas on the type of home you want. You must have framed ideas before reaching a real estate agent's office.

Select a Good Real Estate Agent to help with buying your Dream Home

You can think upon searching on the Internet but market rates might vary which is difficult to identify by yourself but a perfect agent can fulfill your needs. So, selecting a perfect agent matters a lot. Real estate agents are necessary to mark out the defects and you should be guided to feel more confident that the home selected meets your requirements.

Check out 3 or 5 homes a day to select your Dream Home

Your memory will register a few of the advantages but might not remember the disadvantages. Ensure not to see maximum number of homes in one day. More number of homes than 3 to 5 will result in an information overload.

Don't try to see 10 or 15; anyway it's possible to do so, but you won’t be able to take a decision and will definitely lose out on the specific details that you desire.

Find a Good Environment

Possibly buy in the best location you can afford. Don't go for more expensive homes on the flats or blocks. This would really help you realize the market value when you go for selling.

The term Environment, here, refers to the surroundings such as the buildings, roads, wind directions, water facility, landscapes, greenery etc.

In the internal environment, physical look of the home such as the outlook, shape, layout, orientation of the main door, the interior decor, the location of the bedrooms, kitchen and toilets matter enough to make a good environment.

Make a Negotiation and Fix a determined price

Buying a home is just not like buying a bike or a car, where there are no possibilities to bargain for getting a good price. Sellers might accept your offerings for other reasons. Don't spend more amount of time waiting for the market to drop to some price level you have in mind. It may not!

Obviously, there are a lot more issues when you go purchasing a home. If you can follow these general guidelines, no matter what, you should do fine.


Real Estate / Building Homes – Part 2
« on: November 26, 2011, 08:22:29 PM »
Now that you gain knowledge on building your home, you attract a lot of information on what are the potential problems that can arise while building a new home. Home building also commands good decision making to be able to build good homes. Decision making must reflect on where you suggest your engineer or builder to keep all the necessary amenities in your home. Supply of basic amenities must happen without disruption.

You cannot let these be affected by being very ignorant. You cannot remain ignorant over the placement of the pipes that supply these to your house. Here are some of the supplies that are regular necessities for the smooth living in your home.

Place the Fireplace

A fireplace turns out to be very important in a home which is located in the cold regions where the frequency of snowing is high. Normally, you would need a fireplace to keep yourself warm. If you are building your home in a warm city, then you do not need a fireplace. But if you are going to the suburban areas, or if the city in which you are building your house is colder, then you may have to build a fireplace.

Place the fireplace at the right place and at least when the blueprint arrives, you should have a say on where the fireplace should be or ask for the right location of the fireplace.
Air Conditioner Systems

Fitting Air Conditioners have become so much of an easy job these days and all you have to decide on is, if you are going to buy a Split Air Conditioner or Window Air Conditioner. Comfortably, you have only two choices to make or two decisions to make. Then the next decision is to know where to place them and how. How you are going to arrange the whole air conditioning system is one more choice you have to make.

Kitchen Necessities

In your kitchen, you will have to have gas supplied to light up your stove. That is one of the very basic necessities. You need to eat and live your life with that. Your kitchen is very important, if you are building a home for your family. Even otherwise, a good kitchen will save you a lot of money than if you eat outside. The pipelines that carry gas or power must pass through separate channels that are carved out for the purpose.


Real Estate / Building your brand new Home
« on: November 26, 2011, 08:20:31 PM »
Building your dream home is a step-by-step process that starts with buying a piece of land for your home. Be it home or commercial space, you may have to buy a piece of land in order to build a house. If that is the first step of the process, then building a house is the next. Some of you might prefer buying a condominium, apartment or flat, while some others might want to buy a piece of land and then build a house to their liking.

There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when you are about to build a home. Let us see what kind of problems can arise during the home building process. We will also note a few of the ways through which you can avoid these potential problems.

Have a perfect plan

You have to plan in advance before building your new home. You do not have much experience in building a home obviously, if you are building your brand new home for the first time. You must foresee the potential problems that can arise during the home building process. Then you can formulate ways to avoid them.

You can also draft or sketch your plans so that you can get a sense of the kind of problems that will arise during the home building process. This will help you rid yourself from committing the mistakes which would have been committed by other first time home builders.

Research and Knowledge

You have to make thorough research on the kinds of homes that are built contemporarily. You can also approach those who are experienced in building homes or those who have already built too many homes and gain their advice on building homes. Their experience will surely help you stay out of potential problems that can arise while building a new home.

You can also read a lot of materials that are available online as well as on print which you can read and gain knowledge. These materials give tips on building a new home. These materials give you knowledge even on the types of flooring that can be done on homes. Marble flooring, cement flooring and wooden flooring are all covered on these materials.

Other information like draining wastes, sewage, water supplies, drainage, power and electricity and water supplies are all important knowledge to be gained. You should know what are the ways of disposing or draining wastes, how to bring about electricity inside your home etc.

All these knowledge will help you build good homes!


Real Estate / Buying a Home
« on: November 26, 2011, 08:16:45 PM »
There are many factors to be considered to buy our dream home. Many buyers may have confusions on how to begin the search to buy a home though some of the first-time buyers may have some idea about price, market scenario etc. Before meeting with a lender or real estate agent the buyer can comprehend the need, so that he can avoid some norms and conditions and save a lot of time.

Key elements for a First-Time Home Buyer

Nowadays, a home buyer has good knowledge about the real estate market. With the help of online listings, classifieds as well as upcoming advertisement on magazines, newspapers, Television etc. you can learn about the real estate. Buyers get enough ideas of the type of home they want to buy which could well be their dream home.

An interested buyer will find a home within two weeks depending upon his knowledge in real estate market. A good real estate agent will pay attention to his customer’s needs and wants, so that he attempts to show the home that fits buyer’s requirement. Considering the structure of mortgage and exactly the type of financial product you are seeking to finance your property purchase with good loan processes that help purchase a home. Consider fixed loans, variable loans or a combination of the two - as well as the term of the mortgage you are looking for.
No. of Homes will a Home Buyer See

Normally, a real estate agent will show seven homes per day. So generally, buyers can accept to see 20 or 30 homes not more than that, they probably will not keep in mind the specifications about number of homes they see.

Points to be considered before buying a new home

New home buyers can carry a camera and take much number of snaps of each and every view of home.
It is better to note down remarkable features and other abnormal appearances of the particular home.
It is advisable to note down the surrounding of the home like shops, malls, recreations, hospital facilities, Schools, Colleges, transportation facilities etc.
It is good to rate your dream on approximate scale, say 1 to 10 keeping 10 as the highest rate.
Familiarize yourself with how to set a value on a house. This can save you a great deal of time and helps to avoid disappointment.
It is good to know about the legal aspects of the Home that you are going to buy.

Real Estate / Re: Real estate Guide helps you choose the right home
« on: November 23, 2011, 08:07:12 PM »
 Dear bcdas,
Building services that means  ,electricity ,gas .water,acoustics ,lift , garage ,telephone,AC.Heating ,ventilator ,accelerator and moving work setup facilities must involve  to choose a right home  ..

Real Estate / Investing in Real Estate Industry
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:31:33 PM »
First and foremost, one of the frequently arising doubts for salaried persons or businessmen is, where and how to safely invest their money. Though there are many wide range of doors open to invest one’s income, one of the ways is to invest in Real Estate Company. There are different types of real estate, and different ways to invest in them, and it is essential to combine these two factors in a means that suits our particular needs.

At the same time, before investing into real estate, analyze whether investing in a particular land, space, or building gives less returns because real estate is an asset form of investment which involves limited money relative to other investments. The major cause of investment failure for real estate is that the investor goes into negative income for a period of time that is not permanent, often forcing them to resell the property at a loss or go into bankruptcy
Here are some tips to understand how to invest in Real Estate

Rental houses an easy way to invest and it is reliable to get long term return on investment.
Purchase a property for low price in cash and sell it out in easy term for high price and high interest.
Buy large space of plot and split that land and sell it for high price.
Own a small flat or bungalow type house in college areas, tourist spot and rent it for high price which is good investment with long term returns.
Commercial real estate is long term triple-net lease which means little management, maintenance and high returns.
Know some useful facts before investing in real estate

Before deciding to invest beware of understanding present market trends.

Sometimes real estate does not sell at immediate moment, so better to analyze once or twice investing in appropriate areas.

Be sure that you have enough liquidity on hand to cover any losses due to vacancies when you are between tenants, if it is rental property.

Always keep relationship with responsible and trustworthy real estate agents.

If it is retail, lease, rent or any form, be sure to research about each and every area and their price before investing and decisions should be based upon background, personality or available assets.

Before investing in any real estate properties make sure that the decision fits into the whole investment objectives. Think about what you want to achieve financially and how soon you want to achieve it. Set objectives accordingly for proper investment and do not get impressed to get rich in quick schemes.


Real Estate / Condominiums
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:17:12 PM »
Condominiums – Would you prefer

A condominium is shortly called as condo. A condominium is one where you own a separate portion of an apartment and you can make use of facilities such as staircases, elevators, balconies, children’s playgrounds, corridors, heating systems etc. You share the ownership along with a number of owners who share a group ownership of the property. All the owners have access to the common facilities that are to be used by them.

Difference between a Condominium and an Apartment

An apartment is rented or leased but a condominium is owned by the buyer. This is the smallest and most apparent distinction between both phenomena. Even then, the term condominium qualifies to be called as a colloquial term of the self-owned apartment.

The distinction is even more abstract and exists only as an idea. You cannot say if an apartment is a condominium or if a condominium is an apartment. A Landlord, utilizing the space he has bought, builds several apartments in that block and lets the residents take ownership of the place by receiving huge sums of money that could be called as the price of the house. A landlord may also decide to build an apartment as well as a condominium at two different places.

He can collect rent from one as an apartment and with the other one; he can sell out all the houses and make it a condominium. Quite accurately, a condominium is the one where there is a huge collection of individual houses and owners get to own only the space that is for their home. They do not have rights to claim ownership on the piece of land on which the apartment is built. You also have to make some legal registrations after buying the property.

A condominium is subject to legal verifications by the local authorities. Owner of the separate housing spaces can do all sorts of changes inside his property and he has no rights to change anything at the commonly owned part of the property. Usually, condominium properties are owned by construction companies, in case of small condominium and big corporations in case of bigger condominiums.

For staying in shorter periods, a condominium is never the best option. Individual homes may cost a lot more than condominiums. So, condominiums are more suitable for those who want to own a real estate property of real value and especially if they lack necessary resources!

Real Estate / Careers in Real Estate Industry
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:11:03 PM »
As we know there is rapid growth in Real Estate industry, there is also lots of Career Opportunity cracking in today’s market. As a financial and professional services Company specializing in real estate, many companies are willing offer challenging career opportunities. Jobs in real estate for beginners include being a real estate salesperson, an assistant or other “starter” position in the commercial or residential market.

Job Opportunity in real estate development comprises of various areas such as commercial brokerage, residential brokerage, property management, industrial brokerage, real estate appraising, land development, urban planning, real estate counseling and real estate research. In addition, almost all construction business effectively has a link to real estate Industry.

To grow in this industry keep best contacts and effective resources to you get the job done. It is better to specialize in one particular real estate fields before looking into opportunity. One can search job in Real Estate Industry according to location because opportunity differs from one place to another. In order to get desirable position in Real Estate Company it is good update and educate about Real Estate professionally.

Many positions are created by Real Estate Industry to develop the job opportunity. One of most specialties in Real Estate Industries is Land development.
The developers use the land/plot for commercial/industrial building, government building, residential building like apartments, villas etc., shopping malls, schools/colleges.
Brokers/agents will help to sell or buy the properties.
The property managers will suggest you about the Housing Loans, Mortgage/Banking facilities available in their company.
Some of the evergreen job opportunities in this industry are in Government agencies, and in private sector like developing, Home financing, Industrial/ Commercial real estate.

A few points to note diversified factors of careers in this industry

To employ in residential sector helps people in buying and selling homes and it is one of best services a real estate agent performs. They help customers in regard of searching home, monetary transaction, saving time and still more.

And commercial real estate agents can search job opportunity into allocating spaces for office building, retail stores and ware houses. To sustain in this sector one should know the updated possible growth in particular locality.

Real estate agents need to understand different types of industries transportation, proximity to raw materials, water and power, labor availability and local building to equip them into Industrial/Manufacturing sector.

Real Estate / Real Estate Jargons
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:07:32 PM »
Full-service lease

This is a lease where the tenant pays rent that features all the maintenance charges, insurance, taxes and all utilities.

Gross income

The total revenue derived before accounting or deducting any expenses from the total income.

Gross lease

A special feature offered in which the landlord pays all the insurance, maintenance, utilities and tax. The tenant has to pay only the rent.
Gross Leaseable Area (GLA)

The total space which a landlord can provide for rent or lease and through which he receives rent. Spaces such as elevator, staircases and utilities room are excluded.

Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)

This is the ratio of your purchase price in regard to your total annual revenue.

Limited Liabilities Company (LLC)

A number of investors form a legal entity to own commercial spaces that can be rented or leased.

Letter of Intent/Interest (LOI)

The voluntary offer letter from the buyer that shows his interests in buying commercial space.

Master lease

The seller signs the lease to rent the commercial space. This is more of an assurance in paying the rent.

Mixed Use

Commercial Property and Home Owning exists side-by-side. Normally, the retail and shopping stores function on the ground floors and the first floor and housing is on the upper floors.

NNN lease

The lease in which tenants pay the rent with the property tax, insurance and CAM fees.

Net Operating Income (NOI)

The income that is arrived at after deducting all the expenses such as insurance, property taxes and maintenance charges. This excludes mortgage payment.


The building in the prime location of a shopping center that attracts a lot of traffic.

Percentage lease

If you are a tenant, you will have to pay some part of your revenue along with the base rent.

Phase I Report

Banks or lenders do an inspection on the factors around the commercial space or property before providing loans. Normally, this will be about the contamination in the soil and the environment. The bank or the lender takes these steps before lending money to the commercial property.

Phase II Report

In this report, soil and groundwater are tested. This is more of an extensive investigation that tests the contamination levels in soil and water around the property.

Proforma income

The potential income when the property is leased hundred percent.

Proforma Cap rate

The potential capitalization rate assuming the property is hundred percent leased.


The tenants’ share of the insurance, property tax and CAM fees which he has to pay the landlord along with the rent.

SBA Loan

The loan guaranteed by the government for properties which are not rented or when the owner is the occupant of the property.

Real Estate / Real Estate Commission
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:03:48 PM »
Paying Commission to Real Estate Agents

Bear this in mind that on either selling or buying a home, an individual should be aware of paying commission to real estate agents. That is, percentage rate of commission to be paid, proper channel of paying the commission, getting legal documents related to commission payable etc.

Most of the times, commissions will be paid to real estate agents by sellers, especially in case of a dual agency. A Dual agency is nothing but both buyer and seller will have the same real estate agent. Also, if there are different agents for the seller and the buyer, then both individuals have to pay commission to their own respective agents.

Percentage of Commission to be paid to an agent

Percentage of Commission may vary from country to country according to its economy. General idea on commission rate is 2% to 5% of selling price. Many customers do not have proper awareness on commission rates. In such circumstances, it is advisable to know the market rates for selling or buying a property from the concerned government regulatory offices in the locality.

By law, commission rates are to be negotiated to avoid Price fixing so that your money will be saved. Here are some tips to calculate and pay commission:
Keep your property that is going to be sold in good condition because the faster you sell, commission rates will become lesser.
If you are a buyer, it is a bit difficult to expect less commission rates but one should be aware of knowing exact commission rates prevailing in the market.
It is good to sign an agreement, if you are going with variable commission rates. That is when both the buyer and seller deal with one real estate agent.
Find an agent from a large, well-established and well-known franchisee company to negotiate their commission, and then search online for a broker offering discount in your area.
You must also be aware of the payment schedule as well as the payment options of the real estate agents. Normally, the fee ranges from 2 to 6 percent in case of flat fee or in case of dual fees.
In some circumstances, Real estate agents will take customers who are sellers of highly priced properties. Because it is profitable to these agents, if business is done by taking these types of customers. They earn more commission rate instead of normal market rate. If it is going to be dual agency, this method is less profitable.

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