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Online Money Earning / Ways of online money earning
« on: December 01, 2010, 11:57:08 AM »
Ways of online money earning

Internet technology is the great power if we can use it properly. Many people(internet user) Earned millions of dollar and many people also seeing gold coins on the internet

We are going to inform you how to make some money extra and how to millionaire

•Earn with your own website and Blog– you can earn huge amount of money if you give some dedicated space in your website or blog . You will get paid when someone clicks on add place on your website

•Earn for visiting sites – Earn few cents by visiting website or clicking website

•Earn by Writing article – Many web site ready to pay for your article and writing

•Get paid to signup –
sign up website (be a member ) as a result you will get money

•Earn from online Games - Play online games and win, you will get a reward by the authority of that site.

•Earn from your photos -
If you have some photos captured by you, then you can sell them online. Some sites pays you if you upload those on that site.

•Earn from your videos -
There is also opportunity of earning by uploading your videos.

•Work from home jobs – work from home as a freelancer and outsourcing jobs

•Learn about Affiliate Marketing and The Art of Selling –
you can earn money promoting a specific product of any company. if any one buys your promoted product you will get commissions for every sell of products

•Start an Online Business-
Earn money online by starting online business and company and sell your product all over the world. Earn money by providing service all over the world only possible because of online business even you can reach product to client very easily. Some of business like Web design, Soft ware development, E-Marketing, online share business, Teaching, E-Commerce, Data entry, Service, Export, Import, Real state trade and product sale etc

•Try Out Domaining and the Online Real Estate Trade-
you can buy domain and sell those domain and can make profit. So this is the business of buying, selling and developing.This is similar to real estate investing offline and domainers also make money by developing websites and reselling it to a buyer.

•Find a Virtual Job or Make Use of Your Expertise-
you can use your expertise to make money online through the virtual job. As like other job but here your office at your home you don’t need go to office. Your home will be your virtual office. All of your work give through internet Most of these virtual jobs involve direct communication through electronic mediums like internet telephony, instant messengers and emails. Which means that all you need to get started is a home computer with an steady internet connection

•Freelance and Work on a Contract Basis Online
If you have a skill such as web design, programming or copywriting you can offer your services online in exchange for money. Traditional freelancing jobs include transcription, proofreading, translation services on top of the ones already mentioned above.

•Create Your Own Product and Sell it- Create your own product like website, template, E-tutorial, Ebook, and any kind of electronic product like calendars, brochures, artwork, image and ebooks

•Get Involved in the Online Retail Trade –
you can make money form the Ebay and Craigslist web sites. These two website are very popular to make money online even you can sell and buy product through the websites.

•E-Commerce- In the Ecommerce you can create products for sale and resale. In every online shop(eCommerce ) there are products detail and products descriptions, cost, shopping cart for ordering products and contact forms in case your customers have some questions. Via online shop it is very easy to provide helpful support to customers when necessary. One of the easiest ways to sell products on the web is eBay where you can sell new products or even your own things setting up your own prices.

•Sell Content-
this is the easy way to get money from online by writing article/contents. That’s mean you can sell article, images, videos, audio, and movies. You can create blog to promote your products

Md. Mijanur Rahman
Lecturer, SWE

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